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#2065 - Friday, February 25, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

    Hello gang,   I'm not unsubbing due to dissatisfaction, rather more complete confusion with so many different belief systems.  I feel comfortable with Buddhism and at least for now just want to stick with something for a length of time.    But who knows, I may be back in a week.  Keep up the good work.   (keeping author anonymous)      

      Here is a selection of interesting  and little known movies available through the Spiritual Cinema Circle:      


When an East Indian family, long-time residents of the United States, breaks down in the desert during a road trip in their American-made Jeep, they find themselves stranded on the side of a little traveled highway. Who will help them? Can the father, a Sikh, understand the world his two young adult sons are now living in?  Can the sons accept the father as he is?  This is a beautiful story of familial love and loyalty that demonstrates the flexibility needed during this time in history of our religion, faith and beliefs.   Written & Directed by Sharat Raju.  [30 minutes, in English]    


In this beautifully animated story, a little girl and her dog brave a long, blustery night alone in her room in their house on a hill.  As the storm rages outside, she begins to look within and asks questions about life, death and everything in between. These youthful queries are the same questions we continue to seek answers to as adults - questions that seem to come to us most clearly when we are alone, waiting out the storms of life.  Written & Directed by Michèle Lemieux.  [10 minutes, in English]    

      BICYCLES AND RADIOS It's hard to imagine that a first time filmmaker could create a work of such beauty and subtlety as Bicycles and Radios, but O Nathapon, born and raised in Thailand, has done just that.  The mystery of the film compels you to hang on every nuance, while the exotic surroundings of this small Thai village fills your senses.  This film allows the viewer to believe again in the mysteries that bring us healing when we most need it, and love when we least expect it!  Written & Directed by O Nathopon.  [36 minutes, in Thai with English subtitles]    

A magical glimpse into turn of the century Wales, where young Eldra is dealing with her Gypsy heritage.  Is she Romany through and through, or could she live like the Anglos in her village?  Are the differences in culture really as big as they seem to be from a distance?  Eldra reveals to us a place where all people deserve respect, where love can overcome fear and where our true natures have free reign.  94 minutes, in Welsh with English subtitles.  



Who were the ancient people who lived in this place we now call Chaco Canyon in the heart of the Southwestern United States?  Why did they create such enormous and foreboding fortresses, capable of housing thousands of people, when new evidence proves that only a few hundred people ever actually lived there?  Robert Redford narrates an intriguing journey through this land, exploring the archeological, astronomical and spiritual remains of a truly mysterious people. 55 minutes, in English.    


A mother and daughter with no money and no resources face an uncertain future in this short film set in the Dust Bowl era of the American West. In a ramshackle home in the dry desert, a young girl forms a friendship with an unlikely stranger and learns the most important lessons in life that remain with her, in her heart, for the rest of her life - a discovery of the life-long importance of the people who touch our hearts forever.  (In English. TRT 20 minutes)



Let this fanciful, delightful, and poetic fable-like documentary sweep you away on rolling tides to the colorful coast of Kenya where everyone wears flip-flops!  From the factories where they are made, to the feet that wear them, to the drainpipes that carry the discarded flops out to sea, the life cycle of the ever-buoyant flops is proof that even shoes have more than just one life.  (In English. TRT 29 minutes)




The incredible cinematography of SAVIOR sweeps viewers away into the Icelandic outback and into a beautiful young girl's journey inside her body and soul to find her true self. Forced by her neglectful parents to spend the summer in a camp for much younger children, Kaja runs away. On her journey, she encounters the grave dangers of the exotic Icelandic wilderness and is forced to face her deepest fears. This coming of age story follows Kaja as she learns to embrace the one source of comfort she will always have: herself. In Icelandic with English subtitles. TRT 28 minutes



Through the love of an artist for a spectacular island in the North West and the Native First People who live there, we are shown a place and a culture in balance in the natural world.  Experience the beauty of an island left untouched for thousands of years, the animated renderings of the mythology of an ancient people, and the terrifying encroachment of the modern world on such a deep and basic comfort.  This documentary from Canada echoes with reminiscences of Lemuria and holds such beauty that it will find a place in your heart and stay there. TRT 68 minutes




is a romantic mystery about two very different people who meet under unusual circumstances. I was moved by the romance in it as well as the depth of emotion. In addition, it's very touching and has an ending that caught even us seasoned movie veterans by surprise.






Next, you'll be taking a journey on THE LIMITED, a mysterious train that we all board at one time or another. Both THE LIMITED and JILLIAN'S VANTAGE are great examples of how powerful short films can be as memorable works of art.

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