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#1869 - Sunday, July 25, 2004 - Editor: Jerry  

Ray Morose was introduced in issue #1845: This issue features Ray's July Essay: Duality Entrapment. It is followed by details of a workshop he is running in Australia in Ocotber.      

Duality Entrapment by Ray Morose  

Duality encompasses your entire life, filling each moment with opportunity. It is rarely seen or
experienced as an opportunity as it can and does bring conflict, pain and destruction. Duality in
its condensed meaning is learning, and learning is not always appreciated or even wanted. But the
duality within living maintains evolutionary learning, which you cannot avoid. It is an
unrecognized pointer at the foundation of your existence. Living duality creates markers in your
life, constantly maintaining movement from one marker to the next. If you get stuck in a marker,
the energy of the duality you are lodged within will release you, albeit with a fair degree of

The largest living duality you exist within is spirit reality and physical reality. This duality
then contains dualities within other dualities as a growing mechanism. At conception - not birth -
your spirit and physical reality are joined as one. Spirit reality is consciousness
(non-graspable); physical reality is the body (graspable). Each gives life to the other. That
statement may be difficult to appreciate until you experience the indestructibility and consistency
of consciousness. With that experience the temporary union is seen and known as indeed temporary.
But the temporary is what sets the stage for the eternalization of indestructible consciousness.
And duality is the force that keeps the entire lot moving.  

Everything exists within a duality. Color or no color, left and right, front and back etc. are
physical learning dualities of how to survive in the world. Spirit learning dualities all fall
within restriction or non-restriction, the largest learning dualities of consciousness. Restriction
builds borders of learning - constructs and beliefs - that provide safety and security, also
creating entrapment within the borders. Non-restriction opens the borders - flexibility of
constructs and beliefs - freeing the spirit imprisoned within. This malleability maintains
directional freedom of evolutionary movement. Restriction on its own will perpetually create
conflict, wars and destruction on multiple levels of existence, resulting in endless pain, sorrow,
anxiety and suffering. Non-restriction on its own creates ephemeral emotional connections that have
no foundation, crumpling with the smallest pressure, resulting equally in endless pain, sorrow,
anxiety and suffering. Both are the merry-go-rounds of unresolved dualities. Both create endless
forms of internal and external pollution. And pollution contains the potential to kill both the
physical and spiritual.  

Entrapment in a restrictive or non-restrictive duality will always, without fail, cause pain,
anxiety and suffering in some fashion. The pain, in turn, will maintain itself, which is the
failsafe mechanism of a duality. Ignore the pain and it will reinvent itself within another
situation other than the one now being experienced. Attempting to resolve the pain, while still
remaining in the duality, can appear to alleviate it. You can trick yourself, but you cannot trick
the duality. It is like attempting to repair a crumbling dam. Just when one part is repaired
another part ruptures and so it goes on. Within the ceaseless anxiety of constant repair you keep
asking, 'Why is this occurring or why is this always happening to me'? When your vision is locked
within a duality, you have imprisoned yourself without even being aware of the imprisonment. The
duality in absolute kindness is attempting to demonstrate that imprisonment. The pain and suffering
is that kindness, but is rarely if ever, seen or appreciated as such.  

Creating internal borders of learning is growth that can become borders of stagnation. The
stagnation creates pollution, and the pollution potentially destroys. It's a sequence of events
that continually recycle. The entrapment unknowingly creates the pain. Internal borders of learning
are always held in restriction, which is natural and normal. Or, you believe the learning, which
becomes the glue, holding that learning as indisputable fact. The glue and not the learning becomes
the problem. If these borders are not allowed to expand or maintain flexibility, they solidify into
rock hard internal patterns of living that you reference for your existence. The rocks form the
walls, creating the prison you live within. It is secure, safe and dark as the light of your
existence is slowly being veiled. But your light can never be extinguished, only veiled. It is the
veiling that dims your vision, but your light is always fully on. The shadow-world of your
existence lives within the darkness of your self-created or adopted veils. Remove the veils and
your light shines brilliantly of its own accord.  

