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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #208

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Sarlo wrote:
What does Christmas mean to me? It's

Hi, Sarlo..

I can certainly enter the worldview which you seem to hold regarding
Christmas.. Much of what I do at this time of year has been cultivated
to remain as clear and as open as possible.

This year, I also extricated myself, almost completely, from the
material dynamic of Christmas.. with accompanying expectations and
expenses. As as result I felt a gentle and vibrant joy at the crisp sky,
the beautiful moon... etc. My eye alighted upon what was beautiful..
even in the abject. It was an interesting, new and somewhat choiceless
experience. I simply found myself removed from the crassness and another
vista opened up. To the best of my ability to see, this was not a
function of ideology. And, may I also add, I am not Sanguine by nature,
so joyfulness is a relatively new experience.

I want to ask a question of you... and please know that I ask this with
respect and with no agenda. I delight in your offerings to this list and
find you generally very clear..

so I ask (hypothetically).. What might these words mean to you? and why
might they be hanging on as benchmarks, of sort, for your identity as it
aligns with this season?

And Sarlo.. as I currently stand in the warm light from my heart's
altar, may I offer a hand, a hug, a smile or simply companionship. I
have walked many a day's night in the darker corridors. I have learned
much from the dark light.


...Where is all of the love and
compassion you enlightened folks have?



Simplify until everything simply vanishes, including the concept of
simplicity. That is 'nonduality'. Anything else is 'horseshit'.

There once was the oneness of One
From which all creation begun
But createds forgot
Where they were begot
So from then on it wasn't much fun


That isn't nonduality.

Nothing need vanish for one to realize that they *are* nonduality.
It is a simple act of recognition. Nonduality, as pure being
absolute, exists in every moment of awareness. In the simplest
*and* the most complex of human experience, the Self shines the
same, without effort or attachment to whatever is going on
"around" it.

Nonduality isn't a "place" our minds go to, it *is* the very
essence of who we are.


From the perspective of Advaita Vedanta, as all thinking
takes place in the realm of Maya, it is indeed all ignorance.

However, there are two kinds of ignorance. That which leads
away from the Self, and that which leads toward the Self.
And what these are will be different for each individual.
That is, what leads one *away* from the Self will lead
another *toward* the Self and vice versa.

There is nothing wrong with thought in and of itself, and
it is the leading tool of the jnani. It is when we come to
be able to see what lies *between* our thoughts that we
can make the most use of this gift that is our mind.


~ Yes, we can use the ignorant tool of thought to come to
the limit of its capacity to lead toward Self - and jump off.


This is my position: Acting like a good guy who
says nice things or a bad guy who says mean things
has got nothing whatsoever to do with the discovery
that radical and absolute love is your very being,
in your everyday life




Meme mo


Momento? Me? No.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes?


Meme mo.. momentum .. me yes, me no
Meme lo.. quantum comes.. holon yes, holy glow


There once was a righteous nondualist
Who complained when some folks became pugilists
But 'twas only a joke
'Cause it turned out the bloke
Was both darkness and light, like Confucius is.


John posted:

"rascal Tibetan saint" Drukpa Kunley:

Dancer in the indestructible stream of magical illusion,
Unifier of the welter of inconsistencies and absurdities,
Power-holder turning the Wheel of Bliss and Emptiness,
Hero perceiving all things as deception,
Nauseous Recalcitrant disgusted with temporal attachment,
Little Yogin piercing others' illusory projections,
Vagabond selling Samsara short,
Light-traveller making his lodging his home,
Fortunate Wayfarer perceiving his mind as the Lama,
Champion understanding all appearance as the mind,
Diviner of Relativity knowing unity as multiplicity,
Naljorpa tasting the one flavour of all things---
These are some of the masks I wear!

here's a nice bit from Plotinus, found in the 1974 "Pilgrims' Guide to
Planet Earth"

"For the absolute good is the cause & source of all beauty. Just as the
sun is the source of all daylight,

& it cannot , therefore, be spoken or written ;

Yet we speak & write of it. In order to start & escort ourselves on the

& arouse our minds to the vision: Like as when one showeth a pilgrim on
his way to some shrine that he would visit:

For the teaching is only of whither & how to go. The vision itself is
the work of him who has willed to see it."

Vaya con Dios
Gruss Gott
Que Dieu soit avec toi
Bog Da Budjet Stoboyu
Gud Velsigne Deg
O Theos Mazisou
Allah Uh Appah
Bhate Sabbe Malalun
God be with you
Radha Sham
Sat Siri Akal
-- from the pilgrims guide

happy monday

Absolute truth can only be *experienced*. That is, absolute truth is
experiential in nature. It can be pondered, but such pondering does
not expose Its truth. The "truth" of absolute truth is in the direct
experiential revelation of the Self.


