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#2100 - Friday, April 1, 2005 - Editor: michael


The Truth of Non-duality Revealed!

From an as-yet unpublished exclusive interview with G*D wherein
our Intrepid Reporter is granted a privileged (though brief) time
with G*D or the Great Being as IT prefers to be called.

IR Thank you so much for taking a few moments of your infinite Self
to speak with us. It is quite an honor.

GB Of course it is.

IR Well, yes. But before we begin, is there any thing YOU would like
to comment on?

GB Drop the CAPITAL LETTERS. Let's keep this more or less informal,
shall we, hmmm?

IR Certainly. No offense meant.

GB None taken. Now, I see you have a list of questions prepared...

IR Yes. Well. Um.

GB Ha haha. Now don't be nervous.

IR Thank YOU (oops - sorry)

GB OK, don't worry about it.

IR Ah, the first thing I'm sure many of us would like to know is
this: What is the true religion?

GB There isn't one.

IR Would you care to explain? After all, there are so many religions
and there has been much said and done in the name of these
religions. Hasn't any of them got it right?

GB Basically, no. All of them try to explain the un-explainable
(namely ME). Look, by nature I AM - mysterious and ineffable. As
anybody knows, you can't eff the ineffable. When you try, you just
naturally eff it up. hahaha!

IR yah, hahaha

GB HAHAHA! oh my, I just crack ME up sometimes...

IR My editor wanted me to especially ask you about Advaita or non-
duality as it sometimes called.

GB Yes. I know all about it, of course.

IR Well, proponents of Advaita claim that it is a non-religion. Any
comments on that?

GB It is just a concept. Another idea that trys to explain away the
eternal ground of being and thus give some 'acceptable' meaning to
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, per se.

IR Ah, um, well what is the meaning of lif?. Now that you mention it.

GB To live. Just to live life and enjoy it.

IR That's all? You mean that there really isn't anything higher than
that? What about enlightenment and truth and higher being and and
and all that?

GB Easy son, just take it easy. There now, take a deep breath.
Breathe, breathe - better?

IR Yes, thank you.

GB No, thank you.


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