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#2348- Friday, December 23, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz





In this issue are some quotations by people featured in The Translucent Revolution, by Arjuna Ardagh. page:


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 "If the awakening is taken out of the rarefied atmosphere of simply 'a realization that I have,' and taken into the level of 'my human life, and humanity,' it actually becomes an absolutely, totally unique expression of that truth. Nobody else throughout all of time is going to carry that uniqueness into life."




 “You can't create a coherent organization that has a sense of balance, without individuals in your organization,-your leaders, your workers, and your administrative staff- themselves trying to become more balanced and more coherent. There just is no way you can do it"


-Bruce Cryer


 “The illusory sense of being separate from our true nature, our true essence, from existence itself, is the ultimate cause of sickness, pain, and suffering. Recognizing, understanding and acknowledging this is the great promise and opportunity of the spiritual journey."


-Jeremy Geffen


 “When I resist in any way  I am really stepping out of  spaciousness. When I rest in whatever is arising, without resistance, whether it is an opaque emotion or not, then I am not outside of that spaciousness."


-Aneeta Makena


 “A woman's heart is a genius of the moment. If you ever look around a room of people, women's hearts are particularly sensitive in this way, are constantly feeling what's mean in the room, what's closed in the room, what feels good in her body when somebody speaks, the sound of the voice, how relaxed it is, what they're saying, or if it's coming from a place of mental tension. They're constantly metering. It's happening all the time."


-Amy McCarrel


 “We now live in a world that is saturated with images. As a result, we're seeing an extraordinary surge of the feminine coming back into our society with women becoming priestesses again, being elected as judges and law makers.  This pattern will continue because  we've shifted from a text based society to an image based one."


-Leonard Shlain


 “My spiritual evolution placed a lot of importance on finding the guru. I was constantly going from place to place, guru to guru - can't find the guru, and then we gave birth to three gurus! It is amazing to relate to a baby as a divine teacher - everything that is not at peace within me is reflected immediately."


-Barry Vissell


 “We're at the early stages of creating the hybrid spiritual culture that is fusing disciplines and practices and perspectives from all over the world. There is more of a vigor and strength and more transformative power than any of those traditions on their own. You have to develop your own real navigational compass and your own common sense to do these things."


-Stephen Dinan


 “When you act in integrity, you are always willing to subordinate success to the alignment with the truth. You have an unwavering commitment that manifests itself in your day to day actions. Love, freedom, and truth are more important than anything else, and you will not subordinate those to the acquisition or the achievement of some secondary goal. I call that success beyond success."


-Fred Kofman


 “I knew I had to do something in this world to help other people. I realized there was nothing else to do here on this earth.  That was all that really matters.  We've all come here to do that.  We're all here to live the purpose of humanity by becoming human and waking up through the human process.  We be it; that's how we change it, is by being it."


-Jacquelyn Small


 “You activate realization by giving it a physical dimension. It is almost like looking at yourself in the mirror.   We are re-enacting something which exists within: the play of the inner reflected in the outer, and the outer being reflected in the inner.  Ultimately, in the highest moment of it, which we all hope would be forever, there is no difference."


-Margot Anand


 “There is a middle road that unites the inner and the outer, that involves collective wisdom, checking in with other people, and getting other people's feedback, and learning from other people's spiritual path and their action in the world. All of that is important. Spiritual activism has to be part of collective wisdom and collective judgment and collective action, and it also needs a solitary spark."


-Wink Franklin


 “Let it pierce you, and if it disturbs you let it disturb you. If it tortures you let it torture you, because that's what the awakening is. There is a misconception of awakening as always bliss. Ultimately that is where we end up, but I like to see that awakening is to allow to awaken whatever is within you, so that it can find it's path to it's ultimate, where ever it wants to go. Let it disturb you, let it pierce you, and find out where in you you're having difficulty with what is in front of you."


-Marlena Lyons


 “There is a difference in the feminine invitation to rest as one's true nature. It is about being kind inside, including the arising emotions and contractions and the senses rather than meditating them away. It is gorgeous because there is always this balance of the fiercer masculine aspect, and the warm feminine voice of 'this too, this too, this too.' I find that sitting inside myself, just allowing everything to come rest, to invite it all in as an honored guest works really exquisitely for me. I notice more and more, when I sit with my friends, that it is a lovely balance to have the cool inquiry of “to whom does this come” and the warm invitation for anything to arise, to come to rest, to give it clarity and kindness."


-Pamela Wilson


 “The exact practice is deeper and deeper surrender into the body, and a deeper relaxation of all the areas where we may refuse to feel something, or dissociate, or allow anxiety, or a pulling up and out of the body, or a not trusting the complete love that we are. That is the gift; I am Love. My deepest desire is to completely be Love."


-Jennifer Garcia


 “Before I had children I was probably meditating 5 hours a day, my whole life  was based around a spiritual path.  When Rani was born, all the meditation and all the books and all the studying and everything I had been doing suddenly became real. I was trying to go towards something, when she was born suddenly I was there, in the space that I had been seeking."


-Joyce Vissell


 “Tears are always like a breaking.  When tears fall it is a rain of grace it means that something has actually touched the truth of your heart, has actually cracked and caused some rain."


-Sophia Diaz


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These quotations are from The Translucent Revolution, by Arjuna Ardagh. page:


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