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#2432 - Tuesday, March 28, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz



In this issue are excerpts from a new book, Noticing What You Already Know (And That You Already Know It), by Robin Dale. Each page has a short, and sometimes a long paragraph.

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The book received a nice recommendation from Sailor Bob Adamson, part of which says, "This book can be read again and again, and in each reading a fresh inspiration can be gained and utilised to advantage in daily living."


I would agree. I like this book. It has 108 pages and is nicely and simply designed.





Excerpts from "Noticing What You Already Know"
by Robin Dale


It is essential to look within. After a while you start noticing what you already know. Nothing changes, yet it's a new way of understanding which was always there but not admitted to. You know you're not in control. You know you don't do anything. You know you're not who you have been habitually  insisting to yourself that you are. It's only a tradition of authority that has told us it's  dangerous or frightening to own up, come clean, face facts, and stop pretending.


~ ~ ~


The imagination of a thing is not that thing. That's obvious. But imagining a particular thought you've had is not that actual thought, but another one. So what do ideas about thought mean? They are thoughts themselves and only the Knowing can understand them, and it does it now, without thinking. One thought cannot understand all thought, only awareness (the Knowing) can, and does. We blindly believe that one thought can know about other thoughts, because this is the lie/dream of existence.


~ ~ ~


Understanding is born into mind/world, and birth is painful. The mind's obsessive need to understand, itself creates a shell which must painfully break. This is the mind letting go to reveal the heart's knowledge.


~ ~ ~


The Universe/mind is a symbol of the Absolute, unfolding to reveal that it is none other than the Absolute in reality. The Absolute manifests as symbols of itself, which unfold to demonstrate and discover the Absolute. Universes forming and dissolving thus, are the beating of the Sacred Heart.


~ ~ ~


There is only This. If you think you're enlightened, throw it away and begin again. The idea of 'enlightenment' is like a big ugly monster with a pretty face, inside you. Like the idea of the Abyss is a big warm openhearted angel with an ugly face.


~ ~ ~


Self or mind is always hiding things from itself. That's the only way it can exist. The fact that it doesn't exist is the biggest secret it keeps from itself.


~ ~ ~

For a dose of reality, have a clear, wise, calm look at what would happen to you if you were successful in your favourite 'spiritual' endeavour. And then don't blame me for the disappointment.


~ ~ ~


There is no such thing as 'spiritual attainment.' What looks like spiritual attainment is actually the failure of the one who would attain.


~ ~ ~


Worldly people with an investment in the Dream are like ambitious toads guarding a nest of eggs. They're thinking, that when the eggs finally hatch, they're going to get something other than toads.


~ ~ ~


Seeing that there is a gap between thoughts is the first step. Then it becomes obvious that the whole thing is one big gap with thoughts appearing on top of it. Then you find that you are that gap. Then you can't find a gap between thoughts, because the thoughts themselves are made of 'gap,' which you are; it is like an eye trying to see itself.


~ ~ ~


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