The urge for competition is a feeling, the urge for sex is a feeling, even
compassion is a feeling, etc., etc. Feelings aren't something to easily get
rid off, and what is more, one cannot fake, not having them anymore :) So
as long as someone gets tired, bored, fed up, be sure there still is a
looooooooong road to go. BTW, one's real nature isn't a feeling, right?

All those lousy feelings, from where do they arise?
All those lousy feelings, or bombs in a disguise.
Never I did invite them though.
They won't leave by themselves oh no!
Suppressing them won't work ya know that will not make one wise :-)

Feelings could be defined as thoughts that are immediately (subconsciously)
interpreted, and the majority has to live up to them. Those, somewhat more
fortunate, become aware of arising before interpretation, so they can pull
the switch, whereas the fortunate ones really know what *Silence* means: no
more thoughts in the disguise of feelings; the potential to feel could be
compared to the presence of crude oil on a car's windscreen. So *until
better times arrive* (for the lack of a better expression), learn to put up
with one's "personal" interpretation of *yak yak yuck* :-)



There once was a righteous nondualist
Who complained when some folks became pugilists
But 'twas only a joke
'Cause it turned out the bloke
Was both darkness and light, like Confucius is.


Old Hag:

Wow, stepping gingerly here, seeing Transformation a bit differently
than ole Osho, but, what the hey...

" is for those daring souls who can drop all belief, unbelief,
doubt, reason, mind, and simply enter into their pure existence without
boundaries ..."

>From view of pile, old bones sees nothing to drop, nothing to enter
into, ya know? Cause if there's somethin' to drop, then there's somebody
doing the dropin'. And if there's something to enter into, then there's
something to leave.

"existence without boundaries.." Oh, yes..our gray beards getting
tangled, we so close on this one. No boundaries. No limits. No more
"mind-made manacles." Mother Kali snips the thinnest remaining thread
tied round our wrinkled, bony ankles, and we rise, free. Oh, yes, mighty

"...a moment comes suddenly that you see it, which has been eluding you
your whole life..."

Hey, darlin' man under the ski cap! If there is somethin' to see, there
is somebody doing the seeing, and if i think there is something eluding
me my whole life, it will elude me my whole life - that's for sure!
Nothing to see, old hag, and nothin' eludin' you now or ever, you always
saw, you always knew. Hey, Osho, you kiddin' old woman, or what?

Now, the "suddenly" part resonates, too. Sorta like yeah, going through
the door, ok, but then a balloon of water falls down on your head and
you are soaked through. Now everything is the same, you ain't left
anything, or entered into anything, the only difference is now you're
soakin' wet.

If this makes absolutely no sense to you, or lots of sense to you, or
medium sense to you, i could care less...i just stepped into an old
pepperoni pizza and got to wash my feet off. ,^))


xan posted:

Forego everything that you have thought
up to now meaningful, significant.
Sacrifice everything for this ultimate
because this is the only thing
that will make you contented,
that will make you fulfilled,
that will bring spring to your being...
and you will blossom into
a thousand and one flowers.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ rolling now, xan, baby!!
And what's the difference between Foregoing and Dropping???

NOTHING!! No differences!!!

"and you will blossom into
a thousand and one flowers."

No weeds in your garden, xan, dear, no weeds at all....very fine.
oh, oh...big explosion just now, garbage pile shook all over, what could
it be?....oh, it is shuttle coming back through sound,
what was i saying...doesn't matter.
THAT is what is so beautiful, eh? NOTHING matters.

love and thanks,
that's a keeper

~ Here's a definition of transformation,
for those mind fragments that like definitions:

One begins with "Life is meaningful" - tra la la
Then crashes into "Nothing has any meaning anymore" - boo hoo hoo
Then erupts into "All meaning is gone. I am free" - tee hee hee


I really like this quote.

From: "Vivekananda Centre"

>From talk given by Swami Vivekananda in London -1896.

"And this is the practical side of Vedanta. It does not destroy the world,
but it explains it, it does not destroy the person but explains him; it does
not destroy the individuality, but plains it by showing the real
individuality. It does not show that this world is vain and does not exist,
but it says 'Understand what this world is, so that it may not hurt you'.

Bye now,



For an interesting
perspective on the Osho
phenomenon, I commend to
you Christopher Calder's
website at this URL:
I don't agree with
everything he presents, but
it's a welcome antidote to
"daemon"ization at one
extreme and empty-headed
sycophancy at the other.

> It's totally preposterous to think you can build a ramp from the relative to
the absolute,
> I love it.
> andrew

Hmm this 'ramp' reminds me of the bridge of which Osho speaks. I know 'we'
don't build
it.Perhaps it is revealed by
Grace as the witness.

