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Nondual Highlights Issue #2184 Sunday, June 26, 2005

What will happen in your life if you accept the invitation to
stillness cannot be known.
What can be known is that you will have a
larger capacity to truly meet whatever appears.

- Gangaji, posted to The_Now2

"As you know," he said, "the crux of sorcery is the internal dialogue; that is the key to everything. When a warrior learns to stop it, everything becomes possible; the most farfetched schemes become attainable. The passageway to all the weird and eerie experiences that you have had recently was the fact that you could stop talking to yourself.

Carlos Castaneda, quoting Don Juan, from
Tales of Power, posted to The_Other_Syntax

Q.: From the teaching today I understand that there cannot be any relation of the Real with the unreal except in imagination, and the imagination is just not necessary.

N.: If imagination is not necessary, no kind of ignorance is called for, no kind of suffering is necessary, and no kind of bondage is needful.


Q.: No separation is there?

N.: Separation is only according to the nature of the one who perceives it.

- excerpt from a Satsang with Nome, posted to RamanaMaharshi

Great Spirit, grant that I may not criticize my brother until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.

- Iroquois American Indians, posted to MillionPaths

And it is impossible to treat human beings as human beings if you label them, if you term them, if you give them a name as Hindus, Russians, or what you will. It is so much easier to label people, for then you can pass by and kick them, drop a bomb on India or Japan.

- J. Krishnamurti,
The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti, Volume V, posted to MillionPaths

Concepts can at best only serve to negate one another, as one thorn is used to remove another, and then be thrown away. Only in deep silence do we leave concepts behind. Words and language deal only with concepts, and cannot approach Reality.

- Ramesh Balsekar

D. What is dhyana (meditation)?

M. It is abiding as one's Self without swerving in any way from one's real nature and without feeling that one is meditating. As one is not in the least conscious of the different states (waking, dreaming etc.) in this condition, the sleep here is also regarded as dhyana.

The excellence of the practice (sadhana) lies in not giving room for even a single mental concept (vritti).

Ramana Maharshi, posted to MillionPaths

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