These created or adopted patterns of living, creating your shadow-world with continued use and
reliance, become solid imprints. The imprints become the mortar binding the patterns together,
blocking any light from escaping or penetrating. It is the dark end of living in a duality, but the
duality cannot be imprisoned, and it struggles for its freedom. The struggle creates the
self-inflicted pain that always eventuates. You may only recognize the pain when it is upon you,
but the cause can elude you. Your own veiling has blocked your vision, and the created darkness
limits your vision to what you have created. It is entrapment within entrapment, and you did it all
to yourself. The pain and suffering is the duality attempting to free itself. The stronger the
borders, the greater the pain. But the pain and suffering is in reality support, as it is
attempting to open your vision beyond your self-created imprisonment.  

Therapy and medication may enter somewhere around here, which can be either supportive, or else
create a new prison. If the therapist is caught within a duality it is very difficult to support
another out of entrapment if the therapist is equally entrapped, albeit in a different prison. The
entrapment is self-created. Accepting a new form of imprisonment by accepting a new pattern of
living that is more personally or sociability acceptable is simply another form of entrapment. That
entrapment will require constant maintaining or rebuilding, as your immediate environment is always
in constant change. Your changing environment brings back the same pain and suffering in another
form. It will simply not end unless you look at the imprisonment and what caused it.  

Living duality gives life and it can take it away. It is always your choice, even though it may not
be recognized as a choice. You created the imprisonment and you can free yourself from it, and no
one but you can do it. Others can point at what to do, but it is you who must make the decision to
act upon the pointing. If the pointing is equally locked within a prison, and you accept that form
of pointing, you are simply changing shackles. Little will have been accomplished even if it
appears as if it has. You will know if you have simply changed shackles, as the pain and suffering
will return in another disguise. Being shackled within a duality is a restrictive prison. Being
unshackled in a non-restrictive duality is equally a prison. In this instance the walls are
transparent, but are still walls. You simply cannot see them. Restrictive walls are very visible
while non-restrictive walls are transparent. Walls are walls and they will cause endless forms of
pain and suffering somewhere and sometime in your life.  

It may appear as if there is no way out of this seemingly endless cycle of entrapment, but there
is. The living duality of restriction and non-restriction is the evolution of consciousness, that
you either work with or fight against. It is a choice. But to even appreciate that it is a choice,
you must be willing to investigate your existence. It is in the investigation of existence where
all your held constructs, beliefs, patterns and imprints come under threat. The investigation
appears to threaten them as they are all restrictively held - including the non-restrictive ones -
providing you with safety and security. It is that safety and security that feels as if it is being
attacked, but it is not, it is only your created restrictive energy coming under investigation. The
apparent threats to the safety and security in your beliefs, constructs, patterns and imprints do
create anxiety and fear. Anything that threatens your safety and security is not an easy encounter.
That encounter is a choice, and if you can continually recall that the encounter is aimed at the
created energy of restriction and not your beliefs, constructs, patterns and imprints, the
investigation may be easier to endure. Even though the encounter may alter your beliefs,
constructs, patterns and imprints, the alteration still maintains your safety and security, as they
still exist - simply in a less restricted or more malleable form.  

As your investigation continues, all those beliefs, constructs, patterns and imprints held in
restriction gain flexibility, altering their form. The flexibility is allowing non-restriction into
restriction, and living duality once again is on its own evolutionary pathway. Allowing
non-restriction into restriction does not destroy, it creates a greater depth of understanding of
what restriction has constructed. As the understanding deepens patterns and imprints begin to
dissolve and a new security and safety emerges to take their place: trust. Trust is non-restriction
within restrictively held beliefs and constructs, opening up or freeing those beliefs and
constructs, freeing the prisoner within. But this new emerging trust is not the old trust in
restrictively held beliefs, constructs or imprints. It's a trust in the natural and ongoing
evolution of consciousness. This form of trust may feel ephemeral or not lodged anywhere, free of
restriction. But it is centered. That center is the self-creation of a new emerging compassionate
base, where all are held and treated with equality within an open innocence of trust. This new form
of trust does feel different from the trust in constructs or beliefs. And can be witnessed as
non-judgmental, supportive and totally unguarded. The unguarded aspect of this trust is its finest

Trust is the duality to fear. You will discover the majority of your held beliefs and constructs
have been established out of fear, creating patterns and imprints that control your life by that
fear. If you care to look deeper, you will discover a most revealing paradox: the fear is based
upon trust. You trust your constructs, beliefs and imprints, and that trust creates fear of loss or
change of what you trust. The trust is fine; it is the fear that creates all the problems. Or,
trust has been defined with fear. This has been going on for centuries, and one only has to look
around to see the results.  

