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#1992 - Friday, December 3, 2004 - Editor: Jerry

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This issue of The Nondual Highlights features some aspects of the work of David Deida:


Spiritually Sexy -- -- is the perfect online dating partner for people dedicated to Intimate Communion. Spiritually Sexy is for straight and gay singles who would like to meet others for romance, practices, dating, relationships or marriage.

The divine dance of masculine and feminine --love and freedom, embracing and letting go, radiance and presence—all attract one another.
Find out what his purpose his, find out what her deepest feminine heart yearnings are!

Then celebrate the gifts of the masculine and feminine, touching each other wide open and giving the fullest offering of your love for the sake of all.


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About Us 
 “Our life is an offering and you and I are love’s means:” an excerpt from Waiting to Love by David Deida. was formed in 2004 in honour of that statement. Men and women interested in the teachings of David Deida can now connect using this Internet based personals site.'s deepest heart-felt desire is to create ways the divine dance of masculine and feminine can take in a cyber-space --love and freedom, embracing and letting go, radiance and presence —all attracting one another.

How can intimacy be arranged so that all the participants and the entire world are evoked to relax as the openness of conscious luminosity that is the nature of every moment? How can intimate relationship be used as a spiritual practice? David Deida ‘s intention is to meet the needs of the Deida Community with a site that has higher standards in terms of the content, and together we will unfold love’s offering and develop deeper intimate spiritual practice. If you are wanting more information about the work of David Deida - please go to

We hope that you will enjoy Should you have any questions or comments then please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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What Does Intimate Communion Look Like?

In the practice of Intimate Communion, each partner discovers, day by day, what true gifts he or she would like to offer in love. 

If a woman is dedicated to the practice of Intimate Communion, she will only trust a man who is committed to Truth more than he is to pleasing her.

If a man is dedicated to the practice of Intimate Communion, he will only trust a woman who is willing to devote herself to divine love, even if that means she is not entirely "his own".

In the practice of Intimate Communion, the intimate partners do whatever it is they feel is truly necessary to magnify the expression of love and freedom in their lives.  They do what feels like true service, rather than self-pleasuring or shared consolation.  They relax into their native sexual essence, whether it is more Masculine, Feminine or Neutral, and give their inherent and creative gifts that are spontaneous, loving and irrepressible, without concern about the way their gifting looks in the eyes of others.


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