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#2221 - Thursday, August 4, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz


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New spiritual teacher Stephen Wingate is introduced.


ts provides a very interesting follow-up to a news story recently posted, telling us about a couple of valuable and beautifully written books on wilderness life.


Ramon Sender describes a method for achieving bliss that anyone could try. (Now if I had one for money, girls, and a raucous sidekick, I'd be all set.)


Wayne Wirs introduces a new movement he has started called Peace Cause.


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Stephen Wingate

Bottom line: How does this work?

There really is nothing mystical or magical about this. It is very simple, logical and applicable to everyone.  This is not just for special beings who were able to transcend their earthly fetters and rise above the lowly egoic peasantry through years of self-sacrifice and meditation. That's all bullshit.  This is true for anyone and everyone.

These words apply to you and to me:

"We are free here and now, it is only the mind that imagines bondage. Seeing that there is no such thing as a permanent, separate person, all becomes clear. You are the immensity and infinity of consciousness. It is lucid, silent, peaceful, alert, and unafraid - without desire and fear. To realize this is the end of all seeking."
     Nisargadatta Maharaj

These few words say it all.  Let's break them down.

1) "We are free here and now, it is only the mind that imagines bondage."

Is this true?  Consider your own experience.  When you are sitting quietly, not thinking about yourself and your problems, can anything trouble you?  Can there be any bondage if you are not imagining yourself to be bound?  Of course you are free here and now!!  Nisargadatta puts it another way, too: "Nothing can trouble you but your own imagination."   There is no such thing as bondage. It is merely a concept!

2) "Seeing that there is no such thing as a permanent, separate person, all becomes clear."

Is this true?  Look for yourself.  What is the common denominator in all of your suffering, all of your problems? What is at the center of your life situation?  What is this "me" that says, "my" life, "my" problems?  If it is seen that there is no separate me, no separate person here at all, can there be any suffering?  The me who was bound and suffering is just imagination.  Reading the words and agreeing or disagreeing is not enough.  Seeing this for yourself is the key.

3) "You are the immensity and infinity of consciousness. It is lucid, silent, peaceful, alert, and unafraid - without desire and fear."

If I am not the separate person I thought I was then what am I?  Isn't consciousness your essential nature?  If you are not conscious can anything else exist?  Can there be a "me" and "my" story if consciousness is not there to witness it?  What is the nature of pure consciousness? Isn't it clear, silent, peaceful, alert, unafraid?  So consciousness is what you are: not a separate person.

4) "To realize this is the end of all seeking."

For what are you seeking?  Aren't you seeking for clarity, peace, freedom from desire and fear?  Aren't these the characteristics of consciousness?  You are what you are seeking! Realizing that you are consciousness, not the separate person you imagined yourself to be, the seeking comes to an end and you are free!

When these words are understood and known as the truth they become your daily living experience.  It's as simple as it looks.  There's nothing magical or mystical about it.  There is no need for any mystical experience of universal love and union.  The understanding brings on a simple experience of Peace and well-being that is felt as the common ground of all your daily experiences.  Happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, anger and joy: all come and go in this awareness of peace and well-being.  Nothing to gain.  Nothing to lose.   Everything is as it is.




 Jerry  ...
 Thank you for these news story links.
 This one esp caught my eye:
Labrador remembers historic 1905 trek by woman adventure.
 At first glance I thought the story of a woman in
Labrador must
 be that of Kate Austen ... as later recalled in "Northern Nurse" ...
 written by her husband Elliot Merrek.
 from the site: [link below]
 "Elliot Merrick is known primarily for his superb book True North,
 which remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 17 weeks
 in 1942.
Merrick met his wife, Kate Austen, in the early 1920s
 after the young Australian had spent two years working as the
 nurse at the famed Labrador Grenfell Mission. Years after he
 wrote True North, he decided the adventures his wife had experienced
Indian Harbour and Battle Harbour should be shared." 
I have read True North many times ...
 and it remains one of my favorite books about the north ...
 however ... the story of Kate Austen's life and adventures there ...
 as told in "Northern Nurse", eclipses those of Merrick himself, imo.
 She spent two years running this remote northern hospital, as the
 doctor had fallen ill and never arrived, and often traveled alone
 via dogsled to administer to women in childbirth, in remote
 trapper's cabins in the canadian bush. 
 An impressive story ... and fact, not fiction.
 in addition to "A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador" and
 "Northern Nurse", this site also reviews the books written by
 Dillon Wallace, mentioned in the article on "A Woman's Way Through
 Unknown Labrador", along with many more about some other very
 remarkable people.
 I don't believe these folks spent a lot of time speculating and
 theorizing, but rather ... were very practical and pragmatic ...
 and paid a great deal of attention to *what is* ...
 else they would not have survived to tell the tales.
 may all give and receive peace

note from jerry: Thanks for bringing these books and your insights to our attention.