For me this bridge aspect, represents my process of integrating two mighty
selves ~ my manifest self (&
brain power) & my unmanifest Self making itself known via my brain. If I cannot
harmony between the two how can
I merge them into one? Cognising infinity through a finite form isn't easy.
through developing
understanding, strengthens the bridge. Seems to me my ego seeks to translate
the non
verbal information to help teach
it not to resist.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has said that we are both manifest & unmanifest (outer
objective &
inner subjective). And that
duality offers itself to unity & unity offers itself to duality & the uni
verse, is that
union of diversity.

Meditation trains the outer seeking mind to curve back in upon itself like a
wave to
observe itself. Consciousness
conscious of consciousness. This is so radical when achieved outside of

"If this bridge is strengthened so much that the two minds disappear as two &
become one,
then integration, then
crystallisation arises." ~Osho~



> from zen tarot - Transformation:
> This is the whole of it
> " is for those daring souls who can drop all belief,
> unbelief, doubt, reason, mind, and simply enter
> into their pure existence without boundaries ..."
> "...a moment comes suddenly that you see it,
> which has been eluding you your whole life..."

Some have known the moment and seek to re-gain it. Some are
that moment. Some may have lost touch with that moment
because of the cacophony on the list. I invite people to
touch it again -- easlily, gently -- and take the list back.



A Message From Gangaji.

"The first human awakening was before Buddha, before Christ, before any of
those we have heard of. An ancient, early awakening somewhere unknown.
Those who could hear what this miraculous awakening had to tell were ignited
with either direct, immediate understanding as their own true experience, or
the desire for that understanding. Of course, most who heard were not
interested. But those who were interested were caught by the flame of truth,
and it has been passed from being to being until the present time.

There are exquisite sutras and scriptures, hymns and testimonials that shake
us, that cause us to fall flat on the floor when we read them because they
are alive with the spirit of truth, with the certainty of this flame. They
penetrate into our hearts with this "yes," for somehow we know this truth
without even understanding what it is we know.

But the most sublime truth of all has never been stated or written or sung.
Not because it is far away and canā€™t be reached, but because it is so
intimately close, closer than anything that can be spoken. It is alive as
the stillness in the core of your being, too close to be described, too close
to be objectified, too close to be known in the usual way of knowledge. The
truth of who you are is yours already. It is already present, and the only
reason that I have appeared in your consciousness is to simply confirm that.

I truly have nothing to teach you. There have been many teachers who have
taught exquisite and useful codes of conduct, methods of meditation, ways of
living and manifesting in the world. I am simply pointing to the stillness
that is alive in the core of your being and inviting you to turn your
attention to that, to let that live your life. I invite you to give your
questions to that and your answers to that. Give your failures and
successes, choice and choicelessness to that. Give all back to where it came
from, back to before creation.

When we look back into history at the numbers of known sages, saints, and
messiahs, we can see that awakening has been rare. Since it has been rare, we
assume in our minds that it is not possible for us. Many people today say it
is absolutely inconceivable for an ordinary person to simply awaken to the
truth of who one is. That it is reserved for saints or for those who have
demonstrated great purity or endured great spiritual practice. But this is
not so.

This is for you.

With all of your experienced limitations, this is for you, simply because all
of your experienced limitations are not who you truly are. Who you are is
already on the other shore, already free, already the source of all wisdom,
clarity, and beauty. Who you are is where all is, stillness itself.

Awakening does not mean that this particular form you inhabit should or will
be a saint, or a great artist, or king of the world. It means you can know
without a doubt that who you are is not limited to form. Who you are is what
the world appears in, what the cosmos appears in, what space itself appears

There is a quickening on the Earth at this time. In this quickening is the
invitation to realize where you are, who you are, who one is. If you are
fully committed to that realization, there is nothing that can stop you.
There is no obstacle.

My teacher, Papaji, said that the greatest obstacle, in fact the final
obstacle, is the belief that there is an obstacle. Be very aware if you are
clinging to this belief, and have the courage to let it go so that you can
see for yourself. Then our meeting will not have been just a passing thing
that happened one day. It will be the reunion of Self to Self, a reunion
that is newer than the first union.

I am profoundly delighted with our meeting and the potential that is in this
meeting. I know you as my own Self.

I love you as my own Self.

This is pre-1970 Rajneesh (aka Osho):

"I have nothing to give you, and what truth of religion do
you desire to receive from me or from any teacher? There is
nothing, absolutely nothing. If there is anything to take
hold of, take it by yourself."

The best Rajneesh is very early Rajneesh. I'll be posting


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