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#1987 - Friday, November 26, 2004 - Editor: Jerry    

Selection from a new book: Himalayan Mysticism, by Ralph Nataraj.

This book is a work in the yogic tradition, a tool on the path of courage, the path of wisdom and
the path of love and an introduction into the mystery school of the Goddess. Ralph embraces fully
the dazzling paradox and leads us to the full experience of divine madness. After the initiations
in Tantra and Sri Vidya that he received, Ralph 'channeled' several outstanding revelations in
tantric theology and mysticism.

The receptivity and awareness, with which you go through this text, is the key to make you
recognise and celebrate your inherent greatness.

In this book many topics that carry a certain load for people are addressed. Ralph is trying to
shake us up and get us to look from every perceivable angle to these issues; to increase the
flexibility, not only of our mind, but also of our perceptions and will.

From the contents:

‘This’ Side and the ‘Other’ Side.
Soul Searching Saktipata Tantric
The greatest magician
On Kali
On Forms
How to get it out
What does this Path of Yoga, Beauty & Delight entail?
Relating, Relationships and the Sins committed
Media, Power and the Goddess
The Doctrine of Acceptance
Beyond the Witness
Relationships... Energy
Individual Effort
The Guru-principle
On Kundalini
How does Tantra work?
Problems ... #!*^...
Questions and Contemplations on ‘Desiring’
Emotional Deficiency and Love
Divine Madness, Non-doership and Double Absence

We do not have international distribution for the book yet, but you can order the book by sending
an email to [email protected]

The price per book is euro 14,90. If you so wish, we can first let you know what the cost for
shipping is to your country.In the Netherlands the book can be ordered in each bookshop: ISBN

~ ~ ~

Selection from Himalayan Mysticism


On this glorious day I have great new for you. You are free! You are children of Zion. Only one
'problem'; we suffer a sort of amnesia.

But the other good news is that Grace is working in and for you. The inevitable is inescapable. Try
to understand: Your mind is linked or plugged into the matrix. The matrix is all the mind-stuff and

Are you beginning to understand?

I hope that I am not writing all this for nothing.


So many people are still so much in the matrix ... It is really not necessary.

So many liberated souls have already shared their energy with you.

If you would only absorb it and take it in.


Really take it in!

Swallow the whole thing!

There are two worlds. But you only live in one of them.

In order to step into the other world, the mind needs to be unplugged. We can do it for you, but
only when you prepare and are ready. When you are holding on much it becomes tough.

What is holding on?

a. Stong identification with the persona and the body.

b. Being stuck in all sorts of thoughts and feelings.

c. Trying to secure your position wiht the five different ships.

d. Allowing your life to be shaped by others.

e. Guru-shopping.

f. Still being under heavy influence of the church, parents and others.

g. Doubts, low self-esteem, fears etc. control your life.

h. Believing yourself to be unworthy.

i. Being greedy.

j. Striving for fame, name, wealth, power and other illusions.

k. Disloyalty to the Resistance or the Goddess (is this true?)

l. Being angry, revengeful and feeling hate or jealousy.

m. Mainly focusing on achieving pleasures for yourself.

n. Taking life (the obvious illusory side of it) too seriously.

o. Thinking/believing that you can shape your destiny.

p. Feeling superior to others.

q. Trying to be scientific or rational.

r. Being very concerned about how you look and come across to others!!!

s. Having strong concepts and ideas instead of being fluid.

t. Feeling stuck in time and space instead of experiencing spaciousness.

u. Judging things as 'wrong' or 'improper', especially in the 'spiritual arena'.

v. Ridiculing others or gossip.

w. Being afraid to look or behave foolish.

x. Being rigid.

y. Anything you hold to be sacred or holy.

z. Religious and spiritual beliefs not empirically tested.

aa. Afraid to give away.

ab. (Rigidity in) sex and lovemaking.

ac. Believing what the media and government tell you.

ad. Giving power to certain symbols such as a cross.

ae. Strong patterns of behaviour.

af. Addictions.

ag. Being afraid to use entheogens.

ah. Afraid to love and/or be loved.

ai. Feeling the need to plan and to secure your future.

aj. Not experimenting in sexual affairs.

ak. Being prudish.

al. Being highly moralistic.

am. Insincere behaviours.

an. Being attached to 'house' or 'car'.

ao. Anything that is repressed.

ap. All over-indulgent behaviour.

aq. Showing off.

ar. Believing that you are not creative.

as. Thinking that others (who are showing off) are more advanced.

at. Endlessly doing therapy and no niscam seva (selfless service).

au. Prolonging life unnaturally.

av. Being afraid of death.

aw. Any and all ignorance.

ax. Any automatic behaviour and thinking.

ay. Being afraid of 'hammering' instead of loving it.

az. Sentimental love.

ba. Trying to become 'realised' by relying on the mind.

bb. Valuing pictures of the past.

bc. Shame and guilt.

bd. Being afraid of the devil or capital punishment.

be. Thinking you need to become a child again.

bf. Thinking that innocense (as a concept) is better than intelligence.

bg. Any and all thinking about this matter.

bh. Believing that this is a good list.

bi. Believing that if you let go of everything on this list you'll be better off.

bj. Liking do's and don't's instead of becoming a big boy or girl.

bk. Having fantasies of the monastic life.

bl. Flirting wiht Tantra while staying loyal to the lies, corruption, dreams, threats, fantasies
and hypocrisy of organised religion.

bm. Hoping that Morpheus will 'save' you.

bn. Irritation with this text.

bo. Cowardish traits.

bp. Investing money in the matrix world to increase your personal 'wealth'.

bq. Having (too many) insurances and pension-plans.

br. Dogmatic ideas about meat and vegetarians.

bs. Greed (2ns mentioning...)

bt. Any idea that affirms duality.

bu. Defending yourself.

bv. Playing with me in the matrix in an unfair and dishonest way.

bw. of course, very important: NARROW-MINDEDNESS!

What if it is your choice to be unplugged or to hold on?

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