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The Nondual Highlights #2132 - Tuesday, May 3, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

This issue features the art of Claudia Johnson. It is reproduced with permission. Her website is Most of these pieces, and others not shown here, are for sale.    


"The most powerful statement we can make is " I AM " - with these words we visualize and create our reality."      








The NonDuality Series: They are what they are. The names which came to mind when reflecting upon these paintings conjured a sense of exposing some contradictory nature inherent in life. My gut response to name the first one, "Jungle of Love" was perplexing- the feeling I get from the piece is definitely tribal, of love gone wild- but the composition and geometric details of the piece cognitively suggest an external cityscape- or perhaps each form contains a thought acting as building blocks of an internal emotional landscape.  

The second piece in the series has one word in it, "Swim"- yet the feeling of the piece caused me to name it "Go With the Flow".  

The third painting has a symbolic bird in it, echoing sentiments of Flying Free in the painting "Live Your Dream". The bird in "Freedom Flight", however, is contained by two circlespheres and a trianglesphere. Perhaps these are the thoughts that create our boundaries, and make us believe we cannot fly.   T

he beautiful thing about art highlighted here is the ability for an image to delve into multiple dimensions of reality. Ultimately, what is true for you is what the artwork becomes. What is true for me is the connections and clear nonduality of life. I am free, and I am flying even when I do not feel it. Whether I swim with the current or against it, I am part of the Flow. Each thought I have is full of Love, reflected sometimes as triangles, circles, or rectangles- whether positive or negative each thought is part of a greater flow of Energy and Love. The emotion imbued in my geometric forms is reflected in each "imperfection" from their precise states. In each painting's natural breaks from symmetry and precison are revealed expressions of Love coming to know itself.  

"Heal" (above)  


Title: As Someone Starves to Death, I Paint   Size: 6 FT by 4 FT! 72"x 48", [182.88 cm x 91.44 cm x 121.92 cm]
*This painting is big in size, energy, color---and passion for life and death.*

Medium & Ground: Acrylics and India Ink Painting on Unstretched Canvas. Painting on canvas arrives rolled, with plenty of room to stretch as a gallery wrapped canvas with painted edges, or to display in a Bohemian style like a tapestry. Finished with a layer of varnish to protect painting over time. Interesting textures and color depth created with metallic and matte layers of paint plus a dash of glitter here and there.

Intention: A free flowing painting straight from the un(sub)conscious. Can be read as a narrative with the Universe, if you will. See selected excerpts below. Artist: This painting is offered directly by the artist, me, Claudia Teresa- a Chinese- Panamanian- Swedish- American artist who loves selling on art on ebay and also exhibit in galleries. See my About Me page for bio. Please bid with confidence, I have 100% Positive Feedback from many excited collectors. Payment: PayPal or BidPay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or electronic check.

You may also pay with Money orders, Checks, or Bank Wire Transfers. Shipping: $27, ships rolled in a triangular tube box via USPS insured. If you are interested in paying for the painting to be stretched, crated, and freight shipped: that option is yours- just inquire with your zip code for a quote (at least $300). International collectors please email for your rate before paying, it will be higher.

This painting has been SOLD, I welcome commission offers for large contemplative and playful abstracts like this one, email [email protected] or call 321.501-2638.  

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