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#2192 - Monday, July 4, 2005 - Editor: Gloria Lee  


The ultimate state is ever present and always now. The only thing that makes it difficult to find that state and remain in that state is people wanting to retain their position in space and time.

"I want to know where I am going.
I want to know if I have arrived.
I want to know who to love and hate.
I want to know.
I don’t really want to be; I want to know.
Isn’t enlightenment the ultimate state of knowing?"

No. It’s the ultimate state of being.
The price is knowing.

~ Adyashanti


    From Consciousness -- There Are No Mistakes

No matter how much you have achieved here, unless you know the
living truth you are like a seed that has not sprouted and you have
missed the true purpose of human existence.

And even if your life has been full of suffering and mistakes, it takes only this knowing to redeem it and retrospectively endow the seemingly meaningless with profound meaning.

If all your mistakes have taken you to this point, this realization,
how could they have been mistakes?

"I am not what happens, but the space in which it happens." This knowing, this living truth, frees you from identification with form,
from time as well as from a false, mind-made sense of self.

What is that space in which everything happens? Consciousness prior to form.

~ Eckhart Tolle     The Diamond in Your Pocket (Foreword)

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photo by Alan Larus (and 2 more at link)  

"The mere sight of any living being--whether tiny or huge, whether our
own kind or a different species --will arouse the feeling of
gentleness and kindness. This is a very powerful feeling; in fact, it
is the gateway to the experience of the perfect state of

Having developed such kindness, gentleness, and openness of mind
toward all beings, it is possible to genuinely feel the needs of
others. A very true and honest concern for beings develops. Then, if
at times a certain being projects aggression or hatred, the gentleness
and kindness we have developed will help us feel and express an even
stronger sense of compassion and gentleness."

                ~Ven. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

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The Master kept constantly reminding people
of their robot-like existence: "How can you call
yourself human if every one of your thoughts,
feelings, and actions are mechanical, arising,
not from yourself but your conditioning?"

"Can anything break the conditioning and set us
free?" the disciples asked.

"Yes, awareness."

The after a moment's thought he added, "And


"Yes. A very English Englishman once told me
that after being shipwrecked in midocean and
swimming with another Englishman for a whole
hour, he finally succeeded in breaking loose
from his conditioning and spoke without being

"What did he say?"

"He said: 'Pardon me for speaking to you like
this without being introduced, but is this the
way to Southampton?'"

~ Anthony de Mello, S.J.

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Dear Harsha,
Thank you so much for sharing this story about Anamalai Swami....
[story: ]

I went to visit him while at Ramana Ashram about 1990...urged on by
a friend. I was in dire straits...suffering immensely about a
personal dilemma. We were packed like sardines in this little room
and he walked in followed by an interpreter..
People were asking him all sorts of questions and the urge for me to
speak to him (despite my shyness) was getting stronger and stronger
and stronger. Suddenly I blurted out to him...."I am feeling a deep
piercing in my heart"....I was in tears by now and in the room you
could hear a pin drop...Suddenly he turned his gaze toward
me....looking me straight in the eyes. (It felt like an eternity
passed) Then he said to me "To whom does this appear" I responded
quickly--- "to me". A long silence. Then he said, "And, who are
You"? The words went in and in and in....then everything changed.
The pain was gone and in its place an incredible joy. The tears in
my eyes flowed even more and I fell on my knees and bowed to him. I
was totally out of wasn't even me was just
happening and I could not take my eyes off of him nor stop bowing
down to him. He smiled at me, stood up and at that point left the
room. I could not move for a long time....waves of bliss swept over
me. I finally left with my friends that had invited me and we
danced our way down the street toward Ramana Ashram.

That was my rather incredible only meeting with Anamalai Swami. I
suppose I shall never forget it.

So it was great to hear your story Harsha of that dear, dear
Sage....Anamalai Swami


posted by Jim Rasa to HarshaSatsangh

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