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#2388 - Friday, February 10, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

    David Spero, Gabriel Rosenstock, and Howard Schumann are featured.



Bliss liberates instantly. The Bliss-Force of Absolute Being dissolves the knot of self-reflexive awareness - the perceiver, the knower, the one who understands and functions in relativity. Egoic consciousness, the “prasad” or leftover of inadequate seeing, is recognized to be an echo within memory's functioning, a subtle auditory hallucination. Ignorance is the crashing of memory-current in the hidden chambers of the mind, the noise that overwhelms the silence. The Master’s Heart of Bliss-Consciousness shatters this nagging, self-perpetuating movement and restores the awareness of the Self. There is no room for effort here, only a direct interfacing with the utterly simple, naked and absolute state of Being Itself. Only within and by the Grace of Being can this entire field of self-perpetuating ignorance be renounced, once and for all.


-- David Spero





Birth of a Kingfisher

It was a time when even poets were out scavenging

For entitities in myth, legend and history,

Tracking them down here, there, everywhere,

Shooting them out of nowhere

That they might answer to a rhymelessness in the bowels.

Sad old Job figured and Milarepa, too,

Though, sister, weren’t they stretching it with the Tibetan? –

Ye Olde Caterpillar Man, green from slurping nettle-broth,

His painful ascent from sorcery to buddahood glossed over.

Eventually they packed it in

Leaving their bows and arrows to rot.

Resonances simply were no longer to be found

Booty was shadow

Echolessness pervaded the land.

An age came about which had the retentiveness

Of newts roused from toxic slumber.

Now, born into this unlikely era

Was one who declared all languages to be dead –

Hear this -

Except for dead ones                    

And so in Pali and Old Irish

And even in pictograms

Neo-ogmic inscriptions

He sang a litany not of woes

But sutras of perfect beginnings

Describing a kingfisher in a flash.

It was he, they claim, brought back the stream

And, to their horror and disbelief, blossoms even;

He had found the dried-up blossomy streams

Waiting, without remorse, in stone,

The kingfisher in his illumined heart.

Inscribing granite seconds before the tendrilled dawn

Scribbling in flowing water whenever the sun collapsed

Knowing only that nothing is durable

Save the meagre act itself

--Gabriel Rosenstock


    Dear Sir:

I have read your websites remarks and referrals about the subject of
non-duality and found it a remarkable introduction to the subject. As a
person who worked in est, the self-realization program of the 70s and 80s
created by Werner Erhard, I noticed some striking similarities and feel that
Erhard's contribution to spreading non-dualistic thought in this century
should be acknowledged.

Werner's programs allowed us to get in touch with the idea that personal
power only comes when you can realize that you are 100% responsible for your
experience. That it is simply a context in which to hold your experience, a
context that allows you to experience your personal power and does not imply
that you are to blame and should feel guilty.

Personal responsibility, he taught,  is a potent force, the sensation that
one is the cause of one's life. To the extent that we can embrace and own
the principle, life becomes clear and simple and in our grasp; to the degree
that we still hang onto victim beliefs, (i.e. that things outside our life
control us) things don't work too well

and that

True understanding can only come when we realize that myself and yourself
are the same self, that each of us is God in our own universe and that we
create our own reality.

and that

Life is always perfect just the way it is. When we realize that, no matter
how strongly it may appear to be otherwise, we know that whatever is
happening right now will turn out all right. Knowing this, we are in a
position to begin mastering life.

Thanks for your consideration.

Howard Schumann

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