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Nondual Highlights Issue #2585, Friday, September 15, 2006

It seems that during one of Mrs. Gandhi's difficult periods as Prime Minister, she decided to consult the Shankaraycharya, for whom she had great respect. She invited the journalist friend to accompany her on the trip to the ashram, and they flew to a nearby airport in a private jet from New Delhi. Mrs. Gandhi went in for her audience with the holy man while the journalist waited outside. After about an hour or so, she emerged from the room, and she and the journalist boarded the plane. She seemed to the journalist to be unusually quiet and serene. He ventured to ask, 'How did it go in there?' Mrs. Gandhi replied, 'It was wonderful. I put forth all my questions, and he answered every one of them, but neither of us spoke a word.'

- Catherine Ingram

i am such a chatter-box at times, have to give an opinion 'bout what anyone says, i agree or don't agree, some comment that lets all know dg exists, she's there, in that body with a tongue that can spiel off nonsense.. Wonder what would happen if i shut it up a bit today, made true "listening," prime response to all conversation.. would that not be true loving?

Last night, Sue saw a woman who works at the monastery sitting on a stool with slumped shoulders and spontaneously took the woman in her arms, with no words. The woman nestled on Sue's chest, and they stayed like that for minutes, then gently separated and smiled at each other. The woman then reached for Sue and put her head back on Sue's chest, and whispered, "I need this." Don't we all need to just be held sometimes with no talk? Maybe that would be a fine practice today - to cut the chatter and just love everyone we meet.

like i love you,
dharma grandmother, posted to DailyDharma

Meditation and self-discipline
are not all that's needed, nor even
a deep longing to go through
the door of freedom.

You may dissolve in contemplation,
as salt does in water,
but there's something more
that must happen.

- Lalla, from Naked Song, version by Coleman Barks, posted to AlongTheWay

O You who proclaim yourselves
the Yogis of knowledge

Who search after knowledge
in books .

. You do not know
Your Own Hearts.

There ...
You should search
after the Light of 'knowledge'

Knowing the unique 'Being'
Who 'is'

There is nothing else than this Truth.

- Sivavakkiyar, posted to Mystic_Spirit

When love is associated with thoughts, it becomes truth; when love is introduced into your activities, your actions become righteous; when your feelings are saturated with love, your heart is filled with supreme peace; and when you allow love to guide your understanding and reasoning, then your intelligence becomes saturated with a deep respect and caring for all life, and you manifest the quality of nonviolence. Therefore, love is truth, love is right action, love is peace, love is nonviolence. For all these noble human qualities love is the undercurrent. If your thoughts are not filled with love, there will be no truth. If there is no love in your actions, righteousness will not be present. If you do not feel love in your heart, there will be no peace. And if you do not base your understanding on love, nonviolence will not establish itself in your intellect. .

- Sai Baba

'I am' itself is God.
The seeking itself is God.
In seeking you discover that you are neither
the body nor the mind, and the love of the self
in you is for the self in all. The two are one.
The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me,
apparently two, really one,
seek unity and that is love.

- Nisargadatta

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