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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #247

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Annie and Skye:

annie: I actually think that what you say is in total
accord with my own ideas. I do think that there is no
choice (but only from the point of view of the body/mind
of the Annie that is currently on this planet, through
which awareness is being aware). What do you think?

skye: "thru which awareness is being aware" yes, but in
its dream of creation, all that is it did not leave its
children at the mercy of their past fears, neurosis or
limited belief systems unless they so choose. For a spark
of the same freedom as "all that is" - primary awareness -
permeates all its creations. This is the miracle of
ourselves, personality is given the greatest gift of all,
you get exactly what you want to get. Skye creates her own
self determining experience from no thing, with the energy
of that same inner Self which has granted her inherent
freedom and responsibility for her own joys and triumphs.
Thoughts and ideas are no more or less precious than the non
existing Self which gave them birth, what we choose to do
with them is up to the individual.

There was a time when i only wanted to awaken *to* the dream
and remain dancing within it, now i'm wondering if i am
awakening *from* the dream for the choices appearing now
have nothing to do with the individual.
great joy to you annie

It was my logical curiosity that gave me the answer to "what really is
infinity?" and led to showing me what is THIS the fact that in the middle
of nothingness, something perceives its being, and it's me, impressed upon an
etheral physical world.....

Gods on his way to showing you something right now, in all this.

Love dave

YES.. It was logic that has done it for me and the grace to have the ability
to use logic and the information in front of me... the above makes a lot of
sense to me...

How did this happen for you? I would love to know.

Love Annie

Welcome to the Salon Annie!

You mentioned several times the ability to use logic and reasoning to make
clear what goes on, and the joy in doing so. I resonate with that, taking
a quite similar joy in logic. It seems to me a sort of uncommon source of
joy, but it's been there in me for as long as I remember. How about you?

With love,



James and Harsha:

James: Glad you enjoyed the poetry! Yes indeed, I'm an initiate of Sant Mat
(the Path of the Masters) and Surat Shabda Yoga -- meditation upon the inner
Light and Sound of God. That's my meditation practice. My teacher was Sant
Darshan Singh of Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission.

Thank you James for sharing the poetry. Your post reminded me of Amritsar (in
the city of Golden Temple and a city of saints, where I spent much time as a
Amritsar is the city of birth for Sikhism. Guru Nanak was the first Sikh Guru.
father was a merchant. One day he asked the boy Nanak to sit in the store,
while he
did some errands. When he came back he saw that Nanak was giving away the
free to the poor people. Naturally his father was not happy. Nanak was a great
Once he was sleeping with his feet towards the temple and the priest came out
shouted to him. "How dare you sleep with your feet pointed towards God!" Guru
opened his eyes and gave a beautiful response, "Sir, please point my feet to
where God
is not!" It is said that no matter which direction the priest changed Guru
feet towards, there he saw the temple.

Surat Shabad Yoga is a great practice. In classical yoga, it is known as Nada
Yoga. It
leads to Laya or absorption. Inner Light and Inner Sound are both
manifestations of
Kundalini Shakti. With sound, typically, the practice involves listening to the
in the Right ear. This is why sometimes Buddha (and other Yogis) as well are
lying on their right side. When the arm is under the right side, the sound is
heard by those who are sensitive. The hearing of the sound indicates a
to awakening of Shakti. If one practices certain types of Pranyama, one can
hear the inner sound during waking consciousness.

I would like to invite you James and others to join HarshaSatsangh as well. It
is a
Joyous and diverse Fellowship where there are many Kundalini adepts and nondual
with much experience and kindness to share. The conversations are usually in the
context of mutual respect, understanding, and love. And if they are not, we make
it so! :--). Just kidding. We are pretty open.

I will forward this post to HarshaSatsangh as well.
Love you all.


Dan: Caveat emptor.
Who will provide protection from the protectors?
Who will provide salvation from the saviors?
Who will rescue from the "ego-less" rescuers?
Who will find a space empty from "meaning-providers"?
-- Love --

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