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#2370 - Friday, January 20, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz



In this issue are selections from the beginning of each of Chuck Hillig's four major books. This material has never appeared anywhere else on the internet and is exclusive to The Highlights. To order Chuck's books, visit


These books are written for anyone who has some degree of understanding of enlightenment and wants to probe as far they can no matter where they are starting from.








(First published in 1977 and praised by Jean Klein, Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilber, Huston Smith, Timothy Leary, Francis Lucille, and others. This book is illustrated with only a few lines per page so that the reader has a chance to let a few lines sink in before reading further.)


Do you know who you are?


I mean, do you really know?


Oh, I don't mean your "name."


That's not who you are--


that's what you are called.


OK, then, you say,

if I'm NOT my "name,"


then..... WHO AM I?


WHO am I?

Who AM I?

Who am I?


Am body?


Am thoughts?


Am feelings?


Am I.....what I do?


And who are YOU,


and what are you


doing in


MY universe?








Before we begin, here's a very important question: "Are you sure that you're ready to finally put It all together?


If you are, then this book could make It a lot easier for you. And, along the way, you might even discover what It's really all about.


In fact, after you know how It all works together, you may even become more willing to simply love It for being what It truly is.


"Ok, but why do I have to know about this It thing, anyway? and...why should I love It?"


Well, you should know about It because, as It's often said,

"To know to LOVE It."


And loving It completely from the Heart is actually It's all about.


In fact, after you really start loving It with your Heart, It will probably pop you whole Life... "insight-out!"


So, before we go any further, are you really...REALLY sure that you still want to find out about It???


"Well, yes, but It's just not very clear yet. Tell me more about this strange 'It' thing that we're supposed to be talking about."


OK, but first you need to understand that coming up with a definition of "It" has always been, well, ...a kind of a "problem."


"It's a problem? How is It a problem?"


Well, for one thing, nobody can agree on just what to call It! In fact, over the Ages, "It" has been known by many different names.


"It has different names? Like what?"


Well, some people have called It:

the tao,

or the Holy Spirit,

or nirvana,

or samadhi,

or the Self,

or The Oneness,

or even something called









The story of your life is the cosmic "song of God" that's being played out through the instrument of your body.


The deja vu patterns that you're experiencing in your life play out like the repeating chorus of the song of your Soul.


Even if you're able to change the words, doesn't it often seem like just another variation on the same old theme?


So here's a Big Question:

Is you Song happening to you,

for you,

in you


or as you?


~ ~ ~


You will unconsciously attract into your life those people and situations which will likely stimulate the unresolved issues of you childhood.


Life condemns you to repeat whatever it is that you didn't find the courage to fully complete.


In short, all of you past incompletions in life will always keep showing up for you.


As somebody once said, "The past isn't over. In fact, it isn't even the past."


~ ~ ~


Life may not have any real "meaning" other than the one that you have superimposed upon it.


In short, life will tend to mean for you whatever you say that life means.


For example, when you say that:

"Life is a drag!"

"Life is a challenge."

"Life is terrible."

"Life is a dance."

"Life is a game."

etc. etc. etc.

...then Life won't disappoint you.


Life will mysteriously show up for you in ways that fully support your heart's definition of matter how self-limiting that definition might be.


But you'll have to take some position on it.


If you're not willing to give your life any meaning at all, then your inner fear that "My life is probaby meaningless!" will automatically win by default.


~ ~ ~


Finding out about the meaning of the dramas in your life has a whole lot to do with discovering what you've been, unconsciously, priming yourself to receive.


Perhaps an even deeper purpose of life, though, is to eventually discover that you're only pretending that life even has some kind of deeper purpose or meaning that you can, eventually, "discover."


Maybe the initial discovery is in seeing that you've only been on a treadmill to nowhere.


Maybe, in the end, life is just the way that it is.








"It cannot be called

void or not-void

or both or neither.


But, in order to point it out,

it is called...

the Void



The focus of this (w)hole book is all about, well...




And here is a (w)hole lot of it.


(An arrow is drawn pointing to an inch wide whole drilled through the center of the book.)


Pointing out the "nothing-ness" in the hole is a bit of a problem.




Because the only way that you can point out the "nothing-ness" in the hole is if you're also willing to include the "something-ness" of the paper that surrounds the hole.


In other words, you can only see some "nothing" if you're also willing to see some "something."


You don't believe me? Well, just check it out for yourself.


Pretend for a moment that you're taking away all of the paper that's surrounding this particular hole.


What happens to the hole?


Without the paper around it, the hole apparently just disappears, doesn't it? Nothing's there.


In short, you're able to see this particular hole only if there's something else there that's NOT this hole.


Now that's pretty simple, isn't it?


So here's an interesting question:


Although we can see that this hole is in the paper, is it really accurate to say that this hole is of the paper. Hmmm. Well...maybe not.


Maybe the emptiness of the hole exists at a different level that does the so-called "solidity" of the paper.


But, then...maybe it doesn't.


"Form is emptiness;

emptiness is form.

Form is not other than emptiness;

Emptiness is not other than form."


The Heart Sutra


~ ~ ~


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