Trusting your own investigative power is having faith in yourself, and faith is trust, which is
trusting your chosen direction. This new inward heading journey allows light into the dark prison
you have constructed, illuminating the deception of false safety and security. That deception
created the pain and anxiety. And that false imposter can be exposed as not what you are. To
discover 'what and who you are' the false imposter must be seen as the entity that causes all the
pain and suffering, and that takes effort. The effort is a choice. The choice always exists and is
yours alone, as no one anywhere can coerce you, even though many may try. The choice can take the
hard road by establishing equanimity of dualities within your life. This is a most difficult
pathway, but intensely rewarding. Or, it can go straight to the heart of the matter and you live
your life with simplicity and sincerity in all you do, which is living within absolute compassion.
Both are difficult but parallel pathways to the same end. Ideally they are used together.  

Trusting your choice of either investigation methods or compassionate insight, or both, creates an
energy force that opens self-created closed doors through clarity of vision. Trust is a created
spirit energy pattern, aligning or resonating with the spirit gravity patterns of creation, and the
results of that alignment can be astounding. Trust opens endless pathways of unimpeded clarity and,
if acted upon, creates evolutionary spirit value that eternalizes an indestructible consciousness.  

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‘The Source-Code of Consciousness’


An experiential Workshop developed from

the book 'Resolution Psychology'


Practical methods to self-discover

an experiential reference impersonally

embedded within consciousness.


The shadow-world and the innate

purpose and direction of your existence


An experiential and personal framework

as a foundation for daily existence

Registration:  Online, post, or phone: Ray (02) 6680 4009

Dates & Venues: Check Registration page on the Web Site

Cost: $140.00 for the weekend workshop, inclusive of the book.

Note: The book ‘Resolution Psychology’ is sent to participants that must be read prior to the workshop. Information also sent.

Accommodation: See Web Site for info on accommodation and airport transfers

– Venue and Date –

Brunswick Heads   NSW

(Brunswick Valley Community Center)

October 23-24

More information on the books and workshop can be found on the Web Site


       The Workshop –


The ‘source-code of consciousness’ is similar to a program on the hard-drive of your computer. The hard-drive accepts and recognizes any programs you wish to install. It does not object or insist on this or that program. The hard-drive and programs are rarely, if ever, witnessed. They can be perceived as being subliminal in operation, as you only witness what they produce. These hidden programs can be continuously manipulated, producing a newer or altered version of what was seen before.


Consciousness is your hard-drive. It recognizes or can see and know both internally (self-awareness) and externally (awareness). Your mind functions of intellect, memory, imagination and intuition are your programs. They are subliminal in operation, and you can alter how those programs function in any manner you choose. The programs (mind functions) produce and store your created files: constructs, beliefs, internal patterns and imprints that consciousness sees and knows. And this is where all the problems of humankind have their inception, as you mistakenly take what is produced as who you are, creating the shadow-world. 


Consciousness is your hard-drive permanence, as it never alters. It cannot be grasped or held on to in any manner. It is colorless, spaceless, genderless and non-aging. It is your mind functions that alter, coloring consciousness in a shade that others can witness and relate to. Consciousness is the canvas, whilst mind is the palette containing an endless array of color. Thought, motivation, intent, feelings and emotions paint the color on the canvas of consciousness. But painting consciousness to fit the color of your thoughts does not alter consciousness. It simply becomes the visible picture you have created. The color of your choice will always be in opposition to the color of another, establishing the potential for endless forms of confrontational conflict. This is the shadow-world. It is a shadow vs. shadow battle, fought in the playground of manifestation, creating senseless destruction, pain, suffering and heartrending devastation on multiple levels of existence. It is all shadowboxing, but the shadow packs a deadly punch.


