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Three distinct voices in this issues. First a translation of a Celtic poem by Gabriel Rosenstock.


Next a translation from Tamil of verses composed by Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ra Kumar Sankar's translation requires the reader to look at Ramana's words with different eyes because the sentence structure is unfamiliar. If you read from the beginning, you'll experience this unique sentence structure. At some point you'll encounter a familiar sentence structure. In that moment of encountering the familiar you might recognize how you are conditioned to respond to even the most profound teachings. Witnessing that conditioned response you may see that what you think is some spiritual insight-ing is really nothing more than having been re-plugged into the Matrix, into the mind. Hence the potential genius of Sankar's translations.


The third article is a folksy, powerful nondual take on Bible verse, by Eric Chaffee.


--Jerry Katz





                          The  Mystery  




I am the wind that breathes upon the sea


    I am the wave of the ocean


I am the murmur of the billows


     I am the ox of the seven combats




I am the vulture upon the rocks


     I am a beam of the sun




I am the fairest of plants


     I am a wild boar in valour




I am a salmon in the water


     I am a lake in the plain




I am a word of knowledge


     I am the point of the lance of battle




I am the 'god' who created the fire


      within the brain ..








Who is it  who throws light ..


     into the meeting on the mountain?




Who announces the ages of the Moon?




Who teaches the place wherein lies the Sun?  


   ..     If not  I     .. 






              ~  Amergin White Knee - Druid-Bard of the Celts -1,600 BC. ~


                          ~  Dedicated To Eire - Mother Goddess of the Celts ~


Contributed by Gabriel Rosenstock





Ekanma Vivekam


Ra Kumar Sankar, translator




Dear Jerry

I have completed translating Ekanma Vivekam.
I am attaching the MS Word file containing
only the English translations of the verses.

Thanks for all the support through the years

Kind regards
Ra Kumar Sankar



Once Suri Naagamma, a devotee of Sri Bhagawan requested Him to compose some verses in Telugu, her mother-tongue. 


Next day, upon request by Sri Muruganaar to the same effect, Sri Bhagawan composed 3 Telugu verses and then rendered them in Tamil.


With the same set of events repeating themselves, Sri Bhagawan composed 2 more Telugu verses and then rendered these also into Tamil.


These 5 Tamil verses were named ‘One-Self 5 Verses’, meaning 5 verses on the One Self. 


Sri Muruganaar then composed one verse as the final consummating verse. 


Thereupon, Sri Bhagawan rendered all the 5 verses in veNpA metre into one kali veNpA.  And, this text was then renamed as ‘One-Self Discrimination’ or ‘One-Self Truth’.


One-Self Truth/Discrimination

Introductory verse by Muruganaar



Now, by Grace, (the-)earlier-granted 'Ekaanma Panchakam'

[One-Self 5-Verse-(song-on)]

(Me)-Possessed-RamaNa- Spiritual-Preceptor-Himself composed -                          

Devotees for-chanting-help -as                                                                                          

good-kali-veNpaa- as(in-the-form-of)- (having-)kindly-consented.





... He, the one --- first

Self  (having-)forgotten(,) body-alone self-as-(having)-thought(,)

countless birth(/s) (having)taken(,)-(at-the-)end -- Self

(having)perceived(,) becoming-the-Self(,) (is)'universe-roaming

-dream'-from waking-up-alone(,) perceive...


... --- At all times,                              
with-oneself-abiding as-the-Self, himself, the-self-he,-the-one

'I-abiding place which?', thus asking -- for-he,-the-one,

'I am who, (and) which place am I (in)?', thus asked,-liquor

-drinking-he,-the-one, equal (as), utter.


At all times, with oneself abiding the Self,

for the-self,-he,-the-one, thus asking himself,

'Which is the I-abiding place?',

utter (as) equal, (a) liquor-drinking-he,-the-one,

(who) thus asked, 'I am who, (and) which place am I (in)?',


...Satchit --- aanandha-                    
Self-within (with the) body-abiding(,) Self-that insentient-body-

self-within abiding-as self-thinking - he, of that type(,)

(The) drawing within-abides-that drawing's substratum-

(of-)canvas(,) thus-thinking he, the one(,) like will be he.


With the body abiding within the Existence-Awareness-Bliis-Self,

He, with the (contrary) type of thinking,

'Self is abiding within that insentient body',

will be like he who is thinking,

'That drawing's-substratum-(of-)canvas abides within the drawing'.


... --- (the) constituent -                     
gold- apart (from,) (the) ornament (does) exist (?)

Self leaving (aside,) (the) body (where else is?)  -- 'Self

(is the) body', thus will say, he, the (one) ignorant (of the Self).

