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Nondual Highlights Issue #2144 Sunday, May 15, 2005

December 25, 1935

Talk between the Master and two Moslems:

D. Has God a form ?

Maharshi: Who says so ?

D. Well , if God has no form , is it proper to worship idols ?

M. Leave God alone because He is unknown . What about you ? Have you a form ?

D. I am this and so and so.

M. So then , you are a man with limbs, about three and a half cubits high, with beard, etc. Is that so ?

D. Certainly .

M. Then do you find yourself so in deep sleep ?

D. After waking , I perceive that I was asleep. Therefore , by inference I remained thus in deep sleep, also.

M. If you are the body , why do they bury the corpse after death ? The body must refuse to be buried.

D. No, I am the subtle jiva within the gross body .

M. So you see you are really formless; but you are at present identifying yourself with the body . So long as you are formful , why should you not worship the formless God as being formful ?

(The questioner was perplexed.)

- from
Talks With Ramana Maharshi: On Realizing Abiding Peace and Happiness, edited by Robert Powell

Q. If someone understands the truth, does this have any effect on the world at large?

The first thing that happens is that the individuality is lost, and whatever happens then is seen as total functioning; the understanding of the total functioning cannot be divided. There is no question of "I" or "YOU" understanding something. It IS understanding. This knowledge is not found in books. It is not intellectual knowledge. Although this consciousness functions through millions of forms, it is one and the same consciousness. We have this conviction that I am, I exist, I'm alive. That conviction is because of the consciousness, and consciousness is not aware of itself unless the body is there, so what is the relationship? Consciousness is the taste of this physical form. If the form is not there, the taste is not there. The body is the essence of food and the consciousness is the essence of the physical form. If this is properly understood, is there any individuality? This individuality is a process of manifestation.

Q. Why does the consciousness want to preserve itself in a particular form?

When the consciousness identifies itself with a form, it is the nature of this identity to want to continue as long as possible. Consciousness loves that identification so much that it wants to continue.

Q. If this individuality is lost, will consciousness still want to continue?

Once consciousness has lost its individuality and has become one with the universe, it will have no need to continue.

- Nisargadatta from
Consciousness and the Absolute, posted to JustThis

Consciousness can handle your life without you and your controlling ego ever being involved.

The movie screen has no need to control the characters that are appearing in the movie.

The screen of Consciousness equally accepts every comedy, melodrama, farce and tragedy - without any discrimination whatsoever.

Consciousness is even big enough to welcome your perversions and to tolerate your holiness.

It's only "you" who seem to have a problem in equally embracing all of these passing phenomena.

- Chuck Hillig, from
Seeds for the Soul, Black Dot Publications, 2003, posted to AlongTheWay

Nisargadatta Maharaj: "The ever-awaited first moment was the moment when I was convinced that I was not an individual at all. The idea of my individuality and welfare had set me burning up to then. The scalding pain was beyond my capacity to endure. But there is not even a trace of it now. I am no more an individual. There is nothing to limit my being now. With the disappearance of the evil signs of individuality, and the accompanying defects, the ideas of acquisition and renunciation have automatically dropped away. The ever-present anxiety and the gloom of the smoldering heart have vanished, and I am all beatitude, pure knowledge, pure consciousness."

- from John Wheeler's book, The Natural State, quoting from another book by Peter Brent, entitled
Godmen of India, posted to MillionPaths

The egoless persons having no feeling of a separate individuality just float in the divine current for fulfilling its purposes. What marks them out is their total faith in the cosmic order. Ramana's remarks to Paul Brunton that "he who has given life to the world knows how to look after it" typifies this attitude. A prayer of Ramana to Arunachala is also worth recalling for it reflects their unfailing remembrance of the fact that it is the Creator's Law and His Grace which shape everything- "Ordain that my burden should no more be mine but yours, for what can be a burden for you, the all sustainer". (Arunachala Padigam-verse 9).

For those whose mind has ceased further search, having reached the heart of bliss, "life is a copious spring of ever fresh experience"! Since there are no "others" for them they are the "humbler than the humblest" and are overflowing with love. Enveloped as they are in the infinite, in them one finds the confluence of peace and power. Their very presence is a benediction to humanity. (Garland of Guru's Sayings-verse 202).

- from
Divinity Here and Now by A.R. Natarajan, posted to RamanaMaharshi


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