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#2386 - Tuesday, February 7, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz



Featured are excerpts from a new book: Oneness: The Destination You Never Left, by John Greven. Only 90 pages in length!


John's website is


A nice option in books for someone who wants a brief, simple, clear treatise on radical nonduality.






What does not change is real. What changes is only appearance.


You may have been searching for self-realization, enlightenment, the Buddha Mind, God, or some other goal implying the same thing. You may have been searching for many years; or you may just be getting started on a search. Whether you have been traveling a path for a while, or just taking the first step, makes no difference. This book invites you to take a look at the space that has been overlooked, to see what is obvious, and to bring that search to an end… right now.



Is that reference point of “you” valid? It certainly seems so, but by what gage is that reality judged? Isn’t the validity of the idea of a person validated by the same mind that assumes it to be valid? Think about it - the mind contains the thought “I Am” - the mind then confirms that the thought is a real thing. But, without the thought, would you still be?



What is Tao? In Tao-te ching, by Lao-tzu, Tao becomes the source from which all appearance derives, the un-produced producer of all that is, and the guarantor of its stability and regularity. The Tao that can be known is not the true Tao.

The Tao, as described above, is what you truly are. The message is that if it is known, then that is not it. The reason for this becomes clear when you come to understand a rather simple concept. What you are is not a thing or object that the mind can grasp. This is a major point that will become clear as the understanding of what is being pointed to ripens.



If we choose our thoughts and are in control of what is thought, why do we choose to suffer their effects? Why would the idea of controlling the mind even exist if we were the thinker? And even more graphically, if a portion of the brain were removed or damaged, then the person that you believe you are and the thoughts that you believe you think would radically change. Is all of this mental activity just a machine at work? Is anyone in control? No!



Any assumption based on a false premise simply cannot be true. It is like asking, what is the source of the man in the moon? The question dissolves when there is the realization that the assumption that there is a man in the moon, is a false premise.



To this point we have talked extensively about what you are not. The mind is left hanging, so to speak, and is in search of something to grasp. “If I am none of these things what am I?” It, the mind, continues to look inside of thought for what you are. It will fail. So, let us turn our attention to something that is real, something that you can’t deny, and something that is outside of the limited mind.



Only the thought of presence/awareness can be brought into the mind for consideration. While you are thinking about presence/awareness you are present and aware. You can’t objectify what you are.



Everything is just appearance, including the movements that appear to be your life and you. The you, whom we have talked about in this book, is not real other than as an appearance or temporary manifestation. The person you take yourself to be has never been, except as a thought. When the “I” thought is seen for what it is, the mind spontaneously drops the false concept and then who will something have happened to?



The mind believes that it has to choose this way or that. But there is only one river. The mind sees life full of choices, or forks in the river of life, the appearances of forks is an illusion.



There is a saying, “taste one drop of the ocean and you know what the whole ocean tastes like.” Know that source that is you, and you know the whole source of all that is, because it is you. Separateness is in the mind only.

So what does the ocean taste like? It tastes like boundless peace that cannot be touched - for there is nothing to touch it. Peace that cannot be disturbed because it is the only reality. Peace that is beyond knowing. It tastes like love so whole and complete that there is not a need for anything else - while it allows for all that is.

It tastes like home.



Creation, the universe, is because the sense of being arose in the One. You are, for the very same reason. In this book we have talked about beingness - being what you are. There comes a time when even that pointer, that concept, can be dropped.


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