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#2420 - Tuesday, March 14, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz



Here are some works by renowned Irish poet Gabriel Rosenstock.







as foraois m’aigne a tháinig tú


theith scáileanna


ina n-uaill




from the forest of my mind you came


shadows fled






               gabriel rosenstock






Look, everything transforms again


Into something else.


Seeing is believing ?


What do you see?    What do you believe?


Everything transforming


into something else.



Solidity?   Never!



A tree has its singing sap,


Roots, trunk and leaves,


Its shape spells fragrant permanence




Before the sap changes its tune


Into paroxysms of blossoming.




The fall of leaves, wind among leaves…


You wish to know God?



God  is the very corruption of leaves,


The dark sacrifice before Spring  




~ © Gabriel Rosenstock ~




Excerpts from "I Met a Man," by Gabriel Rosenstock


I met a man from North Cape

His hair was wild, his mouth agape:

At four in the morning he'd peel a grape --

I have that eerie sound on tape



~ ~ ~


I met a man from Ballinamuck

And all he had in the world was a duck;

One night it drowned -- what rotten luck!

That duckless man from Ballinamuck


~ ~ ~


I met a man from John O' Groats

Wearing forty overcoats.

'Stay warm!' he muttered, 'Eat your oats!'

   How he gloats.


~ ~ ~


I met a man from Kara-Kum,

A dosser, a hobo, a flea-bitten bum.

What did he sell for some chewing gum?

   His mum


~ ~ ~


I met a man from Wolf Creek,

I said, 'How do?' He said, 'Don't speak!

Abide in silence -- for one week

  Shut the beak!'


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