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Nondual Highlights Issue #2052 Sunday, February 6, 2005 Editor: Mark

- Editor's note: Gloria is taking a day off. The following quotes are all from Vasishtha's Yoga... (one of my favorite books.)

It is . . . childish and ignorant (to) talk of duality and non-duality; the enlightened ones laugh at all this. However, without such a discussion based on duality and non-duality it is not possible to clean one's consciousness of ignorance. It is only in that spirit that I have dealt with all this, dear friend.

- Vasistha

The mind abandons everything when the vision of the supreme is gained. Hence, one should resolutely renounce everything till the supreme vision is gained. Not till one renounces everything is self-knowledge gained: when all points of view are abandoned, what remains is the self. Page 282

It is the cessation of the awareness of action and of experience, the giving up of conditioning and thus the attainment of peace and the state of equilibrium that is known by the expression ‘abandonment of action’. Page 489

The infinite consciousness which alone appears as all this is undying, unchanging and eternal. The unmoving consciousness remains, appearing to be whatever notion arises in it here and there. What is truth and what is false? So let one experience bodies, actions, sorrow or pleasure as and when they arise -- or let them all go. There is no meaning in all this. Let is be 'this' way or 'that' way, let it be or not -- give up this delusion and remain enlightened. Page 637

At the end of the period following the cosmic dissolution the supreme being thinks of the subtle (ativahika) body which arises in the infinite consciousness. This subtle body thinks of itself as Brahma, Virat, Visnu, etc. Whatever the subtle body identifies itself with, that it appears to be. Though all these diverse entities seem to have been created, it is only an optical illusion. For nothing is ever created. Everything is but the pure void which pervades all. The beginningless Brahman alone exists. However, on account of the fact that this cosmic subtle body entertains the notion that it experiences this diversity, such diversity seems to be uncontradicted truth. Page 695

What is inquiry? To enquire thus: "Who am I? How has this evil of samsara (repetitive history) come into being?" is true inquiry. Knowledge of truth arises in oneself; and from such knowledge there follows tranquility in oneself; and then there arises the supreme peace that passeth understanding and the ending of all sorrow. Inquiry is not reasoning or analysis; it is directly looking into oneself. Page 33

Diversity has no real existence except in one’s own imagination. ‘All this is indeed the absolute Brahman’ ~ remain established in this truth. Give up all other notions. Even as the waves, etc. are non-different from the ocean, all these things are non-different from Brahman. Even as in the seed is hidden the entire tree in potential, in Brahman there exists the entire universe for ever. Even as the multicolored rainbow is produced by sunlight, all this diversity is seen in the one. Page 152

There is no world in Brahman but Brahman sees or experiences a world. This perception is not a fact or reality but just a notion. Page 578

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