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Nondual Highlights Issue #2253 Wednesday, September 7, 2005


Since appearances are the natural display of the mind, it is
unnecessary to abandon them. Tilopa indicated this when he said, 'It
is not by appearances that you are fettered, but by fixation on
them. So abandon that fixation.' It is not what you experience that
causes confusion, it is your fixation on the experience as being
inherently what it appears to be. Therefore only this fixation need
be relinquished, not experience itself.

- Gampopa, from The Instructions of Gampopa, published by Snow Lion,
posted to DailyDharma


You are Emptiness, the Ultimate substance:
remove Emptiness out of Emptiness, it leaves
only Emptiness because there is nothing
beyond It. All rises from, dances about it,
and returns to This. As Ocean rises as a
wave to dance so you are this dancing Emptiness!
Nothing is out of this Emptiness and so it is the
Fullness. Emptiness is between is and is not.
To be Free, you need the firm conviction that you
are this Substratum, this Peace, this Emptiness.

- Papaji, from The Truth Is, posted to AlongTheWay


The Breaking Wave of Love

Ah, once more he put a fire in me,
And once more this crazy heart
is craving the open plains.
This ocean of love breaks into another wave
And blood pours from my heart
in all directions.

Ah, one spark flew
and burned the house of my heart.
Smoke filled the sky.
The flames grew fierce in the wind.

The fire of the heart is not easily lit.
So don't cry out: "O Lord, rescue me
from the burning flames!
Spare me from the army of thoughts
that is marching through my mind!"

O Heart of Pure Consciousness,
You are the ruler of all hearts.
After countless ages
you brought my soul
all it ever wished for.

The eyes of all people happy and sad,
are closed to the truth.
May their eyes be opened!
May they look upon God
and get drunk on His beauty.

May their hands reach toward the Truth.
May their ears hear the voice of the Beloved.
May the shadow of a Master
fall upon everyone who has devotion.

All the world praises you,
But where did this "you" come from?
All the universe is born of Love -
But where did this Love come from?

O Shams,
you are the owner of the land of life -
the light of every heart;
Even the King of Love
knows no love
that is not yours.

- Rumi, from A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi,
translated by Jonathan Star, posted to AlphaWorld


Firm, perfect, flawless, bright
Abidance in the Self alone
Snaps all bondage to the non-self.
Viveka (discrimination), which sorts out the false
From the Truth, which is one's being,
Aids freedom from desire.

- Muruganar, from Garland of Gurus Sayings,posted to MillionPaths


By God, don't linger
in any spiritual benefit you have gained,
but yearn for more - like one suffering from illness
whose thirst for water is never quenched.
This Divine Court is the Plane of the Infinite.
Leave the seat of honor behind;
let the Way be your seat of honor.

- Rumi, Mathnawi II: 1960-1961, from Jewels of Remembrance, version
by Camille and Kabir Helminski, posted to Sunlight

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