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#2049 - Friday, February 4, 2004 - Editor: Jerry


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Lois Lee and Clark Katz Scramble to Meet Deadlines


Rock star Pete Doherty, arrested at London hotel ...






Anyone can make an honest mistake.  I don't think
you need to resign over that.  You've been doing
a wonderful job editing.

You've also explained the mix-up.  Please
reconsider your resignation.  Your readers will
miss you.



~ ~ ~



please don't resign Mark .. I think you do a great job and I always look forward to new posts ..Sam



~ ~ ~



To err is human and to forgive is divine.

I forgive you Mark ...

Bob and Mazie have been credited.

Why shoot the messenger?
That is you in this case ...

Ah come on Mark!

I bet ya no one is offended but you.

Taking such an exit
won't make you an "a-door-ing" man ;-)

Please reconsider.

- there -












I am sure it is a very nice book. 

And I am sure that many will 'apparently' benefit from reading it. 


One question that will enrich your so called 'inner life' - if you really take a look into things will follow in a moment. 

Since you apparently know so much about enlightenment you will welcome all questions equally.  And obviously you are not wanting to lead anyone astray.  Your obvious wish is to free the reader from bondage.   There is compassion there.

To free 'others' you must be free yourself.


The question is This: "Where is this 'boundary' between the inner life and the outer life?"

( which is suggested in the text). 

I am being serious.   Where is it and what is it made of?



I suggest to you that it is imaginary and just a way of looking.  It is erroneous.

Forget about enlightenment, all there is, is 'Chopping wood'!

In other words- All there is, is KNOWING - Direct cognition!

There is NO entity anywhere that can construct a boundary anywhere except in your imagination. The imagination is just an appearance in mind.

Non Duality is - Non Dual. One without a second.  No boundary of division anywhere at all.

Working with boundaries can only add apparent substance to them in mind.

The imaginary boundaries must be penetrated by wakefulness.  Only then will true freedom reveal its true nature.  Oneness.

No Teacher - No Teaching.

If you are a buddhist, look to what the Buddha tells so clearly.

I am FORMLESS.  Gate, Gate, Paramgate.

He is reported to also have said: Nirvana and Samsara, including suffering, are NOT TWO.


All psychological boundaries and projections of mind must be investigated.

In formlessness, direct cognition, pure awakened mind, there are no boundaries anywhere.

You must agree that whatever is absoltely true must be here right Now.


Why follow stories in the mind, which lead you endlessly around and around in the mind?

There is only One who can free 'you' from the two-ness of 'appearances'.


Find that One.


Gilbert Schultz.







Let us for a moment look at the events that took place after the first of Rocky's two sudden shifts which occurred back on August 5th, 1989.


During that period in his life Rocky could no longer stand the suffering he was enduring while living as a homeless alcoholic on the streets of Chicago. Having left home at the age of 14, and then being at the still young age of 24, he had experienced more pain and loss than most people could ever imagine. 


Lost, hopeless, and without the will to carry on one more day, his intention that morning was to take his own life by plunging himself onto the jagged rocks of Lake Michigan. Yet moments before he could carry out that plan he was suddenly filled by a wave of light that instantly removed his pain and brought him to a level of consciousness that gave him a glimpse of who he really was, while at the same time showing him what the occurrences in his life up to that point had meant.


It was revealed to him that his life had been carefully mapped out and that his terrible suffering was merely preparation for his life work here in the physical. Then as soon as the light came, it was gone, however the peace from the light remained within him.


Some fifteen years has passed and Rocky has not taken a drink since his self-realization on that memorable day, and if that were all that had taken place that would be miracle enough, yet from that day to now his life has been nothing short of surreal.


In four short years he went from being a drunken panhandler to serving as the Executive Director of what was at that time the largest wireless emergency communications center in the Nation.


Difficult to fathom but true, he became directly responsible for the safety of hundreds of thousands of people who everyday traveled on the same highways that he a short while ago begged on for change.


He found himself routinely standing in press conferences wearing thousand dollar suits looking like something out of Business News Weekly speaking articulately and passionately about public safety, and all the while dedicating his life to helping others.


He became a State lobbyist, he created a nationwide 12-step organization for the survivors of rape that captured media attention across the globe, he opened halfway houses for recovering alcoholics, he designed elaborate business plans for communities dedicated to bringing relief to those suffering from addiction, he routinely met with powerful politicians during his tenure and was interviewed regularly for radio, print, and television as being an expert in his field.


He was now considered in the eyes of the world to be a huge success, and in the blink of an eye he was transformed into something that is difficult for many to comprehend. He had money, respect, a prestigious career, true friends, a beautiful wife, sports cars, he wore custom made diamond rings, he took elaborate trips, and yet, how did all of this happen?


