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#2454 - Sunday, April 23, 2006 - Editor: Gloria Lee  

The Nondual Highlights

"Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way."
- John Muir


What is this dark hum among the roses?
    The bees have gone simple, sipping,
that's all. What did you expect? Sophistication?
    They're small creatures and they are
filling their bodies with sweetness, how could they not
    moan in happiness? The little
worker bee lives, I have read, about three weeks.
    Is that long? Long enough, I suppose, to understand
that life is a blessing. I have found them — haven't you? —
    stopped in the very cups of the flowers, their wings
a little tattered — so much flying about, to the hive,
    then out into the world, then back, and perhaps dancing,
should the task be to be a scout-sweet, dancing bee.
    I think there isn't anything in this world I don't
admire. If there is, I don't know what it is. I
    haven't met it yet. Nor expect to. The bee is small,
and since I wear glasses, so I can see the traffic and
    read books, I have to
take them off and bend close to study and
    understand what is happening. It's not hard, it's in fact
as instructive as anything I have ever studied. Plus, too,
    it's love almost too fierce to endure, the bee
nuzzling like that into the blouse
    of the rose. And the fragrance, and the honey, and of course
the sun, the purely pure sun, shining, all the while, over
    all of us.

Mary Oliver

  At Blackwater Pond : Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver (Audio CD)
by Mary Oliver (Narrator)  

From AudioFile

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver reads 42 of her poems from various collections. Oliver writes as a naturalist, and her deceptively simple meditations on peonies and goldfinches always reward with deeper meaning. Listening to these poems is to be awash in their beautiful language and imagery. Oliver reads clearly and with a steady tone that gives the poems a repetitive sameness they don't suffer on the page. Then again, as Oliver writes in her introduction, "They are neither oracular nor authoritative nor, I hope, are they read either in shyness or a too sufficient certainty." What is certain is that the opportunity to hear a poet read her own work is a gift. Lovely packaging makes this collection a keepsake. J.M.D. AudioFile 2006, Portland, Maine-- Copyright AudioFile, Portland, Maine

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Questions from the Crucial Points


Q:  If rigpa is self-validating, then is rigpa awareness of
awareness?  In other words, is rigpa knowledge of perception or is it
only perception?  What do you think?

  Jax:  There is Awareness and the energy of Presence.  One can be Aware of one's thoughts, ego or "I" without being Present to one's Awareness.  One's Awareness energy(Presence) is itself manifesting as the ego or thought instead of as Presence.  That "energy" instead of manifesting as "thought" or ego, can simply be present to its base of Awareness.  In that case, that energy, now manifests as "clarity" or Presence, and the intrinsic nature of "clarity" or Presence of Awareness is yeshe, or primordial Wisdom (gnosis or self-knowledge which is non-conceptual).  In full Presence of Awareness there is no thought or ego, as that same energy now is fully being just Presence or "pure attentive noticing" from moment to moment, instead of elaborating itself into thought etc.   And you are right... there is only the ocean and it's waves.  Thoughts and objects are just the waves.  The experience of perceiving is also a wave experience... everything is your self or non-self... (blah, blah, blah..)   Does that help?   Best,   Jax 
posted to Way-of-Light

  A monk can be very gentle, very peaceful, while there are no hard words to assail him. But when hard words are directed at him, it is then that he must be really gentle and peaceful.

- Majjhima Nikaya

From "The Pocket Buddha Reader," edited by Anne Bancroft, 2000

  It is necessary to pray to Him with a longing heart. The kitten knows only how to call its mother, crying, "Mew, mew!" It remains satisfied wherever its mother puts it. And the mother cat puts the kitten sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes on the floor, and sometimes on the bed. When it suffers it cries only, "Mew, mew!" That's all it knows. But as soon as the mother hears this cry, wherever she may be, she comes to the kitchen.

- Ramakrishna

From "Teachings of the Hindu Mystics," 2001 by Andrew Harvey

  Mother of the Universe...  

Let us, when swimming with the stream,
become the stream...
Let us, when moving with the music,
become the music...
Let us, when rocking the wounded,
become the suffering...

Let us live for the grace beneath all we want,
let us see it in everything and everyone,
till we admit to the mystery
that when I look deep enough into you,
I find me, and when you dare to hear my fear
in the recess of your heart, you recognize it
as your secret which you thought
no one else knew...

O Let us have the courage
to hold each other when we break
and worship what unfolds...
Let us embrace
that unexpected moment of unity
as the atom of God...

O nameless spirit that is not done with us,
let us love without a net
beyond the fear of death
until the speck of peace
we guard so well
becomes the world...

~ Mark Neppo ~  

(The Book of Awakening)  
Web version:


every man a track
seeing way ahead
it‘s a looking back

carrying this skin
the dark embrace,
growing from within

the half and the whole, from the split pole
shine the  light,  and  here is  grace ,
the cool shadows of the leaves
thousand  petals up above

could this ever be
was it not by

poem and photo by Alan Larus

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