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Nondual Highlights Issue #1893 Tuesday, August 17, 2004 Editor: Mark

Before the beginning you are pure Consciousness.
You are the Fullness of Love in Love
and the Emptiness of Awareness.

You are Existence and the Peace beyond peace.
You are that screen on which all is projected.

You are the Light of Knowledge,
the One who gave the concept of creation to the creator.
Forget what can be forgotten and know yourself
to be that which can never be forgotten.

You are the substratum on which everything
Moves --
let it move.

You are Now, you are Nowness:
what "I" is there which can be out of this Now?
You are Truth and only Truth Is.

- Papaji, contributed to AdyashantiSatsang by Bob O'Hearn


Lean on this false self
To wander in this dreamlike world
When the dream is over
Laugh in veracity
Mark a few words
To advice the dream wanderers
Knowing it's a dream
You're awakened!

The True Emptiness

The true emptiness is unchangeable
The false existence is often changed
Clouds, as same as bubbles
Are separated and united endlessly
On the ocean, shines the moon
Deep green mountains are dormant
Immense, is the open sea
Far deep, is the blue sky
Crowded, vehicles on the streets
Boats keep moving in the sea
All factors in life are changing
On the stone seat, the Buddhist
practitioner sits calmly

Destroy The Self

One's life depends on the breath
On every beat of the heart
What is a life?
A continuous borrowing

- Poetry by Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Thanh Tu, translated by Tu Tam Hoang


Till the cloud weeps, how should the garden smile?
Till the baby cries, how should the milk come forth?
The weeping of the cloud and the burning of the sun
are the pillars of this world: twist these two strands together.
Since the searing heat of the sun and the moisture of the clouds
keep the world fresh and sweet,
keep the sun of your intelligence burning bright
and your eye glistening with tears.

-- Mathnawi V:134; 138; 141-142, version by Camille and Kabir Helminski, Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance Threshold Books, 1996, posted to Sunlight

The visiting historian was disposed to be argumentative.

"Do not our efforts change the course of human history?" he demanded.

"Oh yes, they do," said the Master.

"And have not our human labors changed the earth?"

"They certainly have," said the Master.

"Then why do you teach that human effort is of little consequence?"

Said the Master, "Because when the wind subsides, the leaves still fall."

- Sandeep

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Yesterday when I was talking with Byron V, a fellow RN, and whose beautiful photographic art will be featured in the next issue of The Inner Traveler, he mentioned that Guru Bawa used to say that there are 70,000 veils of illusion. And I said that that's like saying that someone is just a little pregnant, and that once THE Veil of Illusion is really torn assunder, That's THAT! But I now witness myself seeing how the great Sufi master's pointing is quite applicable and appropriate. When a seeker sees that his whole identity has been just a fabrication, and that there's much more than just one way to perceive Reality, and that his senses, mind, and emotions are transient and flaw-filled tools to accurately perceive even the world of duality and totally incapable of perception of Unity, and other similar and wildly different experiences, that these demonstrate that there are many many veils of belief/illusion that are ripped away, and more and more the vision and understanding of the infinite eternal Real Self identity of Truth/Consciousness/Bliss become clearer.

- Post to meditationsocietyofamerica by Bob Rose

Bob, there are degrees in the perception of Reality.

There are no degrees of Reality.

Your last night-sleep dream, its ethos, pathos, that entire drama, may have been the thousand veil dance of dusky houries.

Erotically discarding one veil after another.

It may have thousand meanings, ..............there might be thousand ways of perceiving it.

But you, ........ are that you are.

- Response by Sandeep

Solitude is not found so much by looking outside the boundaries of your dwelling, as by staying within. Solitude is not something you must hope for in the future. Rather, it is a deepening of the present, and unless you look for it in the present you will never find it.

- Thomas Merton from The Sign of Jonas, Harcourt Brace and Company, posted to DailyDharma

That which you are, your true self, you love it, and whatever you do, you do for your own happiness. To find it, to know it, to cherish it is your basic urge. Since time immemorial you loved yourself, but not wisely. Use your body and mind wisely in the service of the self, that is all. Be true to your own self, love your self absolutely. Do not pretend that you love others as youself. Unless you have realised them as one with yourself, you cannot love them. Don't pretend to be what you are not, don't refuse to be what you are. Your love of others is the result of self-knowledge, not it's cause. Without self- realisation, no virtue is genuine. When you know beyond all doubting that the same life flows through all that is, and you are that life, you will love all naturally and spontaneously. When you realise the depht and fullness of your love for yourself, you know that every living being and the entire universe are included in your affection. But when you look at any thing as separate from you, you cannot love it for you are afraid of it. Alienation causes fear and fear deepens alienation. It is a vicious circle. Only self-realisation can break it. Go for it resolutely.

- Nisargadatta from I Am That

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