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#2401 - Thursday, February 23, 2006 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The great use of life
is to spend it for something
that will outlast it.

     - William James

    When our inner nature is truly free, we find within ourselves a
wealth of treasure: love, joy and peace of mind. We can appreciate
the beauty of life, taking each experience as it comes, opening our
hearts to it and fully enjoying it. Realizing these qualities within
ourselves is the greatest freedom that can be gained.
Yet how much of this inner freedom do we allow ourselves? How
receptive are we to our deepest thoughts and feelings, to the
positive nature of our inner being? Although there are times when we
feel this inner richness, we often close it off, encouraging in
ourselves subtle feelings of dissatisfaction. At times, we may not
even let ourselves feel happy without guilt, or derive satisfaction
from our accomplishments without also feeling doubt and anxiety.
These feelings turn us away from our inner resources, so that we look
outside ourselves for fulfillment. Attracted to the exciting events
going on around us, we grasp eagerly at them, believing they will
bring us satisfaction. But by focusing our energy outside ourselves,
we miss the many internal messages from our senses, from our
thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Without this inner knowledge and
the freedom it provides, our attitude towards our experience grows
shallow, and our awareness loses depth and clarity. Even though we
may be successful in the world, a separation from our real nature
leaves us without a sound internal foundation on which we can base
our lives. This leads to subtle feelings of insecurity, and life can
begin to seem empty and meaningless.
~Tarthang Tulku - from "Skillful Means"

posted by Roy Whenary to awakened awareness

    Do not think the knowledge you presently possess is
changeless, absolute truth. Avoid being narrow-minded
and bound to present views. Learn and practice nonattachment
from views in order to be open to receive others' viewpoints.
Truth is found in life and not merely in conceptual knowledge.
Be ready to learn throughout your entire life and to observe
reality in yourself and in the world at all times

~Thich Nhat Hanh

  posted by Gill Eardley to Allspirit

    Zen Life, Zen Action

The worldly life of people who have mastered Zen is buoyant and
unbridled, like clouds making rain, like the moon in a stream, like an
orchid in a recondite spot, like spring in living beings. Their action
is not self-conscious, yet their responses have order. This is what
those who have mastered Zen do.
It is also necessary to turn back to the source, to set foot on the
realm of peace, plunge into the realm of purity, and stand alone,
without companions, going all the way through the road beyond the
buddhas. Only then can you fully comprehend the center and the
extremes, penetrate the very top and the very bottom, and freely kill
and enliven, roll up and roll out.

posted by Ben Hassine  

    "Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions.
All of life is an experiment.
The more experiments you make the better.
What if they are a little coarse,
and you may get your coat soiled or torn?
What if you do fail,
and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice.
Up again, you shall never be so afraid of a tumble."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson
    posted by Gill Eardley to Allspirit


A haiku is not a poem, it is not literature; it is a hand beckoning,
a door half-opened, a mirror wiped clean. It is a way of returning
to nature, to our moon nature, our cherry blossom nature, our falling
leaf nature, in short, to our Buddha nature. It is a way in which
the cold winter rain, the swallows of evening, even the very day in
its hotness, and the length of the night, become truly alive, share
in our humanity, speak their own silent and expressive lanugage.
~R.H.Blyth~ Haiku, Volume One

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