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#2345 - Sunday, December 18, 2005 - Editor: Gloria Lee

   Kyeho! This self-knowing wakefulness
   Is not an object to be spoken of, nor is it an object of thought.
   It is not something that I,Tilopa, can show you.
   Understand that it is revealed to oneself by oneself.
       ---- Tilopa to Naropa

posted by Joyce Short to Dzogchen Practice  

  understanding grace    

He said:
‘I cannot understand how I understand.
It is not a thing I do; not something I can possibly comprehend. It is impossible.
I know it is there, like the rain and mist this morning—and that’s all I know of it.
That is all I know of it, though there is nothing in the world that touches me the way this understanding does.
I do not deserve this kind of grace. How shall I put it?’

  -- Ben Hassine  


Anyone who, even for a second, feels a pure, clear confidence on hearing the truth will experience immeasurable happiness. Why? Because, at that moment, that person is not caught up in the concept of a self or a living being or a life span. He is not caught up in concepts about the world, nor is he caught up in concepts about nothingness. He does not take any notice of the idea that this is a sign, or this or that is not a sign.

For if you are caught up in ideas, then you will be caught up in the self. And even if you are caught up in ideas about nothingness, you will still be caught up in the self. That's why we should not get attached to the belief that things either exist or do not exist. This is the hidden meaning when I say that my teachings are a raft to be abandoned when you see true being.

-Diamond Sutra
From "The Pocket Buddha Reader," edited by Anne Bancroft, 2001.


from Advahut Gita    

47. We're not a problem to be solved, there's no prize for a winning
story. Close the book and exhale. There is nothing broken, nothing to

48. Oh mind, why struggle? Fall into the heart, drown in the ocean of
your own bliss! Let what happens happen, yours is none of this!

49. Not the fruit of a tended vine, I am not what changes. Source of
sweetness and thirsting both, spilt wine drops lifting into air,
Love's own intoxication.

50. Neither formless or form, inconspicuous in my own absence, the
true word is "Silence". Before we knew, we all knew it.

51. Nothing to cling to, nothing to grasp, why wander, restless,
dear mind? Relax!

  posted by Sam Pasiencier to nondualnow  

The Vision of Ashes and Snow

“In exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working towards rediscovering the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals. The images depict a world that is without beginning or end, here or there, past or present.”
  —Gregory Colbert, Creator of Ashes and Snow  

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