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#2142 - Friday, May 13, 2005 - Editor: michael


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Dear Friends,


This is the last edition that I will do for some weeks to come. I am in the process of moving back to Taos, New Mexico. By this time next Friday I will be miles down the road. When I get settled in, I'll be back to amuse and entertain you.


with love,






What is it like to be realized, awakened, or enlightened? Some believe that they will be granted great powers. And some believe that life will become the proverbial bed of roses.

Still others think that they will be granted access to higher realms. And some may fear enlightenment because they have heard that it entails years of suffering, meditation and ego death.


Some folk have searched the world over hoping to find the right teacher, guru or path to follow. They have adopted Eastern clothing, mannerisms and even accents! Yet, after decades of seeking and endless hours of meditation, they haven't found what they wanted. I think this is primarily due to the endless suppositions and expectations entailed in the ideal of the so-called enlightened 'state'.


I have neither the time nor the inclination to go into a long disseration about what the awakened state is and how to attain it. The best advice I can offer right now is embodied in the words of countles sages, "You are what you seek," and, "the kingdom of heaven is within."


This doesn't mean that you won't wake up to find that the car won't start or that the leaky toilet has magically fixed itself.


Weird as it may seem, to be realized is to be normal.


Enlightenment has no effect on male pattern baldness, does not guarantee instant weightloss, nor will it make you a millionaire while working part-time from home.


Enlightenment allows you to laugh when you're happy and to cry when you're sad.


with love,




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