(and) 'As the Self' will behold,

(the) Self-Known Wise-One, (thus you will) hold (your perception).


Apart from the constituent gold, does the ornament exist ?

Leaving aside the Self, where else is the body ?

'Self is the body', thus will say the one ignorant of the Self, and

'As the Self' will behold the Self-Knower, thus you know.


... --- By-Self-Light -                          
always existing-(is-)that One-Self- thing-alone.

That-Conscious(,)-that- thing(,) (the-)Primal-Preceptor

(DhakshiNAmUrthi, Lord Siva)  -- without-having-uttered            
uttering(,) made-as-known did- if(,)-who

uttering(,) will-make-(the-Self-)known(to you?) (You)-utter.


Concluding verse by Sri Muruganar


... Thus(,) --- now(,)-'That-

One-Self- Truth (is)-of-this-Kind'(,)-thus consoling(,)*-devotees'

'body-(is the)-self' identification destroying -- One-Self

Gnosis- Form-as approaching(,) Preceptor-Ramanan

Himself-uttered this-verse-in (it)self.


* gently persuading one to release oneself from the sorrow

rooted in the false identification of oneself being the body alone





Eric Chaffee


Greetings!  ("Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with
thee" -Luke 1:28)


      It's been a busy week in Lake Onlibegotten, my hometown,
although I was out of town for much of it. (This town is many, many
miles from that other famous town on a lake, Lake Woebegone, which is
home to many who are confused, quirky,  and include more than a few 
mere positive thinkers. Our town's name reminds the citizenry of our 
entitlement, and of our duty  -- that of being and seeing Christ 
(Messiah, the Anointed One, as promised in Isaiah). It reminds me 
that I may be the only glimpse
of Christ anyone else might encounter today, so I need to be Christ 

      Last Sunday, before I left for a sales conference in Vermont, my
brother fell off a ladder and was thought, perhaps,  to have broken 
his neck.
Not!  He's recovering nicely, although he was out-cold for four
days.  His doctors are expecting a full recovery.  My mom and I (and
many others, including Bible students I visit in prison) are
praying steadfastly to claim and behold God's everpresence, knowing 
that Scott has never been outside of His care.  Progress is very 
evident now that he is conscious again. (They had doped him.)  
Neeedless to say I got to my meeting late -- 2am -- missing the 
opening party.

      And I had to leave the meeting early to race home for
preparations for a major roofing project.  An Amish crew of two dozen 
was coming to tear off five layers of old shakes and asphalt, put
down new substrate over the shake rack, and apply beautiful new 
shingles which look like slate.  The new roof is expected to last 50 

     Since it's been so dry I had to build an outhouse; so many guys 
flushing would surely have depleted our well.  Yes, that timeless 
technology still works quite well when you are short on water.  And 
toilets don't know how to function without water!  But privies don't 
mind.  Just sprinkle some limestone and some peatmoss or sawdust down 
the hole when you're done, thankyou.
(Don't forget to put a dime in the iron pig.)

      This mornning, while reading the story of Jacob wrestling with 
God's messenger, I came across a tidbit worthy of sharing. It's in the
Companion Bible, a heavily footnoted KJV Bible published in London
by Samuel Bagster & Sons:

24  And Jacob was left alone; and
there wrestled a Man with him until
the breaking of day.  [. . .]
27  And He said unto him, "What is
thy name?" And he said, "Jacob."
28  And He said, "Thy name shall be
called no more Jacob, but Israel: for
as a prince hast thou power with God
and with men, and hast prevailed."

The Companion Bible offers these footnotes:

Jacob=contender... Israel=God commands, orders, rules. Man attempts
it but always, in the end, fails. Out of some forty Hebrew names
compounded with 'El' or 'Jah' God is always the doer of what the verb
means. (cp. Dani-el, God judges). Prince=commander, orderer. Here not
used to dignify but to reproach. Prevailed (28)=succeeded. He had
contended for the birthright and succeeded. He had contended for the
blessing and succeeded. He had contended with Laban and
succeed; he had contended with "men" and succeeded. Now he contends 
with God--and fails. Hence his name was changed to Isra-el, God 
commands, to teach him the greatly needed lesson of dependence upon God.

[Me, again]:  "God is always the doer."[?] So, that's my problem! 
I've been meddling and tinkering, whenever I haven't cared for God's 
management of my life. A backseat driver, am I.  Perhaps I need to 
ride in the trunk so I can't reach over seat for the wheel, or 
attempt to influence the Driver by whispering prayers in Her ear.  
Enjoying the ride is divinely stoic, if by that I am able to convey 
something vastly more than 'grin and bear it.' I guess I mean I trust 
the Driver. Trust makes the ride sublime.



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