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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #210

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Before I give my Millenium Speech, I
would like to say that
the combination offered on this list
is one of freedom of
expression and the subject of
nonduality. It is a powerful
combination.. On the nonduality salon
website and on every
other related email list, there is
some attempt to organize

There's no moderation here, no
organization, because it is
not for one to organize nonduality,
rather to be 'organized
by' nonduality.

(The meaning of 'organized by' is largely what the list is

Because this list is allowed to have a life of its own,
because it is allowed to 'organize' and not forced to become
organized, people feel a rhythm to this community; a greater

This place is not predictable and it is not without
difficult times. What it is is greater than our sum. Many
have described the list itself as 'Guru'.

To summarize, rather than crunching nonduality, allowing it
to crunch, is what happens here.

Thanks to everyone for being part of this. Now for my
Millenium Speech; it is three words long:

I uphold non-moderation.


we are initating,,,,,silent worship,,,,,at the same
time,,,,,,in a quaker meeting i attend,,,,,,,to
support,,,,,,to be part,,,,,,,to be,,,,,,

it is good,,,,,,and beautiful,,,,,,

--J. Springer


Hello everyone. Just got back into town today. Hope you
are all well. I will be catching up on some of the e-mail
over the next few days. As the year 1999 comes to a close,
many people are anticipating major events and changes in
their life. Same old stuff every
1000 years. Life is happening now. Always now. Twenty
five hundred years ago, Buddha carefully analyzed the human
condition and said that life inherently involves suffering
of some type or another. Suffering indeed appears to be
universal. One need not look far to see examples of
horrific suffering due to poverty, neglect, ignorance, war,
injustice, greed, and abuse. Joys come intertwined with
Pleasures and pain often follow each other in a natural
cycle. We are all born wearing the garland of suffering. A
sage once said that all fruits that fall from the tree of
life are bitter sweet-- but two fruits are sweet only. One
is meditation on the nature of the Truth of Self. Second is
Satsanga or keeping company of people who walk the path of
Truth. The pathless path truly goes nowhere. Truth cannot
be found elsewhere or at another time. It exists always in
the Present--As Presence of the Heart. The Heart is the
both the ultimate mystery and the ultimate simplicity. It
cannot be known in the sense of objective knowledge. It
Eternally Knows It Self. Once I heard that Aristotle
reasoned that God being perfect must always be meditating on
perfection. But since there is no perfection other than
God, it follows that God must be in constant meditation on
His/Her Own Self. So the Sages declare that God sits in the
Heart as one's own Self. That is the Truth we must drink
deeply of. That is the nectar of immortality. That Thou


For a good laugh, visit:


May all beings everywhere be awakened, healed, fulfilled and
free; May there be peace in the world, and may we all
together complete the spiritual journey.

Lama Surya Das Cambridge, Mass.
Winter Solstice Full Moon Dec. 22, 1999

Surya Das Mailing List

send a blank email to:
[email protected]

Allspirit website

--Gill Eardley

I have just discovered a rather stunning piece of writing.
She uses language not always used here, but the essence
contains everything happening here..



My name is Beth. I first heard about the Non-duality Salon
through Allspirit: and Gill and John and John. I will be
very quiet for awhile (lurking) until I understand a little
better what it is all about, as I am definitely a beginner.
The fact that everyone no matter what their belief and
practice, is welcome, really attracts me. I am hungry for
knowledge, and I love to share.

I am really looking forward to all of you.

Love, Beth

hello, Beth, i want to thank you for putting words to the
message i've wanted to send to this community. i too am new
here and look forward to walking with all of you.
peace, lisa


Hello Beth and Lisa. Make yourselve's at home. I have
nothing to say except that this place is like one of those
video games where you never know what's going to happen in
the environment. Be ready, be open, feel safe. You have
infinite lives.

Love, Jerry

I heard myself say the other day,

"All I have ever asked of you is to simply hear me without
trying to fix me or change me, or tell me what's wrong with simply receive me, just as I am."

I realize that voice reflected my soul's yearning. A
yearning to see, and be seen for, who I am.

A yearning to know who "I am" ... not through comparing me
to you, or by comparing my 'nows' to my yesterdays and

A yearning to know who I AM beyond any thought of condition,
expectation, fear, or comparison.

This morning I had an experience that was like watching a
movie in fast if I were looking to see who I
was in comparison to whomever was placed next to me. And
these comparisons began to flash across my screen

of me standing

next to a homeless person

then next to a wealthy business man

then next to a short, fat person

next to slender, beautiful model

next to Einstein

next to Jesus

next to my next door neighbor

and so on, and so on... these images flashed past my eyes

until I was exhausted

and crying because it became so clear that I will never know
who "I Am" by comparing my 'now' with anothers.

And that yearning I talked about heightened so....that it

"Who am I" when all of you simply disappear....when there
are no more comparisons, or expectations, or blueprints to

'Who I am' can not be known by looking in the world of

And with that, I hear my friend Sandeep's words from last
week echo thru me again,

" In aloneness, ego is no more.
Ego is only present in relationship, in duality"

Who "I am" will be discovered by me thru my own silent

in a world where there are no longer any comparisons,
expectations or designs.



There is a sense of volition in surrender, surrender comes
first, then dissolution; surrender is accepting
dissolution. A useful symbol for understanding is
sacrifice, surrender is the placing of the sacrifice on the
pyre, dissolution is the consumption of it in the fire.
--Andrew Macnab

Ramana Maharshi on surrender:

Student: What do you consider to be the cause of world
And how can we help to change it?

Ramana Maharshi: Realize the Real Self. It is all that is

S: How can we hasten our illumination for greater service?

RM: We have to surrender ourselves to the Supreme
Then It will take care of us as well as the world.

--contributed by Xan

Relax away from intention, regardless of labels like "good"
or "honest,"
thereby meeting your maker in silence, utterly formless, and
in countless forms, inhabiting only this very moment, which
is all there ever is.
--Bruce Morgen

Surrender Is...
it happens, no choice to be made, only acceptance....
no doer involved

how can one decide: OK I surrender, or I surrender not?
how can one learn (and why should one?) to desire to be
thoughtless? to learn what already Is?

Don't meditate myself, (or is singing the same prayer, while
doing activities in the physical world also meditating?)
I like it that I can have thoughts, that I can think, talk
and write... that i can also making this form of contact
one moment it's possible, next moment all is gone.... blank
(like my computer)
if there bubbles up an impulse to respond... there is
response if not... there's not no doer no control just
surrender it happens just like this just like we happen to

love Xera

Not speaking but writing, via but nor for, a disposable
biological interface.


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