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The Nondual Highlights #2138 - Monday, May 9, 2005 - Editor: Gloria


The true form is magnificently
Illuminated with gleaming fire.
The teaching’s voice is total silence
Amid the ringing of wind chimes.
The moon hangs in the old pine tree,
Cold in the falling night.
The chilled crane in its nest in the clouds
Has not yet been aroused from its dreams.

- Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091 - 1157)


The Natural Liberation Through Naked Vision
Identifying the Intelligence by Padmasambhava


The one mind pervades all life and liberation,
Though it is of the primal nature, it is not recognized,
Though its bright intelligence is uninterrupted, it is not faced.
Though it ceaselessly arises everywhere, it is not recognized.
To make known just this objective nature,
The three-times victors proclaimed the inconceivable
Eighty-four thousand Dharma teachings,
Teaching none other than this realization.
Though Scriptures are measureless as the sky,
Their import is three words identifying intelligence.
This direct introduction to the intention of the Victors-
Just this is the entry into freedom from progression.


Fortunate children! Listen here!
"Mind" - though this great word is so well known-
People do not know it, know it wrongly or only partially;
And by their not understanding its reality precisely,
They come up with inconceivable philosophical claims.
The common, alienated individual, not realizing this,
By not understanding her own nature on her own,
Suffers roaming through six life-forms in three realms.
Such is the fault of not realizing this reality of the mind.

Disciples and hermit Buddhas claim realization
Of a partial selflessness but do not know this exactly.
Bound up in claims from their treatises and theories,
They do not behold the clear light transparency.
Disciples and hermits are shut out by clinging to subject and object,
Centrists are shut out by extremism about the two realities,
Ritual and performance Tantrists, by extremism in service and
And great Maha and pervasive Anu Tantrists,
By clinging to the duality of realm and intelligence.
They err by remaining dualistic in nonduality,
By not communing nondually, they do not awaken.
All life and liberation inseparable from their own minds,
They still roam the life-cycle on vehicles of quitting and choosing.

Therefore, absorbing all created things in your free inaction,
Realize the great natural liberation of all things from this teaching
Of natural intelligence through naked seeing of your own intelligence!
Thus in the great perfection, everything is perfect!...

"Mind," this bright process of intelligence,
In one way exists and in another way does not.
It is origin of the pleasure and pain of life and liberation.
It is accepted as essential to the eleven vehicles of liberation.

Its names are countless in various contexts.
Some call this mind "the mind-reality."
Some fundamentalists call it "self."
Some disciples call it "selflessness."
Idealists call it by name of "mind."
Some call it "Transcendent Wisdom."
Some call it "the Buddha Nature."
Some call it "the Great Seal."
Some call it "the Soul Drop."
Some call it "the Truth Realm."
Some call it "the Foundation."
Some call it "the Ordinary."

To introduce the three-point entrance to this itself-
Realize past awareness as trackless, clear and void,
Future awareness as unproduced and new,
And present awareness as staying natural, uncontrived.

Thus knowing time in its very ordinary way,
When you nakedly yourself regard yourself,
Your looking is transparent, nothing to be seen.
This is the naked, immediate, clear intelligence.

It is clear voidness with nothing established,
Purity of clarity-voidness-nonduality;
Not permanent, free of any intrinsic status,
Not annihilated, bright and distinct,
Not a unity, multidiscerning clarity,
Without plurality, indivisible, one in taste,
Not derivative, self-aware, it is this very reality.

This objective introduction to the actuality of things
Contains complete in one the indivisible three bodies.
Tne Truth Body, the voidness free of intrinsic status,
The Beatific Body, bright with freedom's nature energy,
The Emanation Body, ceaselessly arising everywhere -
Its reality is these three complete in one.

To introduce the forceful method to enter this very reality,
Your own awareness right now is just this!
It being just this uncontrived natural clarity,
Why do you say, "I don't understand the nature of the mind"?
As here there is nothing to meditate upon,
In just this uninterrupted clarity intelligence,
Why do you say, "I don't see the actuality of the mind"?
Since the thinker of the mind is just it,
Why do you say, "Even searching I can't find it"?
Since here there is nothing to be done,
Why do you say, "Whatever I do, it doesn't succeed"?
As it is sufficient to stay uncontrived,
Why do you say, "I can't stay still"?
As it is all right to be content with inaction,
Why do you say, "I am unable to do it"?
Since clear, aware and void are automatically indivisible,
Why do you say, "Practice is not effective"?
Since it is natural spontaneous and free of cause and condition,
Why do you say, "Seeking, it can't be found"?
Since thought and natural liberation are simultaneous,
Why do you say, "Remedies are impotent"?
Since your very intelligence is just this,
Why do you say, "I do not know this"?

Be sure your mind's nature is groundless voidness;
Your mind is insubstantial like empty space-
Like it or not, look at your own mind!
Not fastening to the view of annihilative voidness,
Be sure spontaneous wisdom has always been clear,
Spontaneous in itself like the essence of the sun -
Like it or not, look at your own mind!

Be sure that intelligent wisdom is uninterrupted,
Like a continuuous current of a river-
Like it or not, look at your own mind!
Be sure it will not be known by thinking various reasons,
Its movement insubstantial like breezes in the sky-
Like it or not, look at your own mind!

Be sure that what appears is your own perception;
Appearance is natural perception, like a refection in a mirror-
Like it or not, look at your own mind!
Be sure that all signs are liberated on the spot,
Self-originated, self-delivered, like clouds in sky-
Like it or not, look at your own mind!

Vision-voidness natural liberation
Is brilliant void Body of Truth.
Realizing Buddhahood is not achieved by paths-
Vajrasattva is beheld right now...

Therefore, to see intuitively your own naked intelligence,
This Natural Liberation Through Naked Vision is extremely deep.
So investigate this reality of your own intelligence.

Profound! Sealed!



Attributed to Padmasambhava,
later discovered by the treasure-finder Karma Lingpa

From: Essential Tibetan Buddhism
Robert A.F/Thurman

posted by Joyce Short

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