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#2149 - Friday, May 20, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz



This issue features a few excerpts from a very good book called Dancing with the Void, by Sunyata. Edited by Betty Camhi and Gurubaksh Rai.



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Chapter 3. Pilgrimage to India




The whole of my day can be lived in the noisy myriad life. I may move among degrading poverty and disease. I may work among the prostitution of bodies, of emotions and of minds. I may see the pathetic strutting and assertive egos, the physical, emotional, psychic and mental bullying. I may see death and suffering in the streets and in the hospitals with all their pangs and pities. Yet there is a ray of light, a flash of rightness, a meaningful rhythm in all these movements and noises in the cities. It is like the surging silence of nature in the sea. All is forgiven and it seems strange not to forgive. In that awareness I have known my truest reality. In it I have found my richest freedom in life. How lovely it is to wander quietly and freely in new places and among strange faces until they are no longer strange and new, until Life is recognized and the smile of Life exchanged.


So a simple Viking pilgrim may be greeted and accepted by royalty or poets, by scholars or artists and he may find them interesting. There is much royalty even in slums and wondrous beauty in simple ignorant fellow-beings.


What a direct recognition I had from lovable common folks and fellow workers in Greece, Arabia, Ceylon and our India! They seem to come out, shining through their forms. There was sometimes a thin crust of civilization, of possession and of specialized blinkered mentality. There was also often an expression of an inner dignity and joy -- a natural, spontaneous recognition and free acceptance of my love. Words or lack of words did not matter.


In truth, nothing is ugly or dull if we can open our eyes and see. Things open out and nothing is inarticulate to us if we can be still, open and free (from ego-consciousness), if we can live with Life and listen.



Chapter 36. The Wisdom of Sunyata




It is the immature who shout, assert or even try to awaken other fellow pilgrims in consciousness. It is all Bhagwan's business. As Ramana Maharshi states, "There are not others." It is necessary to drop the conceit of agency or ego. Place trust in your destiny. Guidance will come in self-controlled spontaneity.



~ ~ ~



If anyone says, "I have realized! I am a Mahatmaji," do not trust him. It cannot be truly said in ego terms. We are all Mahatmajis when "we" are not; but only a few are aware of this death and live it. "We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our brief life is rounded by a sleep." (Shakespeare)



~ ~ ~



At one level of consciousness, the ego mind, sex and duality -- with their desires, lusts and fears -- reign supreme. At another level of awareness, they appear unimportant and cease to matter. In a third mode of "Being awareness," they cease to exist.



~ ~ ~



Although a Guru is perhaps more enlightened and more mature, he or she is, nevertheless, a personality as you and I. When we aware the infinite wisdom, then we no longer need a mediator. The Real Guru is ever within ouselves. It is our Self.



Chapter 31. There is Only the One


A Christian missionary asked a Zen Master, "Is not the end point of man's journey the union with God?" The Master replied, "No, the end point of a man's journey is not union, because there was never any separation." The Source and I are a non-dual One. Awakening into Christ- consciousness, we aware the oceanic existence and, awarely be the non-dual experiencing in Grace. It is "Self-experiencing," dear egoji. Thou art thy Self, the object of thy search, says Wuji. Wu!


All that is needed is an intuitive flash within you, which reveals Reality -- Grace Awareness, the Vastness, the Wholeness and the All Rightness. Wake up from your duality dream and aware that All is one, a non-dual One. The Source and I are One. "We are always aware, Sunyata." We have always been one with Existence, Love, Light, God, Self, Truth and Reality.


Synchronicity happens. All happens by itself, spontaneously and providentially. The ultimate prayer is a monologue, not a dialogue between Thou and I. ... The Source and I are a non-dual One. In the intuitive Light, all your distinctions, fragmentations and divisions disappear. The "thou" and the "me" also vanish. The enlightened person is no longer there. Egoji has vanished like a shadow in the Self Sun; Samsara is Nirvana. You cannot know your Self, God, Reality. You can only be. Beauty is always of the beyond. It is in the eye and the consciousness of the beholder, who is open and clear to aware and to reflect it purely. Wu!


To know God is to be God. To aware a Buddha, a Christ or a Christ conscious Being, there is That within you which reflects purely, which re-cognizes its Self. There is Self radiance in the oceanic Existence. Distinctions of Time and Death disappear in the intuitive light of wholeness and Grace awareness.


God is happening all the eternal while yet no-thing is happening. God is not a thing and not even a sexy She or Ma. It is divine no-thing-ness, no ego, no mind -- "anatta [non-self]." God happens ego-freely, cause-freely, providentially and Self radiantly. Wu! Dear egoji, let God happen and be at joyous, graceful and grateful ease. That is my advice in the invisible Real, in plenum void, in sunyata, in wu-ness.


Desiring a state of freedom from desire will not set you free. Nothing can set you free, because you are not free. Aware your Self with desire-free clarity -- that's all. Delve within and aware what is Real in you. Even if I tell you that you are the witness, the silent watcher, it will mean nothing to you unless you aware the way to your true being. Give up all questions except one, "What or who am I?" After all, the only fact you are sure of is, that you Are. The "I am" is certain; the "I am this" is not. Seek find, aware and experience what you are in Reality. The "I am" itself is God. Seeking Self is to seek God.


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