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#2297 - Tuesday, October 25, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz

This issue introduces Jean-Pierre Gomez. The selections are taken from his website, It's a well-designed website featuring many of his dialogues and audio links. The audio of one of his dialogues is good. I'm enjoying it. Have a listen:      

Jean-Pierre Gomez's spiritual journey led him to be in contact & meet "Sailor" Bob Adamson a Western student of Nisargadatta Maharaj from 1976. In a short time Bob ended Jean-Pierre's search by very simply & directly pointing out the Reality or Natural State of Presence which is always ever present right here & right now.    

Direct understanding

Q: So Jean-Pierre, are you pointing to people the way home, with understanding through words only?

  Understanding what you are not is the most direct path to self recognition. With the correct pointer, it only takes an effortless instant to recognize your true nature, that is already present right here with you. By hearing words you took on a veil of ignorance and the false belief in being separate from the oneness, from your true nature.

By hearing a single word it can be all over for you. Words are only pointers to assist you to recognize the false that you have taken to be true for so long. A bondage of words is what is keeping you seemingly separate and making you believe that you are a small human being, bound in the spinning wheel of birth, death and suffering.

You believe so much in the words that you have heard and accepted your all life from your parents, school, teachers, friends, people etc...  that you actually believe that they define who and what you are. Practically everything you stand for in your life is an acquired belief from the past. You simply accepted them to be true. They are all lies!

That is why understanding is required, to point you and remind you that the words and beliefs you have accepted over the years are not you. That is what is important, as Nisargadatta used to say, understanding is all. His co-disciple Ranjit also said the same thing, his message was simple, understanding is realizing and his teacher pointed to direct understanding before that. It is not your mind that understands, it is not your body either, they don't have any real intelligence of their own.

That is why I am not speaking to your body or mind. There is a presence in you of pure universal intelligence, it is the same intelligence that functions this universe. That is what you are, your true nature is that, pure universal intelligence or total omniscience. That is what I am speaking to, not Jean-Pierre speaking, but the presence expressing as Jean-Pierre resonating to itself appearing as you. That presence-intelligence knows what word you need to hear and they are being translated for you, here to listen and help you remember who you truly are.

Listen to the words with an open heart, you won't hear them with your mind. Your mind will never understand what you are, your mind is only a thought and idea, an erroneous belief or simply years of human conditioning.

I can only point you to what I found out to be true for myself and my teacher before me. Investigate yourself and see if it is the truth for you or just another crazy dude that is talking nonsense. Listen to your heart, it knows the answer. If you follow your heart it will take you home effortlessly, it worked for me. Home is always here in your own beingness, to enter your own home is very easy, I just gave you the golden key, are you listening?


The Jnani

Q: What's a Jnani?

  You! you are the jnani, there is no difference between you and someone that has recognized their true nature at all, due to the fact that nothing was gained, simply because nothing was ever lost to begin with. The ordinary familiar Natural State that is always present was simply overlooked until pointed out.

With the right pointers and a little bit of investigation, the falseness of the "me" is revealed. It is clearly seen that it never had any reality, independent nature or power and that's it!. What simply happens is "hahaaaa! How funny, I never was anything but my true Nature all along!" So that makes it a funny Consciousness joke! So you laugh at yourself! & you still are Laughing inside!" The Joke or play of Consciousness continues. But you know that it is just a play! You see right through it. The seeking is over and life goes on as ordinary as before, except that the false idea of separation and false idea of an independent doer or me is seen through as an erroneous belief.

Q: How do you live your life after recognizing your true Nature?

You do exactly the same things as before. You understand that you are being lived as Consciousness expressing itself. You go with the flow of life for you know that Life itself is also the same Consciousness that you are & things go on much more smoothly. There is still occasional bumps but they are seen in a new light & they clear up more quickly for there is a lot less resistance. Everything happens as it suppose to, simply as it is! Life goes on as they say! Chop wood if you have to, carry water if you have to, have some ice cream if you want to , watch TV or a movie or have good sex with your wife or husband. Have a good diner, take care of your car, your body, your children, your business, take good care of your animal friends etc...Everything is being done by Consciousness appearing as you.

Q: You make your experience sound like it is nothing extraordinary at all, pretty much has you lived before.

It really is nothing extraordinary, quite the opposite. Very natural, very simple & ordinary, that is why it was overlooked in the first place. You still have the same so called mind as before with plenty of thoughts, it is it's nature. The mind is understood & is seen as what it really is, a tool of expression. There is no special powers, no special transmissions, no special gaze to give someone something special. There is no one to give anything to anybody! Everyone is already whole just as they are!  So what would the point be? If you get sick you go to the doctor, just like before, nothing different.

Actions are spontaneous like a child, it could be a moment of great happiness & a lot of laughter, then that moment can move into a moment of great silence or chatter. It could then be a moment of anger and kick someone out of your house or tell them to go to heaven or hell if there is such a place! Perhaps never want to see them again. Who knows! It is understood that Consciousness is the only Power. It is understood that there is no body or entity to do any of these things but the One Consciousness playing  with the One Consciousness. Everything is seen as pure functioning, without any labeling of the natural movement of energy as being either good or bad, but allowed to flow just as it is.

Q: So whatever is happening right here, there is no "me" doing it, but only Awareness doing it?

Yes! It is all the ONE AWARENESS seemingly speaking with itself, One Awareness seemingly laughing with itself, One Awareness seemingly getting angry at itself. Whatever happens, it is only that One pure Consciousness doing it all and wishing it all. It is the One & only Power. Everything is just seen as natural movements in pure Consciousness, that is all! Just like waves rising and moving on the surface of the ocean and then collapsing back to the ocean. All is the One! That is all there is!

If you meet people that point you to yourself in a very ordinary simple way, you are a lucky fellow. Some times you may find yourself caught up with the shining illusion of manifestations for a few years thinking that it has anything to do with Reality. How to tell? Simple! If it comes & goes like special experiences etc...That's not it.

If you think the teacher is a great Master or a Buddha with a higher or greater Consciousness than you, that is also a red flag for when there is only the ONE who is higher or lower. It is all the same, there is no body to be higher or lower, nobody to be awake or not awake, nobody to be enlighten or not enlighten, nobody to be a jnani or an ajnani. Everyone is already that just as they are & that is it! Nothing to achieve, receive or gain, simply Being.

You may cross path with devoted seekers that have been with many so called great Teachers for 20 or 30 years and they are still searching for the Jewel of their True Nature all over the place even though the diamond they have been seeking has been right here in their pocket all along! That's not their fault, they just did not know it!

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