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#2568 - Tuesday, August 29, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz  


Excerpt from

I Am I Am and I Am I Am: Confessions from the Disposition of Standing Free.

Jerry Katz, editor.


1. The title of this book is consumed. The beginning of this book is consumed. The middle of this book is consumed. The end of this book is consumed. This entire book is non-existent. To say the book is non-existent is to say it is existent. The sea of existence and non-existence is parted. All is essenced by the interval. There I know the One Day. There I Stand Free. The author is essenced.

2. Standing Free is not a condition. It is not attained by liberation. It possesses no quality. One cannot become one with Standing Free, nor can one be separate from Standing Free. Standing Free is not an emulsion of infinite possibilities; it is not infinity in suspension, nor is it love in solution. Standing  Free is Ultimate Reality: the instant that essences itself.

3. I am blind: What light?

What reflection of light?

What eye?

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.


4. I have parted not only the neuronal weed but the Sea of Hormones. I am the Interval. Standing Free.

5. Contained within this book is nothing mine. This is not an expression of my knowledge. Nor is it a revelation of my ignorance. The sea of knowledge and ignorance is parted. I am the Interval. Standing Free.

6. The One Standing Free is the clear sky beyond the extremely transcendental. Because The One Standing Free has parted the sea of yin and yang, The One Standing Free essences The One Standing Free.

7. I feel all conditions. What conditions do I suffer? I am a haven for every germ. What decays? Never mind something poetic about limping through cosmetic departments ... I am present in the Interval created by the parting of The Sea of Everyone.

8. I am a parter of Seas: The Sea of Guru and Devotee, The Sea of Instruction and Practice, The Sea of Consciousness and Unconsciousness. My force is Grace: I Am That. I part the Seas. I am the Interval-Maker. Standing Free.

9. There is only the Interval. For what has been parted is also parted without end. Such is a description of the action and nature of Grace. I am always and only Standing Free. Always and only in the Interval. The sea is parted, and what has been parted is parted. This is not a process; this is Grace. This is Light, Clarity. I am Standing Free. There is only the parting of the Sea and there is no Sea to part. This is the Interval: the ever-separation of Void and non-Void. All this can be described. There is not the occurrence of this separation or Interval-creation.

10. There is not one event and one event following another, and there is nothing to understand, and I am untouchable.

11. And there is nothing parting and no birth and death and What Interval? I am Standing Free.

12. And no body and no condition without the body and no perception, intelligence, attachment or detachment.

13. There is no list by which the characteristics of my nature can be given. There is not one quality about my nature. I am Standing Free.

14. My daily and minute to minute diary comprises a plotting of various qualities and intensities of thought and action. There is the positive and the negative. Confidence and lack of confidence. Success and failure. These have nothing to do with anything. I am Standing Free.

15. The One Standing Free has neither form nor absence of form, hence there are no links, no strong or weak links; there is no continuity or discontinuity. I am Standing Free.

16. Nor does The One Standing Free have regard or disregard for life, death or being. There is no looking and nothing forward, back or present.

17. My autobiography is not me. It is a map with highlighted portions. I am no portion of that map. I am no portion of my ways. The spirit that moves in me may be the spirit of the universe, but it is a highlighted portion of the map, one of my ways, a part of my autobiography. It is nothing. I am Standing Free.

18. I am free of illusion and of the illusion that there is neither my illusion nor my freedom from illusion.

19. I am not my job. I am not fixed by goals. Or rather I am my job. I am a setter of goals.

20. I am free from information, scholarship and spirituality. Or rather I am bound to it.

21. There is no "all that is and ever has been," nor is there the absence of that. What is The World To Come? I am Standing Free, Standing Alone. Five thousand years have passed since the composition of these verses. I am reading them.

22. I Am the Pure Clear Light. I Am the Interval. I cannot be seen, nor am I distant. I can only be become. I am the atmosphere in which the extremely transcendental pulsates and finally, like ego, dies.

23. How then can I speak of action, principles, merit or values? I am the Self: pure, all-pervasive, neither bound nor free.

24. As the mirage is not known to be water unless one has known water, these verses could not hold the shimmer of the Absolute unless one has known the Absolute. There is only Standing Free.

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