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#2569 - Wednesday, August 30, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

This issue is all about videos and audios. Not your standard stuff, but all's fair in love and nonduality.    

A few Aaratis and Bhajans of Meher Baba in Hindi:    

  Listen to Junkie, by the Jane Doe's:   from their myspace:

The Jane Doe's are 'red-eyed soul' that puts you in the mood...a five piece ensemble that embodies the essence of deep groove and intimacy.   The sultry tracks on the Jane Doe's debut album "YOU BRING THE DEVIL" owe some of their resonance, insight, and kaleidoscopic imagery to front man A. R. Tubbs day job. As a music therapist in psychiatric hospitals and rehab centers, A.R. uses music to communicate in new ways with people living in pain and at the very edges of the human experience.  

  This video, Karl's Guide to Painting, by Karl Yoder depicts ... well, you decide what it depicts. He mentions "duality" a few times and we'd like to see what he does to, or with, the teaching of nonduality:  

Karl Yoder comes closer to the teaching of nonduality in the first half of this video, entitled Love: At the end of this video Yoder's description of his nose as a model for the typical romantic love relationship, also parallels the stages of the spiritual search, somewhat. We would like to have seen Wayne Liquorman or Benjamin Creme use the nose model. Don't ask me why.  

Finally, in Self-Portrait, Yoder depicts a self-portrait of "Everyman," or "Every-list-member." You'll recognize everyone you ever met on a nonduality email list, including several versions of ourselves.  

Now, quick, watch the next video by clicking on the photo of Andrew Cohen:  

Welcome to the world. Enjoy your stay.

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