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#2219 - Tuesday, August 2, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz



I received three books from Fons Vitae publishers -- -- and they're quite new and interesting. Nothing like them has ever appeared in The Highlights.


One title is "Alone With the Alone In the Name." What a cool title.


Another is "The Sacred Origin of Sports and Culture." I haven't read the whole thing, but there are some good portions.


The third one is "Me & Rumi: The Autobiography of Sham-i Tabrizi." I mentioned this book in an earlier Highlights. Shams was Rumi's raucous sidekick. This is a 400 page book I really haven't even started reading. If I had a sidekick I'd have him read it. And he would ride in the sidecar of my motorcycle. And he'd ask girls out for me.


So, enjoy. And visit Fons Vitae if you want to find out more or order their books. I ordered my books right off their website and the service was excellent.







Excerpt from "Alone With the Alone In the Name," by Jean-Marie Tresflin


"Just as the eagle has only

the very pure space

in which to spread its wings;


thy spirit has only

the very pure Name

in which to spread its Self."


~ ~ ~


"Faith is difficult?


Nothing however

is more simple.


Thou believest

only in that

which God believes;


thy faith,

it is the Name,

it is God Himself."


~ ~ ~


"Thy salvation is entirely

in My Name;


on no account

allow it go out from It

into the mind and imagination,


so handing it over

to a thousand and one traps

of the devouring incertitude.


Thy salvation depends only

on the Name,

on Me;



anything else!"





Excerpt from The Sacred Origin of Sports and Culture, by Ghazi bin Muhammed


One must also mention -- for its sheer inanity -- the industry of "sports statistics," whereby people ceaselessly calculate and computerize all manner of trivial and almost bizarre information comparing the performances of various athletes in various sports, and feed it to the public via newspapers, television, books, computers, radio, news programs, and magazines, encouraging the public to think about them, memorize them, and talk about them. Aside from the fact that one wonders how an adult human being could be truly interested in such desparately meaningless statistics, it has to be said that a frame of mind that can so thoroughly and almost obliviously reduce activities which are by nature so unequivocally qualitative to endless quantifications, is clearly deficient in its scope and its imagination. Indeed, this phenomenon has gone beyond merely being the symptom of a greater moral decay in sports, to the point of being an autonomous affliction in its own right. For there are people in the modern world whose passion and hobby it is to memorize sports and statistics and whose pride and joy it is to engage in mental tussles surrounding such trivia, to the point where some of the most successful television programs in the world are quiz shows where the knowledge of such information is tested! Such people regard it as a positive virtue to know who hit the most "home runs" in 1987 or who "rushed the most yards" in 1978 and even regard those unconcerned with this kind of information as ignorant or conceited, as if this attitude were itself not the clearest possible proof of true ignorance and conceit as regards the real meaning of sports!





Excerpt from Me & Rumi: The Autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi, Translated, Introduced and Annotated by William C. Chittick


Now there's no doubt that in the world there's an intended one, a sought one. There is someone for the sake of whom this tent has been raised up. The rest are his subordinates and servants. The building is for him -- he's not for the building.


For example, someone has a dear guest. for his sake he builds a lodging. He's in one residence, and he sets up this building for him.


There are those who are intent on reaching the intended one. Not every one of those intent on him are given the way to him, only the one whom he wants. The one who has the intention will never reach him on his own -- only if the intended one shows himself to him. The one who has the intention has trampled the world underfoot and tossed it behind his back. He has tossed knowledge behind and thrown away worlds subtler than that, because he is prepared, he is thirsty for him. When he starts presenting himself to him, he will not be let go.


This knowledge cannot be gained by struggle. Were someone to exert the struggle of heaven and earth for this knowledge, he would become more abandoned and disgraced. Unless it happens that he undertakes servanthood and struggle in the world of God -- but, his intention will not be gained by this purpose.


Now, what if I were to say I'm the sought one and Mawlana has remained far from me? What marvelous felicity he has now that he has found and reached me! And the contrary would be the contrary.


~ ~ ~


Let's go for a time to the tavern and see those poor wretches. It's God who has created those women, whether they're good or bad. Let's look in upon them. Let's go to the church too, and look in upon them.


No one has the capacity for my work. It would not be fitting for anyone to imitate me in what I do. They're right when they say that people like these should not be followed.


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