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Nondual Highlights Issue #2359, Saturday, January 7, 2005, Editor: Mark

Was putting away the dishes this morning...taking them one by one from the
the the end of the task, I noticed a tendency to speed get on to the
next contemplate the next activity....the next issue...the next whatever...and
then went back to the "putting away". Noticed my hands reaching down, grasping the next
bowl...lifting into the air...finding a vacancy...placing on the the cupboard...and
the sound of the bowl touching the shelf. Then the thought...I never noticed that sound
before...must have done that a thousand times...never noticed the sound...then my hand
returning to its normal position at my side...turning to leave the kitchen...and observing
my legs and feet swinging out in front of I walked.

To pick up a little on the above noted tendency to speed up. Seems...when I look again for
a reason for is to escape a particular emotional state...labelled an "issue".
And...surmising over time...that there appears to be no escape...or maybe this choice decline the invitation to avoid the state...the speed "get out of
Dodge". Yet no dodging for me accept each and every an opportunity
to observe follow it to its core. And sometimes...if vigilance able to do follow to the core...and there appears to be nothing...or at most little feeling
remnants. Other times there is this yarn like ball...that just doesn't feel like unravelling I let it be. It's okay. Just to observe is way more than enough!

A little more on this ball of yarn...that appears to feel like not unravelinng. A
energy knot within the emotional -physical body. Don't know really...doesn't matter what
labels I give it. Doesn't even matter if it really exists. But it appears to at times. How I
react to it...what I do about relevant...

I have spent a lifetime...skillfully...secretly...dodging those inner...painful...balls of
yarn...that feel so tightly wound and bound. But...somehow...through time...with the gift
of perseverance...have observed a loosening...some unraveling...and some revealing.
Somehow over time...I have avoided to fight with the debate it...or even want it dead! finallly...relax enough to not have an issue with its presence.

To accept...and with this acceptance...a new sensory world is giving birth to itself:
At first more sustained vision....e.g. to observe my legs and feet swing outward as I
walk...and then the bowl comes to a rest on a shelf.

How does all this relate to Advaita...not sure...for certain....Could come up with some
satisfactory comments...but would be highly speculative...from this view.

A big blue sky in Sedona today. Jim.
- Jim Keller, posted to AdvaitaToZen

We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.

- Carl Jung, posted to AlphaWorld

Keep walking, though there's no place to get to.
Don't try to see through the distances.
That's not for human beings. Move within,
but don't move the way fear makes you move.

- Rumi, version by Coleman Barks, Unseen Rain, Threshold Books, 1986, posted to AlongTheWay

All truths wait in all things,

They neither hasten their own delivery nor resist it,

They do not need the obstetric forceps of the surgeon...

- Walt Whitman, posted to Poetic_Mysticism

Grace is not something to be acquired from others.
If it is external, it is useless. All that is necessary
is to know its existence in you.

You are never out of its operation.

- Ramana Maharshi, posted to MillionPaths

the old home
in the rain ...
i walk barefooted

in the endless sound
of water
there is Buddha

- Santoka, posted to ConsciousOneness

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