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Nondual Highlights Issue #2319 Saturday, November 19, 2003 Editor: Mark

All beings desire happiness always, happiness without a tinge of sorrow. At
the same time everybody loves himself best. The cause for love is only
happiness. So, that happiness must lie within oneself. Further, that
happiness is daily experienced by everyone in sleep when there is no mind.
To attain that happiness one must know oneself. For that, Self-enquiry,
'Who am I?', is the chief means.

- Ramana Maharshi, Gems from Bhagavan, selected by A. Devaraja Mudaliar, posted to RamanaMaharshi

- image by Al Larus

The mystic dances in the sun,
hearing music others don't.

"Insanity," they say, those others.
If so, it's a very gentle,
nourishing sort.

- Rumi, version by Coleman Barks,
Birdsong, Maypop, 1993, posted to AlongTheWay

- image by Al Larus

The mind in truth
is only the thought 'I'.

Whence, therefore, does
this 'I' thought have its birth?

For this is truly the 'Infinite SELF.'

This is eternally the true import
of the term 'I'.

For in the deepest sleep
we do not cease to be
we still exist.

Even though 'here'
there is no sense of 'I'.

As 'I am'
Pure Existence.

I am not the body
nor the senses, mind nor life.

As there is not 'another'
to 'know' Existence.

It must follow that

Must 'itself'
be 'Consciousness.'

So we Ourselves
are this 'same consciousness.'

In their 'real nature'
as 'Existence'

Both Creatures and
the Creator are the same ...

The unique 'Principle'...

of the 'SELF' alone

all its 'attributes'

Is 'God' Realization
of a truth ...

That shines forth
as the 'SELF'.

To be the 'SELF'
that is to 'know' the 'SELF'

As there is no duality
in 'SELF ' ...

This is ... the state
of Absolutely Being ...
If one can only realize
at Heart

'What' one's 'true nature' is
one then will find ...

That it is infinite Wisdom
Truth and Bliss

Without 'beginning' and without an end ...

- Ramana Maharshi, posted to Poetic_Mysticism

- image by Al Larus

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