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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #239

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Dan (lovecode) Thanks Xan For Giving
Him The Switch:

Dan: Thank you Xan. I appreciate your
helping me. By doing what you said
I felt an immediate switch from me to
what is now only this. In this
moment Im not sure what's real.
Probable a temporary state. Or my

Xan: Feeling not sure is a good sign.
It can mean you've stepped beyond
what the mind can grasp. I learned to
ease into Not Knowing. It's a
totally safe place where I live mostly now. It's different from doubt,
which is still in the realm of ideas.

I'm happy you felt the switch!

Ed Note: Better you than me!

Andrew Combines Perfect Sense and Chaos; Beth, Ron, Dutch and Gil

It started with Neo asking, "Is that constant presence not I?"

A: Yes,
not presence of I
not presence of presence
not even presence of absence.
Only presence.

Beth: But you can't have presence without the I. You can't, can you? I
have been sitting here poring over this little "verse", and sometimes it
makes perfect sense, and then it disappears into chaos.

Gill: Yes, you can.

A: Thank you for this response Beth. What you said here is very
beautiful. I can't explain. It isn't logical. I'm not trying to convince

Dutch: Sounds like a great koan to me :-)

Ron: Andrew - your verse is very beautiful also. Every time I read it, I
get a pulse of energy/non-energy (and goose-bumps.) Goosebumps are one
of my methods for knowing what is real/true.


Dan PhD (Pretty hip Dude) Responds to Dutch's Going Over a Waterfall
Without a Barrell

Dutch: There are examples of realizations without a 'master' in a 'human
form', but
when I speak for myself, I spent years of reading books etc, but
when I met Alexander it was just a matter of months before all became
clear. What would have happened if I had not had the opportunity to join
his talks, is hard to say. So he helped me remember what I was, am and
always will be. On the river of insight he was like a waterfall.

Dan: Thank you for sharing what you remembered and how it occurred,
What I remembered is that there is no-thing to remember. What I
am aware of is awareness. Awareness being aware, forming this body, this
perception, of and within itself. No "human being" taught me this, as
is what animates the "human being". What animates this "human being"
animates all human beings. No-thing, livingness itself, couldn't
not be present, but might be ignored, and the "example" of a human
not ignoring could be helpful, in the way you suggest. I enjoyed
hearing about your "good fortune."

Bruce Offered Thought on Idenity That Engendered Lots of Discussion:

B: `'All" identity is false.
Freedom is not in
identifying with "God"
any more than in
identifying with the
body. Freedom is the
spontaneous and utter
surrender of that which

And Speaking of Sat_Cit_Ananda, Larry Cleared The Aisles with This:

Today it happened. I finally got it. Nothing special, just being here.
So simple. Yesterday it was an idea, today it's real. Amazing! It is
absolutely incredible something so simple could take so long. I owe you
all so much. It wouldn't have happened without each and everyone of you.
Thank you all and thank you again and again. And especially thank you
xan. You brought it home to me and I will be forever grateful. I love
you all so much I'm going to start crying again. It's just a beginning
of course. A beginningless and endless beginning. Just so

Thank you all again and again, Larry



_________________________________________"While alive be dead,
Thoroughly dead...All is good then, Whatever you may do." Bunan

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