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#1877 - Monday, August 2, 2004 - Editor: Jerry  

Announcement: Sri-Somanatha Maharshi’s pending visit to Perth in early September of  2004  

Dear  Sir or Madam… 

By way of introducing Sri-Somanatha Maharshi’s pending visit to Perth in early September of  2004 we would like to ask that you peruse the following document in the light of making this information known to your board of directors, members, friends and family for the purposes of attending a seminar or workshop featuring Sri Somanatha Maharshi.

Sri-Somanatha Maharshi's Perth Itinerary includes:

 (see the Itinerary & Bookings Link at the left for further details) 

In today’s fast-paced world, people are finding it more and more difficult to find any real and lasting peace-of mind. Many of us are leading our lives in a state of fear and depression due to our inability to relax, the pressure to perform in our jobs and\or the state of things in the world, both environmentally and in our lives. Sri Somanatha Maharshi teaches a medically and scientifically tested yoga technique which has the power to alleviate to a very great degree much of the suffering described above.

The ingenious inventions of the electronic age are becoming more and more complex and diverse; as are the movies and entertainment options available to us, these are produced in an ever escalating attempt to avoid the reality of our desire for love, and the dependence upon the harmonious functioning of our planet. We are giving more importance to materialistic things and momentary pleasures of life, in such a way that we are not able to realise the Divine potential in ourselves and in each other; nor are we able to apply the necessary policies and philosophies that will ensure our planet is protected for generations to come.


Often we are not able to retain even the ordinary human values. We seem to have forgotten the age-old yogic truth that God can be realised through sincere effort, even in ordinary daily chores. There is a lot of selfishness and hatred afoot in the world today and much discord, anger and disillusionment abounds in our youth.


The techniques taught by Sri-Somanatha are easy to learn and easy to apply, yielding lasting benefits and readily accessible tools for dealing with our troubles in this modern age. Additionally there is a whole plethora of so-called spiritual teachers, guru’s, soothsayers and astrologers making a living off the pain of others. These people do provide some help in the form of commiseration, but there is a definite lack of any real substance to their help because the malady of spiritual destitution from which many of us suffer, cannot be healed by what amounts to a placebo, or band-aid over a gaping wound. These pseudo cures help us continue on our journey however, so they too have a place in the scheme of things.


Many of us do not know about, or do not have access to, information or tools, which would enable us to turn our lives around in a spiritual sense, or if we do, we find it difficult to find the time to attend the various classes or apply techniques (which we may or may not know of) in our lives. The seminars we propose to present to you upon the visit of Sri Somanatha Maharshi will be geared toward providing these tools to all.


Once in a while an authentic rare being comes along to reintroduce us to the truth of the One Consciousness existing as The Self in All Beings. Once in a while we are reminded of the truth of the divinity of The Self dwelling in all beings. Beings such as would remind us of this fact are incredibly rare and precious because without them we as a species would deteriorate into animalism very quickly or at best be dependant upon the cold barren doctrine of the laws we devise to protect us from those who would destroy themselves by destroying others.

Sri Somanatha Maharshi, is such a rare being as can be seen from the work he has so far completed both in India and abroad. Examples are:  

1.            Conducted Manoyoga sessions to more than 500,000 Children.

2.            Conducted camps for diabetes and cardiac patients.

3.            Constructing a modern school on 50 acres in Hyderabad

4.            Founder of a huge Ashram in Hyderabad, India. Which continues to administer much aid to the poor and needy.  

5.            Sri-Somanatha Maharshi's Yoga has also been implemented in many prisons and hospitals through-out Andhra Pradesh and he continues his on-going charity work amoung the poor.

Sri Somanatha Maharshi is a great Yoga Guru recognized all over India, The United States and many parts of Asia as a great being who is interested in the upliftment of mankind by way of working to bring about an ongoing transformation of the pain, heart-ache and suffering we each endure during our lives.

Sri Somanatha’s message has been broadcast to millions of families all over Asia via the Sun  Network and the Gemini Satellite TV network every morning for the last 7 years.

Many, many people start their day with a kind word or wise advice from Swamji, taking thoughts of God with them as they rush off to earn their daily bread. Swamji's message can only enhance our lives and temper our treatment of each other with the love He continues to remind us of, day in day out.


Reference to Sri Somanatha’s ongoing work can be found on the Gemini Network Breakfast Show as Somanatha Sathakam. The Satharkam - ( 100 poems )  are yoga secrets revealed in poetic form.

 Sri Somanatha Maharshi having spent 30 years perfecting his Sadhana (spiritual practice) in the forests of Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh which included 14 years of motionless Samadhi (constant meditation) is more than qualified to instruct us in ways that will provide us with the tools to heal ourselves.

Further there is a plaque to commemorate this great achievement set in the shallow cave where he performed this motionless Sadhana.

See this Web Site for more information ….

Sri Somanatha Maharshi a Self-realized Yoga Master and renowned Yogi teaches us to turn inward to rediscover our innate divinity via a new yoga technique which he has called Manoyoga.

From the unique techniques of Manoyoga various physiological and psychological benefits, (which were verified medically), can be learned and also used to supplement modern medicine in mitigating the debilitating effects of a variety of complex physiological and psychological disorders. It also has been proven to benefit young students in improving their academic capabilities and physique.

