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#2356- Tuesday, January 3, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

"The only thing we need is ourselves"

This issue features an excerpt from Healing with Qualities: The Essence of Time Therapy, by Manuel Schoch.

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This excerpt is typed from the book and unavailable elsewhere on the internet.

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However we might feel about our lives, whatever we may think about our capabilities or intelligence, these feelings of bliss, love and joy are totally independent of who we are. Getting into a state of bliss is just a question of whether we can cross the bridge from duality to nonduality, and the ability to do this is absolutely and totally independent of knowledge. All the slow feelings are not dependent on our efforts or on our intellectual understanding. This is why we fall in love with all our weaknesses intact; this is why while out walking in the countryside we can suddenly experience a feeling of bliss.

Our society is based on a competition and comparing process, even when it comes to spirituality. The only thing we need is ourselves, just as we are with our weaknesses and qualities. Love, bliss and joy have nothing to do with competition or comparing. So the first thing to remember is that you need nothing other than what you already have in order to cross the bridge of sadness to love.

Why then is it so difficult to cross this bridge? If I can be happy even with all my weaknesses, why is this so difficult to do? The mind, of course, will persist in trying to understand, but again it has nothing to do with understanding. Go down this route and we are once again in the trap of knowledge, learning, achieving and competition.

The only thing we really have to deal with is the fear of not being loved -- which is really the sadness at not being given the opportunity to express or demonstrate love, to share it, to bring out and manifest your potential, your qualities. Whenever we move away from knowledge or from the known, fear is naturally present. Once we see this, then suddenly fear is no longer an enemy. Instead, it is the first signal that we are really growing, that we are really moving away from attachment.

The Buddha said -- in a very beautiful statement, which many Buddhists try to avoid dealing with -- that it is quite easy to be detached from material things, but it is a little more difficult to be detached from our belief systems, from our thoughts, from our inside pictures.

The real step out of the wheel of birth and rebirth is when we are detached from our own consciousness. This is in complete contrast to everything we hear about how we have to gain consciousness or ourselves, and it takes courage to face stepping out of it.

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