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Nondual Highlights Issue #1994 Sunday, December 5, 2004 Editor: Mark


Harmony Among Religions

989 Since Silence, the summit of knowledge, is the common nature [of each and every religion], all religions [matas] are agreeable as a means to true Advaita, which shines unique and pure, and [hence] they are not opposed to the wonderful Vedanta.

Sadhu Om: Whatever knowledge is proclaimed by whatever religion to be the final goal or achievement, since Silence alone is the limit or boundary of all knowledge, the final knowledge of each of those religions is contained in Silence. Since Advaita Vedanta is a common principle having Silence as its goal, each and every religion is a means and is agreeable to Vedanta.

990 Even though [some] narrow and mean-minded people invent a different religion due to enmity [with the already existing religions], know that even that religion is acceptable to Siva, who shines as the form of the undivided knowledge.

991 In whichever religion you have faith, follow that religion with true love, turning inwards instead of outwardly arguing against other religions due to attachment [abhimani] to your own religion.

from Guru Vachaka Kovai (The Garland of the Guru’s Sayings), by Muruganar tr: Sadhu Om & Michael James

- Contributed to MillionPaths by Viorica Weissman

From the web site:

One way of thinking" is the only wrong way of thinking that there is! This is a Universe of diversity. And diversity means plenty to go around. And Source energy will answer everyone...

The resources you are reaching for are infinite.

9/18/04 Chicago, IL

The only thing that is important in the fulfillment of your desire and the fulfillment of your reason for being here is that *you* come into alignment with *you.*

9/18/04 Chicago, IL

- Connie Chandler on AbeQuotes, posted to truevision by Eric Ashford

It is true...that the imagination is immortal, and that thereby we each create our own eternity.

(Katherine Dee) Peter Ackroyd, The House of Doctor Dee. Penguin 1993, p257 posted to Alphaworld

The Saviour was born... when you were born
For there is Nobody in the World
or any other Place
that is able to save You.

? What do you want to be saved from anyway ?
? Or... what do you want to be saved for ?

You are here
in order to experience your own Creation.
You are the Creator of it.


- posted to CosmicCookies

Do all you can
with what you have
in the time you have
in the place you are.
- Nkosi Johnson (an 11 year old boy just before he died with AIDS.)

From a wonderful page called, "Undying Love," on "Panhala:

- posted to DailyDharma by DG


Some people, after long practice of meditation, begin to ask the question, "why am I not getting the desired results from my meditation?" It can be for many reasons: the wrong meditation method, the right method, but the incorrect practice. In some cases the problem is not laying the correct foundations for getting the desired results.

If a person wants to fill a bucket with water, he will get poor results if the bucket is full of holes. They will have to patch the holes first. What causes the holes? How are the holes patched?

For those who find themselves asking these questions, I highly recommend the article, "Foundations of Yoga" at

The treatment of the answers to these questions is both thorough and practical.

- Swami Tarakananda on meditationsocietyofamerica

Chapter Two:


Watching Awareness

Practice Instructions:

Description I:

Shut your eyes.

Be aware of being aware.

Now remain in that awareness of awareness.

If there are thoughts

turn your attention away from the thoughts

and continue being aware of being aware.

- posted to awarenesslovebliss by Michael Langford

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