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Nondual Highlights Issue #2133 Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Changes that occur through spiritual practice are not really your business. If you make them your business, you will try to change your life directly. If you try to change your life directly, no matter how long you work at it, you will not satisfy yourself. So, if you truly want to change your life, you should just form the routine of doing small things, day by day. Then your life will be changed beyond your expectations. If you practice continuously, day after day, you will become a peaceful, gentle, and harmonious person. There is no explanation for this.

- Dainin Katagiri, from the book:
You Have to Say Something, published by Shambhala, posted to DailyDharma

All your coming, seeking pleasure, loving and hating -- all this shows that you struggle against limitations, self-imposed or accepted. In your ignorance you make mistakes and cause pain to yourself and others, but the urge is there and shall not be denied. The same urge that seeks birth, happiness and death shall seek understanding and liberation. It is like a spark of fire in a cargo of cotton. You may not know about it, but sooner or later the ship will burst in flames. Liberation is a natural process and in the long run, inevitable. But it is within your power to bring it into the now.

Selfishness is the cause of suffering. There is no other cause. Differences and distinctions are not the cause of sorrow. Unity and diversity is natural and good. It is only with separateness and self-seeking that real suffering appears in the world.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj from
I Am That, posted to JustThis

definitions, borders, rules...
they confine, restrict, direct.
but the wind
knows nothing
of this
and the sky
cannot be bound.
if you trap the wind

so, ya yosy
let your spirit

see: this moment
is one
with the ocean
of time.

- Yosy Flug on SufiMystic

Truth is a quest of intellect, but beauty is felt by the heart. Intellect analyzes, is curious to know what is inside a flower, how it grows, what season it comes up in. The heart is not bothered with all this detailed knowledge. It simply feels, 'Wow! This is so wonderful!'

For a poor man, beauty lies in wealth. For a hungry person, beauty lies in food. For a lonely person, beauty is found in companionship. And for those who are being awakened, beauty lies in awakening. They say, 'Oh! What have I done all my life? Where was I? I was so caught up in small little things, but now my life is beautiful.' And the gratefulness that then rises is the most beautiful thing.

-Sri Sri Ravishankar, posted to MillionPaths

If we say that there are many souls, it is true,
just as there are many waves or many rays of
the sun; but if we say there is one spirit, it is
truer still, just as there is one sea and one sun.
The waves are an action of the sea, the rays are
a manifestation of the sun, the souls are a
phenomenon of the spirit. They are and they
are not. They are because we see them,
and they are not because there is only one Being.

Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

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