Ramon Sender

 Always a pleasure to read  Ndhighlights. Thank yoU!
 I just posted the following to my blog, but there are other things
 there that might also be of interest. (see below the personal message)

The theory I'm following goes as follows: every night when we sleep, we
 enter Nirvana - we merge with our higher selves or whatever you wish
 to call it. The only thing is that we are not conscious to appreciate this
 absorption into bliss. As a father and grandfather, I have noted how
 babies 'sleep-nurse' -- make the mouth movements in their sleep, and
 though I would try it out. Over the past few years, I have tried to use
 this nursing on the soft palette exercise the moment I awaken in the
 morning, and have written in up on my website various times. 
Even if you think I'm crazy or strange, please try it out. You won't
 regret it.
 This morning I managed to start my waking-up nursing exercise earlier than
 usual. That is, I began sucking on my soft palette and uvula while still
 half-asleep -- the 'sleep-nursing' that babies do. About twenty of these
 'pulls' and I dissolved into the sleep-bliss state but still remained
 conscious. Oh-my-gosh, what ecstasy! I went on to do about two hundred more,
 ignoring the signals that I had reached my 'bliss tolerance ceiling' (more
 about that another time) and by then my whole body was in an indescribable
 state of flowing energies. I am not kidding you! And I am not exaggerating.
 One definition of stupidity must be to keep searching for something you
 already have in your hand. That is exactly what I've been doing. I've been
 holding onto this priceless gem of an exercise, 'polishing' it a little
 every morning (maybe up to about 100 'pulls' at most), but then dropping it
 when I hit my 'bliss tolerance level' and starting my normal morning
 routine. I must be truly crazy. Here I am, sitting on at least this one
 exercise that easily achieves a bliss state so intense that I have to STOP
 before I melt into a puddle, and do I concentrate on it? No, I start
 wondering what to have for breakfast, where the car is parked, etc. Insanity
 is to keep looking for ways to enlightenment when I already have discovered
 at least two that trigger my definition of Nirvana - that incredible bliss
 we experience every night while asleep but we are not conscious to enjoy.
 Anyway, I'm going to toot my horn again (I already have written about this
 several times on my website). Perhaps I can convince at least a few folks to
 try this and let me know if it works for them too. If not, then I'm just one
 very lucky guy that God has taken under Her soft and downy wing. (By the
 way, if you are suffering from any sort of heart condition, please check
 with your physician before trying this. It really is a very potent
 When your heart chakra beams lusciously in all directions from this
 exercise, whatever the head decides to do is not at all bothersome! My goal
 is to keep the nursing-on-the-palette going all day today and see where I am
 by the end of the day! I need to put some sort of reminder on myself --
 maybe a rubber band around my thumb? I'll report back tomorrow. No more
 dropping back down into everyday humdrum-hood. I'm going for the gold this
 time! And I'm going to start setting my alarm clock so I can repeat this
 morning's better connection from deep sleep to nursing more easily.




Your Effect on World Peace - Where We've Gone Wrong

A message from Wayne Wirs, Founder of PeaceCause

There is a tragic, mistaken assumption in society that the individual has little, if any influence
on global events. This false assumption is the key reason for an overwhelming and far-reaching
sense of resignation, a sense of hopelessness, that world events are out of our individual control.
The assumption that most people have, whether conscious or not, is simply this: "I have very little
influence on the world."

Anyone who has read Fading Toward Enlightenment knows that my nemesis, my bane, is the Assumption.
I have spent my entire life digging up and unearthing deeply embedded assumptions. The problem with
an assumption, is that unless we take it out and examine it, we will unconsciously continue to
believe it.

The statement, "I have very little influence on the world," is false. "I have very little direct
influence on the world," is correct. One word. Big difference. "Direct."

You have a huge, indirect influence on world events. Because your influence is indirect, you may
not see it, but I assure you it’s there. Let me prove it with just two little words: Harry Potter.

The first Harry Potter book did not become famous because of some multi-million dollar advertising
budget. Harry Potter wasn't enacted into law, he wasn't a war hero, he wasn't taught in our
schools, temples, mosques or churches. Harry Potter influenced millions of people, because people,
quite simply, talked about him. Ironically, most of those people were little kids. One little kid,
Tommy, read the book, loved it, and then told all his friends, who read it, and told their friends
and so on. One little kid, Tommy, influenced thousands of other little kids – indirectly.

You have a huge, indirect influence on the world. Your influence spreads simply by sharing your
words and actions with others, sharing what is important to you. Now let me ask you a question. Is
peace in your life important?

PeaceCause was founded on the belief that peace will grow and thrive by strengthening personal
peace, and sharing this peace with others. Simple as that. World peace, one person at a time.

At, we provide the tools, information and inspiration for creating peace in your
personal life. Membership is free, the tools are free, the articles are free. We want to make it as
practical and feasible for you, the individual, to gain peace in your life and to help spread peace
to the lives of others.

When you teach a man to fish, he will teach his village to fish. Teach a man to fish, and you feed
an entire village for generations to come.

PeaceCause : World Peace - one person at a time.

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