“That morning at the lake I was given a glimpse of who I was beyond my physical self and when that occurred I stopped taking the world so seriously. I knew at that moment that nothing was as it appeared and that I was not alone as I had once thought. In all honesty I cannot take credit for anything that has unfolded in my life for it is simply a matter of surrendering and then stepping out of the way,” says Rocky…


“The pain and torment of my self-imposed suffering through my alcoholism was necessary for me to get to the stage of complete surrender and willingness, and nothing but that incredible suffering could have brought me to the point of breakdown and prepared me for what was about to take place. Let me assure you though that there is no great mystery to becoming "successful" in the material world if that is what one truly wants. It is neither good, nor bad, nor is it a trick, but rather it is your choice.


Yet once you get a sense for how things truly are you come to realize that none of it is really all that important. My dream was to "make it" in the eyes of the world, and clearly I did. But... then I discovered that I still was not happy and in many ways more disappointed with myself now as opposed to when I was an actively drinking alcoholic. In reality I was still not being true to my inner-most self, my real self, and I finally had to admit that as I was once a slave to alcohol, I was now a slave to money, success, and my own self-absorbed thinking.” 




The Reawakening


Then in a moment that defied logic he walked away from it all. Yes, almost overnight he went from being homeless to being the poster-boy for public safety and a very successful businessman, and then just as quickly he abandoned his newfound life, career, and the limelight, to follow his heart’s calling.


He then exhausted his entire savings by having a house built and spent the next three years staring out the window of his office onto a baron pond and patiently waited, but for what, he did not know. 


“I knew internally there was something that I was supposed to be doing with my life and I guess for the most part staring into that empty pond for three years was it. Strangely enough I was okay with that. Although a few people close to me began to question whether or not I had lost control of my common sense and in reality I suppose I had. But nevertheless, it was necessary for me to once again lose all sense of who I was because in my mind I was still the "big executive,” and I had to somehow get beyond this illusionary mental self-image of who I was in order to be free from me.


Now over time eventually my fictitious self-image did dissolve, but then my intense suffering from years ago resurfaced and it became quite unbearable, because now without that false identity, who was I?


It’s quite funny now of course but it wasn’t while it was happening, but I did accomplish what I set out to do as far as losing myself again. However in doing so I forgot why I was trying to do this in the first place and I became terrified. *Laughing*


Once again I felt lost in the world, but in reality it was only my egoic sense of self that felt lost not my true self. By the grace of the infinite I had not lost touch completely with that day at the lake and I knew that despite my intense fear and suffering something profound was about to occur.


Of course I had no way of knowing what was about to take place but that is the beauty of life as it is quite unpredictable and full of wonder. What I rediscovered during this second awakening, or rather what was revealed to me, was that there was no need for me to be waiting for something to happen, it was already there, and that my waiting was actually a fictitious block to what already is. I had forgotten that waiting and trying was not the way and that "letting go" is the key to freedom from the bondage of self.” 



The "Wisdom of the Wave" is the immediate result of that second shift of consciousness and Rocky felt very strongly that the information it contains be available free of cost from this web site to those who are destined to hear its message.



“Yes, the words came through my person but they are not “my” words as this is not a book that “I” created which is filled with “my” opinions on how to rebuild one's life. Rather it is a trail leading back to that from which we have all emerged beyond the physical and the words within the book originate from, and are deeply rooted in, the formless, not from “me.”


For me to seek anything of a monetary nature by simply pointing to the trail would be more of the old consciousness and ego driven self in that I would be laying claim to this wisdom by saying, “Look at what “I” am bringing you, “I” created this, here is “my” wisdom and in order for you to add it to yourself you need to give me money for this.”




“I”, as was just stated did not create the trail, but more importantly the book does not give you anything to add to yourself as there is nothing that you need to add to be who it is you already are in this very moment. In fact it is just the opposite. If you are open to receiving the book’s simple message you will begin dissolving the layers of human conditioning that cover your true-self beyond the physical, which of course is the path that all here in the world must eventually travel, the path of self-realization.”


Ask yourself a question, "How did you happen to arrive here today?” 


"More than likely it was through a series of events that your mind dismissed as being meaningless. You saw a billboard and it just happened to catch your attention, you overheard someone mention the book and it sounded interesting, or you just happened to stumble onto this web site all on your own.


Whether you realize it or not everything in the universe happens for a reason but only when we are ready does the truth become known to us. The simple truth is humanity is on the brink of undergoing the most profound transformation in our recorded history and you, yes you, are at the forefront of this transformation. The realization of who we are beyond the grip of our busy minds and never-ending thoughts is what is taking place, and it will forever change the world as we now know it.


You are here right now because you are supposed to be here and there is nothing that I need to say to convince you of what it is you already sense in your being to be true...” 


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