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Nondual Highlights Issue #2285, Wednesday, October 12, 2005, Editor: Mark


Editor's note: Ah how the manifestations of that which is love, love
to argue and outdo... (and is anything one thinks ever
really "right" or "wrong? I wonder...)


The known never ends
It becomes "what is"
A permanent epiphany
The smell of a tulip
A taste of an orange
The turn of a phrase
A permanent new wave
A light way of being
A gift box of grace.


Sorry my friend,

All that is within the dream.
No thing is permanent.
Epiphanies and their memories
are just protein. You are a
dream machine. A protein
projector reflecting a self
knowing film on a temporary screen.
Just chemicals, nothing personal.
Disposable and destined for the
recycling bin.


- posted to NondualitySalon


Bobby: "Dreams arise when the body and mind are asleep.
They are usually experienced as if they were "real",
that is, like the waking state in being ultimately
beyond purely individual conscious control. But
occasionally a dream is experienced wherein the
dreamer realizes that she or he is dreaming; this
breaks the illusion of "objectivity" and whatever
is experienced in the dream is recognized as a part
of the dreamer.

The Absolute is asleep to itself, and thus the world
of phenomena arises as its dream. The body/mind phenomenon
is the Absolute's appearance within this dream. Usually it
takes itself to be "real", but when the Absolute awakes the
body/mind is shown as the illusion which it is. This happens
whenever the body/mind dies. The question is whether or not the
Absolute realizes that it is dreaming while this
dream of life is still going on." -- Sri Vyaktananda

Hi Bobby,

I'm with you, and your former dreamed friend.
The absolute is dreaming, and knows not about
himself. nothing, nada. Furthermore, it can only
know itself within the dream. Without the dream
the Absolute is Absolutely Nothing. Every thing,
every feeling, every knowledge, consciousness,
enlightenment, and even Awareness are within
the dream.

"Outside" the dream there is only the complete
unknowing, the perfection of the Immutable
which knows not change. Think of it! All
knowledge is about change. The immutable
is unknowable. A bitter pill to swallow for the
Durgas of this world.

- posted to AdvaitaToZen


- Thomas Phillips wrote:

Just the day before yesterday, I was with Adya, and the day before
that, at an Intensive called "Readiness: The Key to Freedom". And
before that, a 5 Day silent retreat at Asilomar in September, plus
the two Intensives in May and August.

It's so great when I'm with him. I have little spontaneous
awakenings every time, like on Sunday, when Adya was answering a
question of a woman who'd been struggling with a problem for a long
time, and Adya said that everything she'd been doing (all her
efforting, her trying) had created the problem, instead of solving
it. Immediately I applied it to myself and my quest for
relationship, and felt "yeah, that's what I've been doing!"

What I really want to address, however, is my coming recognition
that awakening is an individual thing. I can go hear Adya, I can
read books, I can look up other teachers, and it's all a big chase
after my own tail. Or perhaps just watching my tail.

> I took notes on Saturday, during Adya's talk, kinda uncomfortable
doing it, as I noticed few other people were, and remembering that
it was forbidden at the 5 Day Retreat. Saturday night I got home &
transposed them into my computer. Can I remember much of it? Very
little. On Sunday I just listened.

What I remember from the Intensive: Adya talking about addictions,
me thinking "OK, it's the 2 glasses of wine I drink most nights,
it's time to give it up." Adya talking about the Silence, Emptiness,
no-thought - you know, that place beyond questions, beyond the mind,
of just being quiet, that that's the place of Awakening. Adya
referencing that One who is looking through our eyes, as the
Presence. Me at some point realizing I need to get out of Real
Estate, cash in the chips, I've got enough, my tenants are driving
me batty. There's more to life: somewhere.

Then coming home, knowing it's time to leave the chase behind, the
chase for women, money, fast cars and wine. The chase for Awakening,
for another great book to read, another retreat to attend, another
nondual teacher. It's somewhere in me. I just need to let go enough
to find it.

Peter's response: We're all one foot in, one foot out. Caught in the
hooks of our cravings and aversions. We swing back and forth. We get
there eventually. How could we not realize that which we've always
been? Yeah, yeah, shut-up and buy something else.

- posted to adyashantigroup


To divide and particularize is in the mind's
very nature. There is no harm in dividing.
But separation goes against fact. Things
and people are different, but they are not
separate. Nature is one, reality is one.
There are opposites, but no opposition.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That - Talks with Sri Nisargadatta
Maharaj, The Acorn Press, 1973, posted to AlongTheWay


The story of your life is the cosmic? song of God?
that's being played out through the instrument
of your body.

The deja vu patterns that you're experiencing in
your life play out like the repeating chorus of the song
of your soul.

Even if you're able to change the words, doesn't it
often seem like just another variation on the same
old theme?

So here's the Big Question:
Is your Song happening to you,
for you,
in you
or as you?

- Chuck Hillig, posted to JustThis

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