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Nondual Highlights Issue #2198 Sunday, July 10, 2005

If there were no suffering how could the desire to be happy arrise?

If that desire did not arise how would the quest of the Self be successful?

Why and to whom did this suffering come? If you question thus you will find that the "I" is separate from the mind and body, that the Self is the only eternal being, and that It is eternal bliss.

excerpt from
Heart is Thy Name, Oh Lord: Moments of Silence with Ramana Maharshi, posted to MillionPaths

When those who are in dread of death seek refuge
at the feet of the deathless, birthless Lord Supreme,
their Ego and Attachments die; and they, now deathless,
think no more on death.

Verse 2 from Invocation to the 40 Verses by Sri Bhagavan, posted to RamanaMaharshi

Do not simply seek to transcend life, but realize that you are all of Life. You are Life itself.

- Adyashanti, from
The Impact of Awakening

A Shift of Consciousness

In this realization (of What I really am), there occurred a remarkable shift of attention from my story of being to the endless depth of being that had always existed underneath the story.

The simplicity of what I realized in that moment was difficult to believe. I had thought that it couldn't be so simple.

I had always been taught that unless you are free of sin, greed, aggression, hate, and karma, you can't reach this place, and I had believed what I had been taught.

What Peace! What rest! I had previously experienced moments of cosmic unity or sublime bliss, but this was of a different order. It was a sober ecstasy, a moment of recognizing, I am not bound by the story of "me".

- Gangaji, from
The Diamond in Your Pocket, posted to The_Now2

It was all, quite literally, breathtaking. I seemed to stop breathing altogether, absorbed in the Given. Here it was, this superb scene, brightly shining in the clear air, alone and unsurpassed, mysteriously suspended in the void, and this was the real miracle, the wonder and delight utterly free of " me," unstained by any observer. Its total presence was my total absence, body and soul.

- Douglas Harding, posted to AdvaitaToZen

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