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2121- Friday, April 22, 2005 - Guest Editor: The Only Truly Enlightened Being in the Entire Universe



Hi there Everybody! Gosh, you all sure are looking great. No, really, it's true!


Because I Am who I Am, I am often asked a lot of questions. Questions about enlightenment, religion, meditation, spirituality and (of course) non-duality. My usual answer to all these questions is merely an enigmatic smile.


Simple answers never seem to satisfy very many people and detailed answers tend to set the mind to spinning and weaving.


Now, if a seeker asks, "Where can I find God?" And, if I reply, "You are what you seek." Then, what is the seeker to understand? That they are the Being Supreme, the Creator of Everything, the Big Kahuna and Lord of all Creation? Well, then the seeker will just fill his or her little head with more fantasy and such and everything will seem fine until the next time something untoward (like a stubbed toe) happens. Then the seeker will just 'curse my name' and go off looking for some other Truly Enlightened Being who will impart the truth... happens alla time.


Sometimes I am asked what it's like to be enlightened. The answer I like to offer is that it's OK.  And, it's not a big deal at all. Sure, it has it's moments of unrestrained joy, laughter, bliss, nirvana, etc. By and large though it is life as usual. But without all the botheration...


When asked how I became The Only Truly... Actually, I didn't 'become' anything. It just happened one day that I stopped thinking for a moment. And boom! there it was or is. Know what I mean? Gee, it was all so simple. It had nothing at all to do with my hopes and fears, dreams or ambitions, or my pain and suffering. And yet, all those things (and more) were somehow included! Wow, what a deal!


Now, before you get too wrapped up in anything said here, consider this piece of advice: (Thanks to Bob Rose of the MeditationSocietyofAmerica yahoo group)


You will only have a finite number
of experiences this incarnation. Don't
squander any of them on self pity,
daydreaming, rehashing the past, or
plotting revenge. Or thinking about
this or any other advise.

Kir Li Molari


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