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Nondual Highlights Issue #2088 Sunday, March 20, 2005


To be truly alive is to be deeply in love with this moment. Not the moment that we imagine, not the moment of our thoughts and beliefs about this moment, but this moment as it is. This moment of suddenness and energy and surprise; this moment of wonder and awe; this moment of light and stillness; this moment of beauty and Silence. To be truly alive is to listen very, very deeply, not with our ears but with our whole being, and not just with our whole being but with the whole being of creation. Listening like this, we have no center, no beginning, no ending - our center is everywhere - so we begin and end here, and there, and here again. Listening with the enormous ear of creation itself, we hear life breathing. To be truly alive is to be open - just that: open as the sky, even more so. As open as the heavens, even more so. In this openness there is no fear, no hiding, no secrets, nothing to protect. Why would there be? To be alive is to be an openness in which everything lives without prejudice, without hatred, without violence towards anything. This moment is Silence.

- Robert Rabbin

We all love the innocence we see in children. We delight in watching them learn new things and play in wild abandon. We love to hear their questions and reflections about the world because they spring from original awareness and the brilliance that obtains. We wistfully watch them sleeping and remember that feeling of perfect peace. We delight in the company of children because they remind us of our own innocence.

But, in awakened intelligence, innocence is no longer the special province of children. We, too, delight in learning new things and playing in abandon; our original awareness questions and reflects in brilliance; and we, too, sleep in deep peace. Innocence is a condition not dependent on age but on attitude. It lives in continual surprise, not knowing how things are supposed to go, not needing them to go a certain way.

- Catherine Ingram

All this comes down to is ordinary present awareness. It is as simple as that: the awareness that allows you to read these words right now, that's it. That is really it! It is the same awareness that is glimpsed in your most spectacular mystical experience. It is the same awareness as the avatars and sages 'have'. The reason why I can say so without proving it is that this awareness is limitless, borderless, and as a result there is only one awareness. That's why 'your' awareness equals the Awareness. No need to look any further.

- Jan Kersschot from
This Is It

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JLW: Probably the most essential question that all of us ask at some point is, "Who am I?" What comes up for you when you ask, "Who am I?"

VALERIE: This is essentially what I am talking about all the time with everyone I meet. For me, answering that question has had to do with being able to sit in a place in myself, or rest in a place in myself. And for a long time, "Who am I?" became how to get to that resting-place. The one I was was always trying to get to the resting-place. Somehow, it became very funny at one point that I was trying to get to the resting-place by doing something that wasn't resting. Then it just became obvious who I am.

I am that very One that lives my body, that lives your body, and I am absolutely energetic; I am in energy, I am as energy. And, I am absolutely delightful, delightful in my trillions and billions of modifications, and "how wondrous it is to be me!" [Laughter] Seriously, all that exists outside of me as a modification exists inside of me as a modification. Simultaneously I can be all of that and this one thing that I am. (So, if that can be expressed clearly in writing, I'll be happy!)(See also Sri Ramana Maharshi: "Who Am I?")

LML: Can you say something about what that one thing that lives you and lives all things is?

VALERIE: The best way I can express that with words is to say that there is a stillness and then there's a wave and then there's a stillness and then there's a wave, and I am That which is the stillness and the wave. This sounds ridiculously intellectualized, but that's the best way I know how to say it. In motion, or in discussion, in love-making, or in shit-taking, or birth giving, or even in sitting at the bottom of the breath, just sitting and waiting for a breath to come in, I experience my being as the One who observes the waves, allows the waves, feels the waves and is the waves.

- excerpt from an interview that Lynn Marie Lumiere (LML) and John Lumiere Wins (JLW) conducted with Valerie Vener in connection with their book
The Awakening West

True happiness cannot be found in things
that change and pass away.
Pleasure and pain alternate inexorably.
Happiness comes from the self
and can be found in the self only.
Find your real self (swarupa)
and all else will come with it.

- Nisargadatta from
I Am That


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