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#2266 - Tuesday, September 20, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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    some haiku, some poetry.   the newsletter of Haiku Irland was consulted for this issue:, forwarded here by Gabriel Rosenstock.    


The wild duck slows …

                    to the pace

                               of the river


            an lacha fhiáin …

                       luas na habhann

Gabriel Rosenstock


  • as she walks away
    the snowflakes
    getting bigger and bigger

    agus i ag imeacht uaim
    na caloga
    ag dul i meid

    snow tonight in Derry -
    to every flake
    it's little flake

    sneachta ar Dhoire Cholmcille
    le gach calóg
    a calóigín

    a haiku with an echo from the past: the 5th century judgement, delivered against Colmcille (le gach boin a boinin - to every cow its calf - or to every cow its little cow) in the first copyright case ever recorded in history. The saint who was from Derry had to return the copy he had made without the writer's permission.

  • Sean MacMathuna

    If you can't see the following image/poem, please visit

    On nearing the surf
    every footprint becomes
    that of the sea  

    J. W. Hackett

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