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#2170 - Saturday, June 11, 2005 - Editor: Gloria Lee  


The wisest men
follow their own direction.

     - Euripides


"Forget the known, but remember that you are the knower. Don't be all
the time immersed in your experiences. Remember that you are beyond
the experiencer, ever unborn and deathless."

 ~ Sri Nisargadatta  

 posted to A Net of Jewels

  "All you need is already within you, only you must approach yourself
with reverence and love.

Self-condemnation and self-distrust are grievous errors...all I plead
with you is this: make love of yourself perfect."   

             ~ Sri Nisargadatta  

From the book, "Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart
of a Buddha," published by Bantam.    

posted by Anipanchen to Daily Dharma


A man with fishing rod

Smiling from calm blue
across deep green

I pass and ask if trees
 always were so tall
Was every plant a universe
a star, a home?

Or simply reappearing
at this hour
in the proper size

poem and more photos by Alan Larus from:  

  Introducing a fairly new email list, ConsciousOnesness. While old messages are not archived, the text is available in files. To see the images, you need to subscribe.  

Om purnamadah, purnamidam purnat purnamudacyate

Punasya purnamadaya purnamevavasisyate

This is complete, that is complete;

From completeness completeness came forth;

Taking completeness from completeness;

Adding completeness to completeness,

Completeness alone remains.




Beloved friends,

Here are a few words that came through!

There is nothing expected from you.

I am simply grateful if you're willing to receive this.

You are all in me in Love.




“Transformation is far more arduous than changing beliefs, but nothing less than that will bring genuine awakening and liberation. There is no other doer than the indivisible power of the One, but your individual energy is also required to reach its full positive potential before the natural flowering of surrender has real meaning and depth.” ~M.I






early afternoon---

coconut trees

sweep the sky



in your veins,

a dark river

without the moon



a patient river

sculpting canyons

with time



on the lake bottom,

a pale moon

staring at the stars



in my tea cup,

a star struck moon waiting

for the other half



kiss me moon

with your whisper

and pass me by



come back, moon...

what will i write about




later, the moon

will sink into darkness

...and smile









The equation for unconditional happiness,

limitless peace and love

is this.


You are consciousness itself.

your very nature is limitless

love, peace and bliss.


You do not experience this

because you are identified with your mind.

Which is to say, you believe

you are your thoughts and emotions.


So when you think happy thoughts

you seem happy

when you think unhappy thoughts

you seem unhappy.


Your very experience is controlled by your thoughts.


In order to tap into your true nature

which is an overflowing,

unconditional happiness

far more blissful and truthful

than what positive thinking

could ever create for you,


you need to develop the ability

to witness your thoughts.


In this way, you can disidentify

with your thinking

and thus discover who you are behind this.


You strip off your costume

and you see your

beautiful, naked,

pure, self.



spend time every day

doing nothing

but sitting,

simply breathing

and witnessing your thoughts.


You are present,

watching your breath.

Thoughts come

you see them come

you see them go.

You do not make them you.



The thought comes

"Do I have enough rice for tonight?"

And you see this thought as a sound

having nothing to do with

you being present in the moment



The tendency is to be pulled by the thought.


One moment you are sitting, breathing

watching thoughts,

the next you are eating rice for dinner

then buying rice in the store

and seeing the chocolate on the shelf

that you ate when you were ten

when you were at the fair with your mom

and she is now in Spain and

then you are visiting her in Spain,

but you do not have time

because now you are trying to get that report

done before your boss yells at you

now your boss is yelling at you and

you sure is hell won't put up with his

rudeness and suddenly you are jumping

up and down on his desk

calling him names

like goofball, nitwit,



Yet, you are still sitting there, breathing

but you were not aware of it.

You were living in your thoughts.


You will get caught up

in your thoughts like this

a million times,

but every time you

catch yourself lost in your thoughts,

come back to now.

Come back to

sitting and breathing

watching the thoughts

come and go.


In this way

you will be able to spend

longer periods of time

as the witness of thoughts

instead of the thinker.


The thoughts will become

less personal,

more subtle,

dreams and visions.


Then eventually

no thoughts,

long gaps of silence

and the nurturing peace

that goes with it.



you cross the line

where you no longer

identify with thoughts and emotions

but with consciousness itself.


And your radiance

will grow

like a beanstalk.







Learning how to let go of thoughts from moment to moment, and the continuous

re-awakening of the presence here and now, is basically all we do.




May you have the courage to cut through your own past and to evolve into the Now.



The Eternal


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