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#2514 - Sunday, July 2, 2006 - Editor: Gloria Lee  

A student once said: "When I was a Buddhist, it drove my parents and friends crazy,  but when I am a buddha, nobody is upset at all."

-- Jon Kabat-Zinn, in Wherever You Go, There You Are

  Have confidence in your own spiritual potentiality, your ability to find your own unique way. Learn from others certainly, and use what you find useful, but also learn to trust your own inner wisdom. Have courage. Be awake and aware. Remember too that Buddhism is not about being a Buddhist; that is, obtaining a new identity tag. Nor is it about collecting head-knowledge, practices and techniques. It is ultimately about letting go of all forms and concepts and becoming free.

-- John Snelling, in Elements of Buddhism

  Most perceived problems merely become problems because we believe they are so. This is true even of extremes such as disease, old age, and death, which are after all universal and inevitable. It's equally true of the sorrow and grief that often accompany these events. To define the universal experiences of our species as problems is to define the whole human life system as a problem. And when something is seen as a problem, you feel compelled to do something about it. A problem, like a leaking faucet or a flat tire, is something that needs to be fixed. You can exhaust your life in the effort to fix it.

-- Lin Jensen, in Bad Dog!

Eventually we will find (mostly in retrospect, of course) that we can be very grateful to those people who have made life most difficult for us.

-Ayya Khema, "When the Iron Eagle Flies"

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This issue includes: The True Way of Advaita by Bob Fergeson | Poems by Gary Harmon | Dark Night of the Soul by Douglas Harding | Do Not Go Ungrateful by Douglas Harding | Doing and Being (part 2) by Shawn Nevins | Die While You're Alive by Bunan | Rabbit-Proof Fence by Art Ticknor | Humor    

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I believe in all that has never yet been spoken.
I want to free what waits within me
so that what no one has dared to wish for  

may for once spring clear
without my contriving.  

If this is arrogant, God, forgive me,
but this is what I need to say.
May what I do flow from me like a river,
no forcing and no holding back,
the way it is with children.  

Then in these swelling and ebbing currents,
these deepening tides moving out, returning,
I will sing you as no one ever has,  

streaming through widening channels
into the open sea.    


~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~     (Rilke’s Book of Hours:Love Poems to God, translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy)

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