The picture formed upon the canvas of consciousness is what you see and know as yourself. It is the observable and knowable character of your consciousness-personality. The picture is your painting that attracts some and repels others. It is how you are recognized: a self-created portrait that people admire or dismiss. But the picture is only the superficial color upon the reality of the canvas. Even if the picture fads, is disfigured, or totally washed away the canvas still remains. The canvas of consciousness perpetually remains consistent, never altering.


During your daily toils it is rarely thought about or discussed. But the separation between your mind and consciousness is the primary cause for the majority of your existence problems. This separation is not even a well-known fact, as mind and consciousness appear to act as one. And paradoxically they do. But the separation is at the core of existence. It is what keeps the materialist isolated from the spiritualist, potentially robbing evolving humanity from a progressive holistic base that is secure and evolutionary.


Resolution Psychology delineates the internal mechanisms and functioning of consciousness, creating an intellectual appreciation of the controlling shadow-world of your existence. The workshops create practical applications to recognize and experience that intellectual understanding. How you respond to that knowing and observation is referencing. Referencing is your existence from the beginning, as consciousness is absolutely self-referential. Your self-referential nature is seduced by what is outside itself or by what you produce, and you begin referencing what is experienced as who and what you are. This creates the shadow of your reality – the deception. This you take as real, establishing the darkness of the shadow – the deceit – that the shadow in turn references. Referencing is natural and normal, but what you reference creates life or initiates a living death.


Your entire existence is one of referencing, and any problems you may encounter in your life are referencing problems. Learning and survival skills are accumulated from birth to the present moment, creating internal patterns, imprints, and a variety of held beliefs and constructs. This is the way it goes until your last day upon this earthly plane of existence. And there you may discover a huge regret, in the realization that what you once held of prime importance – how you defined your existence – now has little or no relevance. Or, you may feel that you have squandered your time, playing in the sandpit of manifestation.


The books, ‘Presence’ and ‘Resolution Psychology’, and this workshop are devoted to the unfolding of a permanent experiential framework as opposed to a transitory pattern-belief-construct framework. If you cannot discover an internal experiential framework, containing the essence of permanence, you will forever be locked within created, accepted or adopted frameworks that will alter as new information is discovered or uncovered. A subjective experiential framework never alters. It is continually consistent, establishing a permanent, secure and directional foundation for your existence.


Beyond all your subliminal patterns, imprints, constructs and beliefs there is a personal experiential knowing that in one fell-swoop can eliminate the lot. This subjective experiential clarity of seeing and knowing is self-referential, as your consciousness is self-referential. Or, your self-referential nature is liberated from the shadow-world to express your essential nature, free of constructs, beliefs, patterns and imprints. And that is liberation, freedom and enlightenment that neither attacks nor defends anything. The shadow that veiled your light is gone, and your light-essence shines of its own accord, as it always has. Consciousness self-illumination is brilliantly exposed, as the veils that dimmed it are gone, revealing its now visible nature as equanimity of compassion, which is the bedrock of activated unconditional love.


This subjective knowing requires no proof beyond the experiential knowing itself. The resulting clarity of vision it creates is your purpose exposed. The only thing veiling that vision is the shadow-world. When removed, clarity of vision arises of its own accord, as your purpose and direction are impersonally embedded within consciousness. It is your choice to make what is impersonally embedded within consciousness personal, or continue living in the transitory environment of the shadow-world. It is a clear yes or no, as there is no in-between.


–The books create an intellectually developed framework exposing the shadow-world–

– The workshops create practical processes to experience that framework


       Areas Covered in the Workshop –


For a complete explanation of all sections see ‘Workshops’ on the Web Site

1-       Consciousness (Construction & functioning)         9-    Expectations and Goals

2-       Grasping, Dwelling and Clinging Mind                10-   Morals and Ethics

3-       The Shadow-world                                                11-   Trust and Fear

4-       Duality Integration                                                12-    Internal Patterns, Constructs and Beliefs

5-       Dreams and Visualization                                     13-    The Real and False ‘I am’

6-       Meditation                                                             14-    Belief-faith and Knowing-faith

7-       Referencing                                                           15-    Spirit Gravity Circuits and Patterns

8-      Spirit Logic                                                           16-    Relationships


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