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#2299 - Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz



Three features in this issue: A link to a Vicki Woodyard podcast; a story about a film being made about Osho's disciples; another news story on Anne Rice's turn from Lestat to Jesus.





Vicki Woodyard has begun podcasting! Or audio blogging. Go to and click on the "Audio" link.


Vicki delivers a confident, quietly magnetic, personally revealing talk that is grounded in a core message of wholeness. This talk, and those to come, will turn the listener toward the discovery of hir or her own strength.



From Raj Kapoor to Osho: Such a long journey


Rashmi Kumar


Pune, October 28: His love for the Indian film industry is only six-years-old. But his hero and
inspiration has always been Raj Kapoor. “We used to dance to his songs. Although we speak Hebrew,
we could relate so well with Indian film songs,” says an excited Doron Eran, an Israeli film
producer-director for whom India is the most sought after creative destination.


His endearing love for Bollywood was sealed at the closing ceremony of the 3rd Asian 3rd Asian Film
Festival at City Pride, Kothrud. He wants a co-producer from here...” I want to bring together two
cultures and distribute it worldwide, so I’ve offered some Bollywood producers to come and join
me,’’ he adds.


The film will focus on the ‘‘mysterious life’’ of the disciples of Rajneesh at Osho Ashram. “This
will surely be an Indo-Israeli production. The idea came through when I was in Delhi in 1996 for
the premier of White Night, where a friend told me that if ever I wanted to make a film on
spirituality, I should head straight for the Osho Ashram,” says Eran.


Shooting begins in Pune March-April, 2006.


Mysticism and spirituality are close to Eran’s heart. God’s Sandbox, his 90-minute venture
showcased at the festival, won Eran awards for best film, best director and best screenplay at the
Manchester Film Festival.


While the film primarily deals about various aspects of spirituality and a young girl’s search for
truth, peace and love, it also depicts subtle shades of how life is best led when surrendered into
the hands of God. “I wanted to show how time takes control over all things.”


Although Eran has no qualms about agreeing that filmmaking is an expensive art form to which one
could easily lose millions if it didn’t work, the enthusiasm to start his next venture in Pune is
indefatigable. He’s hopeful that masala Bollywood will have many takers for his spiritual leanings!



Rice dumps spirits for spiritual world


New York | October 25, 2005 12:01:13 AM IST


Gothic fiction writer Anne Rice, known for her steamy, blood-soaked vampire tales, says her books
from now on will reflect her renewed faith in God.


Her latest book, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, is about the 7-year-old Jesus, written in his own
voice, she told Newsweek magazine.


Rice, 65, said a health scare sent her back to the Catholic Church and I promised that from now on
I would write only for the Lord.


Rice, whose 25 books have sold 136 million copies, said she was in despair when she wrote Interview
with a Vampire and her other otherworldly tomes.


Although she will most likely lose some readers with her new direction, others may find Jesus
satisfies their spiritual needs better than the vampire Lestat, she said.


In the afterward of Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt Rice calls her subject the ultimate supernatural
hero. The ultimate immortal of them all.


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