See this Web Site for more information:

We would welcome any correspondence in this regard. However we would like to inform you immediately that this visit will only be possible if the necessary numbers indicate that they would like to attend the seminars proposed by Swamiji can be ascertained, due to the fact that the costs incurred by him coming so far are not gotten for profit but will actually go to finance his visit (which as is well known any trip to Perth from the East coast costs quite a sum).. Charges and costs of attendance will be discussed should you decide to take this matter further.

The duration of Sri-Somanantha’s visit will depend upon the interest we as a community have in what he has to share with us. To that end I would like to propose that the media get behind this wonderful opportunity of Sri-Somanatha’s visit in the interests of the wider community.

We recommend that this opportunity of such a great yogi visiting Perth be not overlooked or treated lightly as it is a very rare occurrence.

Finally Sri-Somanatha invites sponsorships and invitations from Research and Medical establishments to teach this practice to different target groups and professional people; and to further record the  benefits and to spread this highly beneficial practice far and wide.

Should you wish to receive a synopsis of Sri-Somanantha’s method and scientific findings and documents gathered from medical and scientifically controlled test cases, please do not hesitate to call or Email me in this regard.

Again See this Web Site for more information:

The Ananta Yoga Web feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to invite Sri-Somanatha Maharshi to Perth, we pray that  the numbers of interested parties make his visit viable.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact The Sri Somanatha Kshetram

Ashram directly.
The Ashram Email Addresses are:

[email protected] , [email protected]


 or Email: B V Subrahmanyam  at [email protected]


 With respect and love

 Steven Renoir (aka bindu Webmaster and Founder of Ananta Yoga Web)

Primary Telephone: 9455-1180

Mobile Telephone 0413-374-769

Email [email protected]




The Metta Foundation

It is the mission of the Metta Foundation to foster the convergence of wisdom born of traditional meditative stillness and compassion born of human encounter. In a non-sectarian manner, and with Buddhist thought and practice as our principal background, we offer teachings, conduct research, and develop service programs that enhance clarity, loving presence and mutuality between people and the world around them. Two practices central to this mission are Insight Dialogue and Dharma Contemplation, which are offered at retreats and online.

This web site is not only a place to gather information, but is primarily a place of practice. It is our intention to create opportunities to directly encounter useful teachings and put them into practice within a community setting. This site is monitored by teachers and facilitators. Real time help and instruction is simply an email away.


For the Lord of the Rings-type nerd within:  


I am Gandolf, the obscurely known and all but forgotten brother of Gandalf. You may know my brother from The Hobbit *, at least, you may think that you know him.   ...The name Gandalf is best interpreted technically in our art as I am that; and Gandolf as that am I. You may recognize the similarity to the Hebrew ineffable name I am that I am or I am. We are, therefore, I am that am I.*
We both recognize that the only reality, the only true substance, and the only sawor[essence] of all is the totally subjective reality that is simply I am. All duality, the life of opposites that we all live in every day, springs from a reduction, a contraction, a separation of this singularity. The I am can separate itself into honen[self], and aral[other]; or into I and that, but it remains always the that just as it remains the I. I am that am I is the experience of the I am recognizing itself in all existence and non-existence...

duality of the world's opposites

There will be two fundamental schools of thought about the nature of the universe and reality: one, that manifestation is essentially one of two opposites, a doctrine of dualism; the other that all is essentially one, a doctrine of monism.

Gandolf will understand duality from the perspective of monism. Gandolf will see that:

Gandolf will clearly be a monist and will certainly believe that there is no fundamental separation between any thing in the universe in relation to any other thing, and no separation between any thing and its relation to the context of that thing (space).

Gandolf will believe that all is fundamentally one, not two. From this will follow that we are not separate from any thing, from context, from space, from the universe, or from the infinite.

Gandolf will clearly be able to work in the everyday word of dualism; in fact, he will be a master of it, because he sees it for what it is...

I Am That Am I

This will be a complex subject that requires some background material.

If, as Gandolf experiences, the infinite is one, then it follows that there is nothing separate from the one. The one that is the universe and its context is all pervasive. In contrast will be the idea that God will have a domain of good and the Evil One will have the domain of bad, and that good and evil struggle in an eternal battle. In Gandolf's experience, this is not God. Any being or energy that must be separate from God makes God not-God, by definition.

If there is nothing separate from God, then we are not separate from God, nor are we separate from each other. What we will call objective reality is not separate from us--it is us.

Gandolf will carry this one step further, a step strange to the western mind, and identify the true nature of God as the pure subjective experience of Self. The true nature of all is one, and that one is the subjective experience of I, and not anything objective, That.

In Gandolf's experience, the pure subjective I that is all is omnipotent, has unlimited power, and has the ability to separate its consciousness into I and Other, I and That. Thus, the monistic I is capable of assuming the role of dualistic I and Other Than I.

Gandolf will experience his essential Self in others as I am That. Equally, he will experience that others' Self is identical to his own, there is ultimately only one Self, as That Am I. Gandolf identifies the true understanding of the names Gandalf and Gandolf to be I Am That and That Am I. Their names utter their basic principle.

Gandolf will be familiar with the Hebrew mystical teachings, and the sacred name I am that I am or I am, which expresses the same idea.

From these teachings flow several interesting corollaries:

These, coupled with the experience that good and evil must remain in balance in the everyday world of duality, and that one may not increase one side at the expense of the other, will lead Gandolf and Gandalf to a very high understanding of their place in the universe.



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